Saturday, October 23, 2010

2 Websites EVERY consumer should see! Free credit report & online search directory!

The first-
How scary is this!?
A friend told me about this website and I'm glad I found it! I searched for myself, and couldnt find myself, but found a few of my family members very easily. My moms profile shows her income, value of her home, that she has a dog, a swimming pool, young grandchildren, likes country music, is self driven, etc. Over 50 facts about my mom= each of them true with her current address and phone number.
I'm told you can remove your information from this site by clicking the privacy link at the bottom. I highly suggest this as these types of websites lead to identity theft, stalkers, and even worse!

The second- or
Did you know that the federal laws state each consumer is allowed a copy of their credit report from the 3 major credit companies each year? The report doesnt generate a score, but shows you all open accounts. Monitoring your credit report is soo important to make sure you are not a victim of identity theft or unaware of collectors approaching you.

Stay safe out there!

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