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Saving Money- Plumbing tips & recommendations for Pensacola, FL

Tip of the week!

Save big $$$ by peventing water leaks in your home.

Homes built more than 20 years ago may start to develope water leaks in your kitchen, bathroom, and at the water heater. With utility prices going through the roof, its time to ensure your plumbing is working properly and that you are not watching valuable water go down the drain!

Every homeowner and tenant needs to educate themselves on common areas of concern within the home. If there is a major leak (such as a broken water supply line to the toilet)
tenants must know immediately where to find the main shut off valve. They are normally located near the street and in front of the home. They are found housed in a black plastic box buried in the ground with an access lid. If they havent been used in a long time, they may be covered by grass/weeds etc and very tough to find.

Leaks tend to occur when you are least prepared and its vital to know (even in the dark) where to find this box and how to turn off the water going into your home. Evrey minute counts so its good to review the location yearly and ensure your familiar with the valve and how to turn it off. Many may require a large wrench as they tend to get sticky and can be impossible to turn by hand. Locating the proper tool or wrench  to turn the handle can be tough late at nite and remember the water is still flowing while you're looking for it. This extra time can cause extensive damage and flooding in the home.  Be prepared and if going away from home (on vacation etc) its best to consider shutting off the water to the home.

The bathroom tub spout, diverters, knobs, and shower heads will also start leaking after time. Toilet fill and flapper valves must be replaced every few years and are common water gobblers! The rubber deteriorates after time and gets soft allowing water to escape and makes the fill valve run continually. They often go un-noticed and dont get replaced until hundreds of gallons of water have been wasted! Minerals (such as iron) build up in the shower heads and must be chemically cleaned regularly to work properly. These problems can waste precious water and are often easy and fairly inexpensive repairs.

Lowes/Home Depot offer free basic classes for the novice on these types of repairs. To check out a list of local classes in the area, call the store closest to you:

Lowes-  (North Pensacola) 1201 Airport Blvd, Pensacola - (850) 857-7900
(West Pensacola) 4301 West Fairfield Drive, Pensacola - (850) 453-0159
(Northwest Pensacola) 777 West Nine Mile Road, Pensacola - (850) 316-3359
Home Depot-  (North Pensacola) 5309 North Davis Highway, Pensacola - (850) 478-9493
(West Pensacola) 4525 Mobile Highway, Pensacola - (850) 453-3348
(Northwest Pensacola) 541 West 9 Mile Road, Pensacola - (850) 476-1641

 A licensed plumber is also worth calling (especially with older homes) to inspect your entire system and to help ensure no water is leaking into walls causing mold/mildew. External faucets should also be checked as the rubber seals wear and after time start leaking.

Realty Masters uses reputable, licensed and insured plumbers who are available at reasonale prices to inspect your home today. For more information, contact one of our preferred vendors:

  • Rivers Plumbing & Gas - (850) 554-2803  -great all around plumber who can also work with gas appliances!
  • Maintenance Plus- John Harris- (850) 255-0500 - minor plumbing repairs only!
  • Arto's Sewer & Drain-  (850) 438-9418  -perfect for tree roots grown into lines, etc.
  • The Friendly Plumber - 4300 Hollywood Avenue, Pensacola  (850) 434-3181  - good all around plumber!
  • American Leak Detection- 2623 South Highway 29, Cantonment, FL 32533-8542(850) 473-0203 - we only call them when we have to! Very expensive but knowledgable plumbers who can locate leaks better than any in town! Preffered for major plumbing issues like slab leaks, etc.
  • Roto Rooter- 2376 West Nine Mile Road, Pensacola, FL 32534  (850) 477-7349 If you need a septic tank pumped, make sure to tell them to bring the pump machine!
We hope this information helps you - please call our office at (850) 473 3983 should you have any questions or feel free to contact us via email

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