Friday, December 10, 2010

Escambia & Santa Rosa County School Grades released for 2010 based on FCAT scores!

From Channel 3 news... in Pensacola, they have released the latest FCAT scores! I have also attached previous school grades for last year for you to compare to.

FLORIDA - Florida's high school FCAT scores are in.
Graduation rates are rising, as well as test scores for average and above average students.
But, at-risk students are still dragging some schools and their letter grades down.
Channel Three's Laurie Bernstein explains.

This year, things are a little different with the grading scale.
Many schools received lower grades than last year, even though most of their students are scoring higher on the FCAT.

Lets take a look at Escambia County. Northview High improved to a B this year.
West Florida kept their A grade from last year.

But take a look at these five schools.
All have been penalized because their at-risk students did not graduate at high enough rates, even though the rest of their population excelled.
Escambia and Pine Forest got a D, and Tate, Pensacola and Washington got a B.
 All would have earned one letter grade higher without the penalty.

Over in Okaloosa County, the news is a bit better.
Four of their six high schools received A grades.
Niceville and Choctawhatchee increased their scores from the previous years.
But, Fort Walton Beach and Crestview would have been A schools if not penalized.
They both received B grades, lower than 2009.

In Santa Rosa County, Milton was a big success story, going from a D school to an A.
Pace rose one grade to an A, while Navarre dropped a grade to a B.

Central, Jay and Gulf Breeze all stayed the same.

Rentals and sales in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties!
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Low Cost/ NO COST Recommendations and Energy Conservation Tips

These tips brought to you by Realty Masters of FL curteousy of Gulf Power- A Southern Company!

Heating- Winter Months

- Set your thermostat to your comfort level, but for conservation purposes 68 degrees or lower is recommended. For every degree above 68, the unit requires 5% more energy and will reflect a 5% increase in your utility bill!

- By opening shades, drapes or blinds during the winter, sunlight can enter the house and help to naturally warm the home. At night, close the shades, drapes, or blinds to help retain heat.

-If you wish to use a ceiling fan, operate it on low speed and switch it to run in reverse if possible to push hot air from the ceiling level to the occupied- lower areas of the room. Use fans only when the room is occupied.

- Use an electric blanket when you set your thermostat back at night. An electric blanket is more economical than heating the entire house all night long. Or use several light blankets.

-Change your air filter monthly!

- Wear layers of clothes rather than one heavy peice of clothing. Layers trap in body heat and keep you more comfortable!

- A pan of water placed near a heating outlet will add moisture to your home or use a humidifier. In the winter, a properly humidified home is as comfortable at 68 degrees as a dry one is at 75 degrees!

Water heating Tips

- Check to ensure that your theomstat on your hot water heater is not set higher than 120 degrees. If your dishwasher doesnt have a booster heater, then you may have to set the thermostat at 130 to 140 degrees.

- Install a time on your hot water heater! Limit the run times to 3 hours or less daily.

- For old fiberglass insulated water heaters, an insulation jacket is recommendation to reduce heat loss!

- Install a shower flow controller. It reduces the flow of water down to 3 gallons per minute. You can save 1 gallon of hot water per minute  or up to 4000 gallons per year!

- If you're going to be away from home for more than 3 days, turn off your electric hot water heater. It will reheat in less than an hour after you return. Use the breaker to shut it off.

- Repair leaky faucets.  One drop of water per minute from a leaky faucet can waste about 60 gallons a week.

- Take shorter showers or shallower baths.

- Close the sink drain when you are shaving, you will save gallons of hot water that pour down the drain.


- Try a warm- water wash and cold- water rinse. Or use one of the new all-temperature detergents that allow use with cold water on both cycles.  Also, one large load of laundry uses less energy than two smaller loads.

- Don't use too much soap. The washer has to work harder and may require a second wash to remove the excess soap.

- Clean the lint filter on your dryer after each use and clean out the dryer vent pipe to the outside every 6 months.

- Don't over dry your clothes! It harms your clothes and wastes energy.

- Dry loads of clothes consecutively to take advantage of heat that has built up during previous loads.

-Wash and dry full loads at a time!

- Iron large amounts of clothing at one time.

- Turn off the iron when interrupted and when finished.


- Proper loading is important.  Operate only when it is filled to capacity.

- If manufacturer's instructions permit, open the door of your dishwasher after the last rinse cycle to allow moisture to escape and the dishes to dry as they cool.  Some units have a power saver switch that automatically eliminates during the drying cycle.


- Keep fridgebetween 37 and 40 degrees and the freezer settings at 0. 

- Keep consdensor coils clean. Vacuum the coils at least TWICE a year!

- Make sure the door gasket seals tightly.

- Let hot foods cool before placing them in the fridge.

- Position the fridge away from heat sources. If the unit has back coils, position it atleast 4" from the wall.

- Open and close the fridge and avoid keeping the door open!!


-Oven preheating is usually not required and wastes energy.  When preheating is required, avoid preheating longer than necessary. Preheating takes less than 8 minutes.  A lot of recipes do not require the pre-heating option.

- Turn off the electric range a few minutes before cooking is finished.  Retained heat will complete the job.

- Use the microwave whenever possible, it's the most efficient away to cook or reheat food.

- Dont use your range or oven to heat the kitchen.  Its' inefficient and can be a safety hazard. 

- Choose pots and pans that have wide flat bottoms that just cover the burner.  They will absorb all the heat and cook food more evenly.  Aluminum pans with flat bottoms, straight sides, and tight fitting lids are best for energy savings.


- Dont leave lights on in unoccupied rooms.  Many people mistakenly think it takes more energy to turn on a light back on that it does to leave it on.  Thats not true!!!

- Use flourcescent lights whenever possible.  Flourescent lighting is ideal for use in kitchens, baths, workshopns and laundry rooms where lights are left on for long periods of time.

- Compact flourescents are some of the most efficient replacements for incandescent bulbs.  They give an equivalent amount of light and are 60% more efficient.  They will cost more but will last 8-10 times longer.

- Use one large bulb rather than several small ones, but dont exceed the maximum wattage listed on each fixture.  One 100 watt bulb produces as much light as two 60-watt bulbs or siz 25-watt bulbs and is more efficient.

- Energy can be saved by installing dimmers so illumination can be reduced/ controlled. Three way bulbs provide similiar control by being able to reduce the wattage/ lighting output.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Great way to bring up your property values and reduce crime in your neighborhood! Read this article.

I just read this great article on Starting a Neighborhood Watch in your area! I get this question all the time, and when I hear complaints about neighbors causing problems, I always suggest this. Also, at no charge to you, you can call your County Sherrif's office and ask them to do extra patrols on your street or in your road if you are worried about theft or any other type of crime.
Article provided by
It’s all hands on deck to prevent crime, so you need your neighbors’ help to start a neighborhood watch program. But unless your neighborhood has enough crime to get everyone eager to do something about it, you may get only shrugs instead of support when you talk about forming a neighborhood watch.

Convince your neighbors to join by letting them know that property crimes—burglary, vandalism, and auto theft—make up 78% of criminal behavior in the U.S., according to the U.S. Department of Justice. To help combat these crimes, law enforcement supports neighborhood or block watches, organized groups of residents united against crime in their area.

If your neighbors are chummy, forming a group can be as easy as setting up a meeting with local law enforcement and letting everyone know what time to come. If not, put some knuckle power to work and go door-to-door talking about a neighborhood watch.

Here are three tips to recruit watchers:

1. Recruit with facts
Gather information about crime in your community from the police, your home owners or condo association manager, and residents. That way, if your neighborhood has experienced incidents while others nearby are relatively crime-free, you can ask prospective watchers where they think buyers will want to live.

Sources like CrimeReports and the police officer assigned to your neighborhood watch will tell you:

Which crimes are common?
When and where did they happen?
Are there patterns?
If your neighborhood includes stores and other businesses, owners and managers can provide valuable information about what goes on in the area around their store during the hours they’re open.

2. Ease fears
Residents who join your neighborhood watch won’t carry guns, and they don’t have to attend formal training. It’s not undercover work, so they won’t be hiding in the bushes in the dark. All members really need to do is be extra vigilant for suspicious incidents and report them to the police.

The police representative who comes to your first neighborhood watch meeting will explain what neighborhood watchers need to do.

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of advice online about how to form a neighborhood watch from the National Sheriffs’ Association and the National Crime Prevention Council.

3. Assure them it won’t take much time
Promise neighbors that the time commitment is minimal. They don’t have to walk the beat; they just need to keep their eyes and ears open and meet to discuss issues and problems maybe twice a year.

As a watch organizer, you can figure spending 10 hours a week for the first month, canvassing for members among residents, schools, houses of worship, and businesses.

Once you’ve recruited your watch, you’ll spend much less time managing it. Your routine monthly tasks:

Maintaining the membership’s contact information in a database
Passing along phone-tree messages
Communicating information through a channel like Google Groups
If you want to have a website, provides free templates for watch groups.

Done recruiting? Tell the bad guys you’ve got your eye on them by posting signs, deterrent decals and other crime-fighting warnings. Get them from the National Neighborhood Watch Institute, which sells a street sign, decals, and a program manual in its $48.95 starter kit.

John Morell has been covering home repair, home design, and real estate as a writer and editor for nearly 25 years, for such publications as, Log Home Living, and The Los Angeles Times. He’s also a longtime officer on his home owners association and a former member of the neighborhood council in Woodland Hills, Calif.

Read more:

Will a neighborhood watch lower the crime rate in your neighborhood? Social scientists studying the effectiveness of the programs aren’t sure, but they think it’s likely it will.

Some studies report a reduction in crime after a watch starts, while others found an increase, according to a study by the U.S. Department of Justice.

The DOJ report looked at 18 studies from the United States and the United Kingdom. The studies paired neighborhood watch areas with similar neighborhoods that had no neighborhood watch. In 15 of the 18 areas, crime fell in the area with the watch. In three areas, crime increased despite the neighborhood watch.

None of the studies was perfect. Some of the watch programs did other projects that might also have helped lower crime rates, like engraving owner information on valuables or working with neighbors to improve the security of their homes.

If your program does reduce crime, you’ll win in two ways:

1. Your insurance rates could go down. Property insurance is all about risk. The higher the risk, the more you pay for insurance. Crime isn’t the only factor affecting your rates, but it plays a role. The more claims insurance companies have to pay crime victims in your neighborhood, the more they charge you for insurance premiums.

If a neighborhood watch group helps lower crime and that leads to fewer insurance claims, insurers will eventually adjust premiums, says Mike Barry, spokesman for the Insurance Information Institute.

2. Your property values could rise. Who doesn’t want to live in a safe neighborhood? Like insurance rates, home values are affected by more than just crime. But having a neighborhood watch certainly won’t hurt your values.

A strong-knit community means people care, and that improves a neighborhood’s atmosphere, which can increase property values, says Robbi Woodson, neighborhood watch program manager for the National Sheriffs’ Association.

Look at it this way: Thousands of communities nationwide wouldn’t have started neighborhood watches if the program caused values to drop, she says.

John Morell has been covering home repair, home design, and real estate as a writer and editor for nearly 25 years, for such publications as, Log Home Living, and The Los Angeles Times. He’s also a long-time officer on his homeowners association and a former member of the neighborhood council in Woodland Hills, Calif.

Read more:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Attention all FL Landlords, Renters, and Property Managers: FL Landlord/ Tenant Statutes for Residential homes!

Please review the Florida Landlord and Tenant Act- a great resource for property owners, renters, and property managers!


83.40  Short title.
83.41  Application.
83.42  Exclusions from application of part.
83.43  Definitions.
83.44  Obligation of good faith.
83.45  Unconscionable rental agreement or provision.
83.46  Rent; duration of tenancies.
83.47  Prohibited provisions in rental agreements.
83.48  Attorney’s fees.
83.49  Deposit money or advance rent; duty of landlord and tenant.
83.50  Disclosure.
83.51  Landlord’s obligation to maintain premises.
83.52  Tenant’s obligation to maintain dwelling unit.
83.53  Landlord’s access to dwelling unit.
83.535  Flotation bedding system; restrictions on use.
83.54  Enforcement of rights and duties; civil action.
83.55  Right of action for damages.
83.56  Termination of rental agreement.
83.57  Termination of tenancy without specific term.
83.575  Termination of tenancy with specific duration.
83.58  Remedies; tenant holding over.
83.59  Right of action for possession.
83.595  Choice of remedies upon breach or early termination by tenant.
83.60  Defenses to action for rent or possession; procedure.
83.61  Disbursement of funds in registry of court; prompt final hearing.
83.62  Restoration of possession to landlord.
83.625  Power to award possession and enter money judgment.
83.63  Casualty damage.
83.64  Retaliatory conduct.
83.67  Prohibited practices.
83.681  Orders to enjoin violations of this part.
83.682  Termination of rental agreement by a servicemember.

To find the full statutes- please visit this link

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Don't forget about the Blue Angels Homecoming Show this week in Pensacola at Pensacola NAS

We love our Military!

With Veterans day approaching, it's more important than ever to extend our appreciation and gratitude to the brave women and men who fight for our country's freedom and dedicate their lives to that cause! I'd like to take this time to Thank all of our veterans and current active duty military serving here at home and overseas!

Pensacola natives anticipate the Homecoming Show at Pensacola NAS every year--- That time has come!  This week, the Naval Air Musem is sponsoring 3 air shows at Pensacola NAS.  Show dates are:

Thursday, November 11, 2010 (Verteran's Day!)
Friday, November 12, 2010
and Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gates open at 8 am and the shows begin at 9:45 am and the Blue Angels are expected to fly in the afternoon.

Over 100,000 tourists and residents are expected to see the show daily, so make sure not to arrive too late! This is their spectacular home coming show which wraps up their season. Admission is FREE.

See the show at:
Pensacola Naval Air Station
1750 Radford Blvd., Pensacola, FL 32508
For more information, visit the Blue Angels website here.

Other Fabulous Veteran's day activities in Pensacola, FL include:

1. Veteran's Day Parade- starts at 9 am sharp in downtown Pensacola on the corner of Main Street and South Spring Street.  Parade travels to Veteran's Wall South Memorial Park on 9th Ave.  This is a great event to get your family and co-workers involved in and shows support for our local veteran's and active duty military.  Call 850-346-8698 for more information or visit

2. Elk's Annual Veteran's Day Parade on Pensacola Beach- For more information, please call Phone: 850-932-8050 Robert Randle with the Pensacola Beach Elks Lodge 497 or email   Parade leaves from Avenida 10 and Via Deluna Drive and ends at the Elks Lodge on Pensacola Beach.

Have some fun this week and Happy Veteran's Day to all!

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We are offering Military Discounts on Management Fees for Property Management in Pensacola FL. To learn more, email

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just in time for Halloween... Tombstone found in backyard!

Just in time for Halloween....
Pam Keen has a client named Darek who found this Gravestone in the backyard of his new house in North Pensacola during an inspection!  Thomas Sawyer, 1940, and the previous owners names were Sawyer! 
What would you do if you found this in the back of your property?  Just a little spooky!!

Happy Halloween everybody!

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Friday, October 29, 2010

For Sale: 3BR/2BA Single Family House in Pace, FL, $139,900

For Sale: 3BR/2BA Single Family House in Pace, FL, $139,900
This is our newest listing for sale- a beautiful Brick home in Pace, FL off Hwy 90 in Escambia county with over 1700 square feet and an inground pool for only $139,900. Check out more photos with the link above!

4807 Jennifer Lane, Pace, FL 32571

3 Bedroom/ 2 Bath
1728 square feet with a 1 car garage
built in 1980, brick home
Inground pool, fireplace, tiled floors
.37 acre lot is fenced in
Nicely landscaped!
New carpet, fresh paint and textured walls

In the heart of Pace with an inground pool and fenced yard! Very nice contemporary home in Pace off Hwy 90 tucked in the Highlands Woods Subdivision. Large living room with plenty of lighting, high ceilings, ceiling fan, and wood burning fireplace. Tiled floors in kitchen, formal dining room, and bathrooms. Tiled kitchen with all appliances and new countertops. Inside laundry room. Beautiful, large fenced in backyard with deck and inground pool. Nicely landscaped! Ready for a new home owner!

Tax rolls link showing building foot print!

Call Pam Keen, realtor at (850) 232-2200 or (850) 473 3983 office for more information and to schedule your personal tour of this home for sale!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Aluminum Wiring- What is it and what does it mean for your home owners insurance in Florida!?

If you own a home in Florida that was built in the 1960s or 1970s, you could very possibly have aluminum wiring in your home.  While the majority of homes have copper wiring, due to the rising price of copper at this time, aluminum wiring was used for electricity. Aluminum wiring is a potential fire hazard as the wiring can become defective and loose at connections.

Recently, with insurance companies in Florida pulling out of the area, we have seen changes in guidelines for insurance underwriting includingn changes in Citizens and Universal Property and Casual. These policies have been updated to exclude aluminum wiring in homes over 50 years old. The cost of insurance on these homes, if insurable, have doubled, and in some cases the properties are un insurable!

Florida Association of Realtors is taking a stand against the new insurance guidelines and trying to enact legislation to include homes with aluminum wiring.

How do I know if my home contains aluminum wiring:

The best way to know is to consult an electrician.  Aluminum wiring was used mainly during the mid 60's to mid 70's.

ALWAYS get a home inspector when purchasing a home.  Those who are not in the home construction or inspection business do not realize that items such as aluminum wiring pose a potential dangerous and costly risk! 

How to get rid of the aluminum wiring:

There are options to fix the aluminum wiring outside of replacing the entire electrical system with copper wiring (which is really the best choice!)

Some options include pigtailing and retrofitting with copper.  Speak with your insurance company and your contractor prior to choosing the best option for you. Some insurance companies will only insure after a total re-wire is complete. Also, keep in mind that electricians must cut into sheetrock and ceilings in order to re-wire the home and most of the time the sheetrock repair and painting are not included in the electricians bill.

In gathering estimates for some investment properties we are currently selling, I contacted a local electrician who estimated the cost to re-wire a 1500 SF home with copper wiring was approximately $6,000 - $7,000 and did not include any painting work! 

Best websites in regards to Aluminum Wiring:
For more information and resources please Contact these valuable local resources in the Pensacola, FL area.

Insurange Agencies in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties:

Electrical Contractors in the Pensacola, FL area:
  • McElhaney Electric: 455-8116
  • Quigley Electric: 850-438-7561
  • Selectricity: 850-346-7689
  • Kelson Electric:  850-434-1134 or 
Have any questions for me in regards to this information? You can always call our office Realty Masters of FL at (850) 473 3983~

Nicole St. Aubin, Realtor
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

2 Websites EVERY consumer should see! Free credit report & online search directory!

The first-
How scary is this!?
A friend told me about this website and I'm glad I found it! I searched for myself, and couldnt find myself, but found a few of my family members very easily. My moms profile shows her income, value of her home, that she has a dog, a swimming pool, young grandchildren, likes country music, is self driven, etc. Over 50 facts about my mom= each of them true with her current address and phone number.
I'm told you can remove your information from this site by clicking the privacy link at the bottom. I highly suggest this as these types of websites lead to identity theft, stalkers, and even worse!

The second- or
Did you know that the federal laws state each consumer is allowed a copy of their credit report from the 3 major credit companies each year? The report doesnt generate a score, but shows you all open accounts. Monitoring your credit report is soo important to make sure you are not a victim of identity theft or unaware of collectors approaching you.

Stay safe out there!

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Available Rentals brought to you by Realty Masters of FL in Pensacola, FL

Available Rentals in Escambia & Santa Rosa County, FL!

Realty Masters has 35 rentals available in the Pensacola, Pace, Milton, Gulf Breeze, Navarre, Fort Walton Beach and Crestview!

Check out more photos and information at or call Realty Masters at (850) 473-3983 or email us at

Photo City Address Zip Code Square
Beds /
Available Pets Rent
( Map A )
Pensacola 10045 Noriega Drive 32514 640 1 / 1 Available immediately!
$525 Possible, with approval
1 bedroom/1 bath upstairs apt. newly remodeled ! Big Yard! Great lcation less than 5 mins to UWF!
REDUCED RENT & DEPOSIT! Newly Remodeled Garage Apartment in Northeast Pensacola! Great location off Scenic Hwy less than 1 mile from Hwy 90 intersection and UWF, Pace areas! Apartment is located above the home and has a separate entrance/ exit. 1 Car Garage. Apartment is updated with tile floors in kitchens and bathrooms. Super cute kitchen with stove & fridge and formal dining area. Total electric (no gas). Tenant gets 1 space in the garage for parking and storage as well. Pets accepted on ...
( Map B )
Pensacola 10130 Guidy Ln 305 B 32514 900 2 / 1.5 November 1, 2010 $550
Possible, with approval
Newly renovated 2 bedroom apartment off Guidy Lane in North Pensacola off 9 Mile Rd. close to UWF and hospitals. No carpet in this home- tile floors throughout entire home! Central electric with no gas bill. Nice kitchen with stove, fridge, and dishwasher included and updated countertops and cabinets. GREAT SCHOOLS! Large bedrooms. Master bedroom has a walk in closet and half bathroom. Clean bathrooms! Inside washer/ dryer hookups. Big yard with patio. Repairs are in progress and home will be clean ...
( Map C )
Milton 6463 Maddox Rd 32570 851 2 / 1 Available immediately! $550
Possible, with approval
Very nice, spacious & Clean Brick 2 Bd/1 Bath in Milton! Less than 10 minutes to Whiting & schools!
Very nice Brick Duplex in Milton off Hwy 87 in Milton, less than 5 minutes from Whiting Field, and shopping in the Milton area. Large backyard, unfenced, with a privately fenced patio. Large living room with ceiling fan, opens to eat in kitchen. Kitchen features fridge, dishwasher, and stove and is big enough for your kitchen table. Two big bedrooms with ceiling fans. Nice, clean bathroom with bathtub/shower. Small pets accepted on owners approval with $250 nonrefundable pet fee. Vacant, clean and ...
( Map D )
Pensacola 9725 Hwy 98 W #10 32506 1204 2 / 1.5 Available 10/31/2010 $550
Possible, with approval
2/1.5 Townhouse in SW Pensacola near NAS, PJC- Tiled living room, brick fireplace, ready now!
Nice townhouse in Southwest Pensacola off Hwy 98 near Blue Angel Pkwy- just 10 minutes to Pensacola NAS, Beautiful white Perdido Key Beaches, PJC Westside, and more! Large tiled living room with brick fireplace and ceiling fan. Eat in kitchen with formal dining area and all kitchen appliances (fridge, dishwasher, and stove). Also has an inside laundry room with w&d hookups. Both bedrooms are upstairs, as well as full bathroom- jack and jill style with separate areas for vanities. Huge master bedroom ...
( Map E )
Pensacola 10120 Guidy Ln 305A 32514 900 2 / 1.5 November 1, 2010 $550
Possible, with approval
Newly renovated 2 bedroom apartment off Guidy Lane in North Pensacola off 9 Mile Rd. close to UWF and hospitals. No carpet in this home- tile floors throughout entire home! Central electric with no gas bill. Nice kitchen with stove, fridge, and dishwasher included and updated countertops and cabinets. GREAT SCHOOLS! Large bedrooms. Master bedroom has a walk in closet and half bathroom. Clean bathrooms! Inside washer/ dryer hookups. Big yard with patio. Repairs are in progress and home will be clean ...
( Map F )
Pensacola 5207 Charbar Dr A 32526 900 2 / 1 10/15/2010 $595 Possible, with approval
2 Bedroom Nicely remodeled apartment! Rent includes some utilities! Subdivision park. Ready to move
Newly remodeled apartments located off Mobile Hwy between Fairfield and Michigan Ave. Close to shopping, schools, and convenient to Cordova Mall and I-110. Come and take a look at the new cabinets, appliances, carpet and tile. Rent also includes water, garbage and sewer and lawn maintenance! Apartment is central eletric with central heat and air, so you only pay electricity! Small pets ok on owner approval with deposit. Extra storage closet outside. Check out the photos! Park is next door to apartments, ...
( Map G )
Pensacola 33 Gloucester Ave. 32505 784 2 / 1 vacant and ready for immediate occupancy! $595 Possible, with approval
Very Cute Newly Remodeled 2 Bd/1 Bath home off Jackson St! New kitchen,ready now!
REDUCED RENT!!! 1/2 OFF FIRST MONTHS RENT! Cute 2 bed 1 bath home off Jackson St. in South Pensacola. House has just been remodeled! central heating and air and new hot water heater . Central electric with no gas bill! Beautiful New kitchen cabinets & countertops as well as appliances! Inside totally remodeled. Washer/ dryer hookups. CALL FOR SAME DAY, EASY VIEWING INSTRUCTIONS!
( Map H )
Pensacola 911 Fremont Rd. 32505 1116 3 / 1 November 1, 2010 $595
Possible, with approval
3/1 Block home with fenced yard, basketball courts! Tiled floors, new kitchen appliances!
Very nicely updated 3/1 in Montclair now available for rent, for sale, or for lease to own~! Concrete block foundation, house has just been painted inside and out! Has over 1100 Square Feet of living area inside as well as a laundry room closet with w/d hookups. Tiled floors throughout kitchen, living room, bathroom, and large den. Owner is purchasing a brand new stove and fridge which will be installed before move in. Very nice bathroom with tiled floors, pedestal sink, and very clean tub. House ...
Play Video
( Map I )
Milton 6843 Roundup Ln 32570 1000 2 / 2 December 1, 2010 $595
Possible, with approval
<5 minute drive to Whiting Field!! 2/2, Built in 2005, Nice & Clean, Spacious! Ready immediately!
*Less than 5 minute drive to Whiting Field!* Newer duplex, bulit in 2005, in Milton in great condition. Located off Stewart Street just a few miles down Hwy 87 from Whiting Field! Home features all kitchen appliances, upgraded kitchen cabinets, and formal dining area off living room. Large backyard although it's unfenced. Pets accepted on owner approval. W & D hookups inside, inside laundry room. Military clause honored and welcomed! Lawn maintenance is included in the rental rate! Tenant occupied ...
( Map J )
Pensacola 7171 N Ninth Ave. C-10 32504 1221 2 / 2 Available immediately! $695
Possible, with approval
Spacious downstairs 2 bed/2 bath condo w/dishwasher, washer, dryer, fireplace & pool off 9th Avenue!
Downstairs, end unit condo with 2 bedroom 2 full bathrooms in Sunrunner complex off 9th avenue near Creighton Rd. in Northeast Pensacola. Convenient to Hospitals, UWF, PJC, shopping, I-10 and more! Super nice complex with a pool, sidewalks, and nicely landscaped. DOWNTSAIRS, corner Unit is equipped with a full kitchen, a refrigerator, dishwasher, stove. Cathedral ceilings in living room plus a fireplace! Both bedrooms are large and master bedroom has a walk-in closet. Master bathroom has a double ...
Play Video
( Map K )
Pensacola 8935 Forest Oak Drive 32506 1080 3 / 2 November 1, 2010 $725
Possible, with approval
3 Bd/ 2 Bath BRICK home built in 2001 with fenced yard near NAS Pensacola! Available November 1!
Super cute 3 bedroom 2 bath brick/vinyl home in Southwest Pensacola off Hwy 98 near Blue Angel Pkwy intersection. Very convenient to Perdido Key beaches, Pensacola State college westside, Corry Station, Naval Hospital, and front gate of NAS! Home was built in 2001 and is in great condition. Central heat and air with no gas bill! Eat in kitchen with stove, fridge and dishwasher. Inside laundry room with hookups. 2 closets in the master bedroom! Fenced backyard with patio. Home owners association ...
( Map L )
Pensacola 13726 River Rd. B 32507 750 1 / 1 Available immediately! $750
Possible, with approval
1/1 WATERFRONT upstairs apartment! Includes boat dock, water/sewer/trash, and is ready immediately!
WATERFRONT one bedroom one bath Upstairs apartment in Perdido Key right over the bridge- Very convenient to Pensacola NAS, golf courses, shopping, beaches and more. This apartment is located directly on the Intercoastal Waterview and has everything you could ask for including a boat dock and boat slip! Large deck to enjoy the Florida sunset. Cute eat in kitchen with breakfast bar and fridge/ stove. This waterfront getaway wont be available long so call today! Water, sewer, and trash are included ...
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( Map M )
Gulf Breeze 201 Pensacola Beach Rd C10 32561 1100 2 / 1.5 Available immediately!! $800
Possible, with approval
2 /1.5 bath in Gulf Breeze proper, REDUCED!!!!! Tile floors, pool, Fenced yard, small pets ok
Lease option to purchase available--- Beautiful townhome in Gulf Breeze Proper! Location, location, location! Located within half mile of Gulf Breeze elementary, middle, and high schools in the Heart of Gulf Breeze proper! Just minutes from Pensacola Beach or downtown Pensacola! Recently remodeled with newer carpet upstairs and ceramic tile in downstairs. Fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher, stove, and fridge. Master bedroom is 15x12, good size! Fenced yard, small pets accepted on owners approval. ...
( Map N )
Pensacola 6343 Cotton St. 32526 1150 3 / 2 November 1, 2010 $800
Possible, with approval
3/2, garage, Bellview area, large deck on rear, .34 acre, big backyard with green grass!
New on the market! 3/2 with garage in West Pensacola off Mobile Hwy in the Bellview area- very close to schools, shopping, and more. .34 acre lot with beautiful grass, huge deck on rear, chain link fenced yard, quiet and private! Fantastic property with a brick 3 bedroom 1.5 bath home with 1 car garage. Cute front porch is screened in. Living room with wood floors. Ceiling fans in Master and guest bedroom. Kitchen with fridge, dishwasher, and stove, as well as eat in area. Cute storage shed ...
( Map O )
Pensacola 4977 Springhill Dr. 32503 1156 3 / 2 November 1, 2010 $800
Other / see remarks
3/2 Centrally Located house near hospital, shopping, and more! Hardwood floors! November 1st!
Location, location- Just minutes from Cordova Mall, Pensacola Airport, I-110, PJC, shopping, entertainment and more. Recently updated 3 bedroom 2 bath with 1 car carport and partially fenced yard. Painted neutral colors with updated double pane windows throughout. Nice hardwood floors in living areas. Updated kitchen with dishwasher, fridge and stove. Also has a washer and dryer! Open floor plan! Partially fenced backyard- pets accepted on owners approval with $250 nonrefundable pet fee! House ...
( Map P )
Milton 7196 Putters Lane 32570 1200 3 / 2 Available immediately! $825
Possible, with approval
Newer 3/2 in Milton w/ 2 car garage offered at a super rate! Close to Whiting Field. Nice & clean!
Super price for like new 3/2 home in Country Club Estates in Milton off Willard Norris Rd. Very Convenient to Whiting Field and Milton/Pace. All brick home with a 2 car garage. SPLIT BEDROOM FLOOR PLAN! Master suite has double vanities and walk in closet. inside laundry room. Large covered front porch. Large fenced backyard. Pets only accepted by owners approval and with non-refundable pet fee $250. Vacant, house is being cleaned but should be ready for immediate occupancy. CALL FOR SAME DAY, ...
( Map Q )
Crestview 33 Regent Rd 32539 1218 4 / 2 Available immediately! $850
Possible, with approval
Crestview Home- 4 Bedroom 2 Bath with 2 Car Garage in Hollyrod Park! Available immediately!
CRESTVIEW HOME NOW AVAILABLE FOR RENT! Home built in 1994. Four bedrooms two baths with a 2 car garage in Crestview near shopping, hospital, and base! Located in the Hollyrod Park Subdivision- Great subdivision and home is located on a Cul-de-sac lot. Fireplace in living room room. Fourth bedroom doesnt have a closet but is large enough to be used as a bedroom or could be an office. Eat in kitchen with fridge, dishwasher, and stove. Formal dining room. Huge back yard- backyard is fenced. Pets accepted ...
( Map R )
Fort Walton Beach 3021 Yorktown Cr 32547 1066 3 / 2 Available 11/15/2010 $850
Possible, with approval
3 Bedroom 2 Bath in Fort Walton Beach for rent with garage off Beal Pkwy! Conveneint to Eglin AFB!
Close to Hurlbert Field and even closer to Eglin AFB, not far from some of the most beautiful beaches on the Gulf. Located off Beall Pkwy in Fort Walton Beach located in the Willow Bend Subdivision! 3 Bedroom 2 bath home feautres a 1 car garage and a Split Bedroom Floor plan! Large living room with fireplace, ceiling fan, and high ceilings. Nice eat-in kitchen all kitchen appliances. Newer carpet, newer paint. Central electric home with central heat and air, no gas bill! Very small back yard! Pets ...
( Map S )
Pensacola 1016 Towle Cir 32514 1275 3 / 2 January 1, 2011 $895
Possible, with approval
Not your normal rental house! 3/2, fenced yard, screened porch, wood floors in NE Pensacola!
North central Pensacola home off Olive Road near Davis Hwy, I-10, Shopping, restaurants, and hospitals. Large Privacy fenced backyard with pets accepted on owners approval. Very nice 3/2 patio home in Silverton Subdivision. Upgrades!! This is definitely not your average rental house- Wood laminate floors, beautiful cherry cabinets in kitchen and bathrooms, upgraded fixtures throughout- Master bath suite features a double vanity, walk-in shower and walk-in closet. All kitchen appliances plus breakfast ...
( Map T )
Navarre 2200 Calle De Cantabria 32566 1313 3 / 2 AVAILABLE NOW! EASY TO SHOW! $900
Possible, with approval
LESS THAN 10 MIN TO HURLBURT AFB! 3 Bedroom 2 bath home with 2 car garage & privacy fenced backyard!
Great location in Navarre in Santallina Subdivision off Hwy 98 in Navarre. Less than 10 minute drive to Hurlburt Field AFB or Navarre Beaches! Shopping and schools nearby. Freshly painted (inside and out) 3 bedroom 2 bath home with 2 car garage. House has a brand new roof! Wood burning fireplace and high ceilings in living room. Formal dining area off living room and kitchen. Breakfast bar in kitchen. Stove & Dishwasher convey. New carpet and vinyl throughout home. SPLIT bedroom floor plan with ...
( Map U )
Pensacola 4548 Tradewinds Dr 32514 1700 3 / 2 Available immediately! $925
Possible, with approval
3/2 with 1700 SF, Oversized 2 car garage, Privacy fenced backyard! New carpet, fresh paint! Ready!!
Great Northeast Pensacola location off Olive Rd. near Scenic Hwy- less than 5 minutes to I-10 and a neighborhood park, as well as convenient to UWF, Hosiptals, and more. Brick home sits on a hill with a 2 car garage and over 1700 square feet. House is updated with NEW carpeting and fresh paint throughout. Formal living room with built in shelves and wood burning fireplace. Plenty of space inside this home with formal dining room and an eat in kitchen with breakfast nook. Kitchen features fridge, ...
( Map V )
Pensacola 1435 Greystone Ln 32514 1606 3 / 2 Available 11/15/2010 $950
Possible, with approval
Lipscomb/ Ferry Pass/Tate SCHOOLS- 3 Bed/ 2 Bath in North Pensacola! 2 Car Garage & Fenced Yard!
Beautiful 3 bedroom 2 bath brick home IN GREYSTONE SUBDIVISION with 2 Car Garage, located in North Pensacola off 10 Mile Rd near Guidy Ln. House is very convenient to UWF, Hospitals, and more. Large kitchen with nice cabinets, all kitchen appliances (fridge, dishwasher, and stove), and island. Lots of living area in this house. SPLIT BEDROOM FLOOR PLAN with Large master bedroom with master bath suite. Double vanity in Master Bathroom as well as large walk in closet~! Privacy fenced back yard with ...
( Map W )
Pensacola 8270 Groveland Avenue 32534 1715 3 / 2 December 1, 2010 $950
Possible, with approval
Newer Home with lots of upgrades in North Pensacola! 2 Car Garage built in 2005. Nice & clean!
Newer home built in 2005 in North Central Pensacola off Detroit Blvd. in Brittney Pointe subdivision! Close to I-10, shopping and schools. 2 Car Garage. Highly desired Split bedroom floor plan with high ceilings, plant ledges, a formal dining room and breakfast area off kitchen. Not your normal rental house, this one has tile floors, neutral paint colors (not white!) and upgraded fixtures. Kitchen is large with all appliances. Master bedroom suite features a garden tub & walk in closets. Very energy ...
( Map X )
Pensacola 16016 Innerarity Pt Rd 32507 1576 2 / 2.5 November 1, 2010 $950
Possible, with approval
2 Bed/2.5 Bath Townhome w/Living Room Balcony & Master Bedroom Balcony Overlooking the Water
Great 2 bedroom townhouse with beautiful Intracoastal Views! Enjoy the most incredible view from one of 2 balconies! This townhouse offers great amenities such as tile floor, berber carpet, granite countertops, basic cable, water, sewerage, trash disposal and covered parking. Excellent layout - mid level houses the Kitchen/dining, 1/2 bath, and great room. The upper level has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. The view from both floors is phenomenal and you are just steps from a white sandy beach! Close to ...
( Map Y )
Milton 6718 Cedar Ridge Cir 32570 1920 4 / 2 November 1, 2010 $950
Possible, with approval
4 Bedroom 2 Bath Brick Home with 2 car garage & screened patio near Whiting Field in Milton!
Awesome 4 bedroom 2 bath home built in 2004 in Milton's Cedar Ridge Subdivision located off Hwy 87 near Whiting Field. Split bedroom floor plan features over 1900 square feet and a 2 car garage. Eat in kitchen with fridge, dishwasher, and stove as well as breakfast bar. Master bedroom features walk in closet, double vanity, and garden tub. Big open backyard. Screened patio in backyard. Pets accepted by owners on owners approval with $250 nonrefundable pet fee. Currently occupied but will be available ...
( Map Z )
Pensacola 1297 Middlebrook Drive 32506 1583 3 / 2 AVAILABLE NOW! $995
Possible, with approval
Brick Home Close to NAS. Like New 3/2 with Fenced Yard- Available for move in immediately1
Beautiful like new 3/2 home with spacious great room in Southwest Pensacola off Fairfield Drive near NAS Pensacola and Perdido Key beaches! Spacious kitchen with breafast area and separate dining area. Kitchen comes with fridge, dishwasher, and stove. Inside laundry with w/d hookups. Master bedroom suite features two walk in closets with organizers and double vanity sinks. Fully fenced back yard with outside storage shed and 2 car garage with workshop. Extra parking available for an RV or boat. ...
( Not mapped )
Milton 4262 Trout Ave. 32583 1700 3 / 2 November 1, 2010 $995
Possible, with approval
Great Milton location near I-10, convenient to Whiting & Pensacola NAS! Brick 3/2, 1700 SF w/garage
nice brick home near blackwater bay. Open floor plan, distant view of small community boat ramp (bring your canoe/kayak). good sized master b/r and bath. Whirlpool tub, split floor plan, lots of tile in main areas for EZ cleaning and maintenance. Fireplace in great room with French doors leading to screened porch. 2 car garage. Kitchen is very open with all appliances. A great home for military folks attached to NAS Pensacola with orders to Whiting as its just 1/4 mile from the interstate with EZ ...
Pensacola 5015 Terra Lake Cir 32507 1821 3 / 2 Available immediately! $1095
Possible, with approval
3/2 + Florida Room! 2 Car Garage! Fenced Yard! Very nicely updated, fireplace. Near NAS Pensacola!
Great location less than 10 minutes from the back gate of NAS Pensacola and Perdido Key Beaches! 3 bedroom 2 bath brick home with 2 car garage located in Perdido Estates Subdivision in SW Pensacola. Very nice home, updated with contemporary paint colors, nice lighting, and tiled floors in throughout living room, formal dining room, kitchen, laundry room and bathrooms. You will love this living room with gas fireplace, plant ledges, cathedral ceilings, and french doors to Florida Room! Beautiful ...
Pensacola 4118 Spinnaker Pl 32507 1601 3 / 2 Available immediately! $1150
Possible, with approval
3/2 Brick & Vinyl Home w/ Vaulted ceilings, granite countertops, & Wine Cooler! Near NAS Pensacola!
GREAT LOCATION IN SW Pensacola at the back gate of NAS Pensacola in the Emerald Coast Subdivision!!! Less than 5 minutes to the back gate, Perdido Kids Park, and Perdido Key Beaches. 3/2 brick and vinyl home with vaulted ceilings in great room and kitchen. Beautiful kitchen with granite counter tops, breakfast bar, smooth top range, dishwasher, and stove. Nicely painted with contemporary colors. Master suite features walk in closet, double vanity, and garden tub. 2 car garage! Security system is ...
Gulf Breeze 1632 Stanford Rd. 32563 1700 3 / 2 November 1, 2010 $1150
Possible, with approval
3/2 Brick home with 2 car garage in Waterfront Subdivision! Ready November 1st!
Very nice brick home in the heart of Gulf Breeze in the Oriole Beach area in a waterfront subdivision. Modern 3 bedroom 2 bath built in 2003. Excellent 'A' rated school system and close to shopping center. The land behind this home is forest and is Govt owned allowing the rear a private setting. Stanford road dead ends into a cul de sac next to Escambia Bay with minmal traffic. The home is split plan and the kitchen is fully equipped with side by side refrigerator. 2 car garage with fenced rear ...
Perdido Key 608 Lost Key Drive 802C 32507 1624 2 / 2 December 1, 2010 $1250
No Pets
BRAND NEW 2/2 Condo Lost Key Drive! NEAR NAS! 5 minutes to beach, overlooks golf course, granite!
BRAND NEW Lost Key 2/2 condo with office now available for rent. Unfurnished, on the 8th floor of the La Sabadora Tower in the new golf course Lost Key development! Gated security, each building is equipped with it's own security code and elevator. 8th Floor condo has over 1600 SF and a 200 SF screened in lanai with perfect view of Perdido Key and Golf Course. Located 10-15 minutes from NAS Pensacola back gate and within walking distance of Florida's beautiful white beaches. Complex has a beautiful ...
Pace 4730 Thousand Oaks Blvd. 32571 3000 4 / 3 November 1, 2010 $1395
Possible, with approval
Executive home, 3,000 sq. ft. Military discount! Great halfway pt between Whiting & NAS Pensacola!
Beautiful Executive, Brick home in Pace in the Thousand Oaks Subdivision. Located off E Spencerfield Rd. off Hwy 90- convenient to all stores, restaurants, shopping and I-10 in Pace. Also a great Halfway Point between Whiting Field in Milton and Pensacola NAS for military who are attending both training facilities. Brick home with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 car garage, and over 3,000 square feet! Huge kitchen fully equipped with all appliances including gas stove, dishwasher & fridge, breakfast bar, ...
Pensacola 1402 Via Deluna Dr. 32561 2311 4 / 2 Available immediately! $1595
Possible, with approval
One-of-a-kind Beach Home with waterviews and over 2300 SF now available for rent! Spiral staircase!
Over 2300 SF Beach Home on Pensacola Beach with Waterviews of Pensacola Sound & the Bay! Two-story, 4 bedroom home with 2 full bathrooms and a large fenced backyard. Only 150 steps to Pensacola Sound! Inside, you will find plenty of living space in this home. Large living room with wood burning fireplace and hardwood floors. Formal dining room & office/ study or extra living room downstairs as well. Artistic underwater mural features sea life & mermaids! BEAUTIFUL kitchen with new upgraded cabinets ...
Pensacola 8862 Burning Tree Rd 32514 2578 5 / 3 November 1, 2010 $1650
Possible, with approval
5 Bedroom Executive Home in Scenic Hills Country Club! Fenced yard, 2 car garage, GOLF COURSE!
5 Bedroom home in North Pensacola in Scenic Hills Country Club Subdivision now available for rent! Located just minutes away from UWF, Hopsitals, I-10, and convenient as a halfway point between Whiting Field in Milton and Pensacola NAS in SW Pensacola. Executive home with 2600 square feet. Corner lot with side entry 2-car garage across from the 8th hole on Scenic Hills Golf Course. Versatile floor plan with sunken Great Room open to kitchen and dining areas. Tiled floors throughout living area including ...