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Adopting a Pet: Escambia & Santa Rosa County Animal Shelters!

Adopting a Pet in Pensacola~
Escambia & Santa Rosa County Animal Shelters need your support!

Doesn't it break your heart to go to the Animal Shelter? You see (and hear!) those sad, sweet pets behind the bars? I recently went to see just how many and what kind of animals are in need of homes in the Pensacola area. There are over 50 pets in Escambia & Santa Rosa County shelters waiting to be adopted right now.

Here are 5 ways you can help your local Animal Shelter:

1. Click to help Escambia County Animal Shelter get a Grant!
Easily vote on this website (no registration of any kind required) for any local Animal Shelter to receive grants up to $100,000. Voting began January 9, 2012 and continues through March 18, 2012- you are able to vote once a day! Atleast vote right now for Escambia County.
You can also vote for Santa Rosa County through the link above- just search and choose Santa Rosa.

2. Adopt a Pet
It is significantly less expensive to adopt a pet from your local animal shelter than it is to purchase from a breeder or pet store. The adoptions typically cost under $50 and include a voucher for a discounted (required) spay/ neuter.

Dogs currently available for adoption in Esc. County!
As of today, there are 35 adoptable pets in Escambia County Animal Shelter in Pensacola. You can view them all online with the link above or stop by the shelter on 200 W. Fairfield Dr., Pensacola, FL 32501.
There are currently 19 adoptable pets available at the Santa Rosa County Animal Shelter in Milton. You can view them all online with the link above or stop by the shelter at 4451 Pine Forest Rd, Milton, FL 32583.

** Santa Rosa County is currently offering a FREE microchip if you adopt one of their animals! **

Don't let your sister buy that dog from the breeder, search the local animal shelters and find her a rescue puppy, kitten, dog or cat!
3. Stop throwing away your newspapers & towels~ Donate.
Each shelter maintains a wish list you can find on their website or at the shelter!
  • Currently, the Escambia County Animal Shelter is requesting dry puppy and kitten food, dry adult dog and cat food, towels, blankets, treats and toys, cloth, papertowels, bleach, and newspapers. 
  •  Santa Rosa County Animal Shelter is requesting similiar items and also flat sheets, pillow cases, comforters, stuffed animals, litter pans, cat food dishes, plastic storage containers, bandanas, leashes, collars for cats and dogs, non clumping cat litter, disinfectant sprays, dog rawhides, horse dewormers, hay, and gift cards from Wal-mart, K-Mart, Pet Smart, Petco, or Ivey's Pet Store!
Adoption Fees for Esc. County with reduced spay/neuter!
4. Get your pets spayed and neutered! 
Let's join together to help control the homeless animal population in Pensacola. If you adopt a pet from a shelter, you must get the pet spayed or neutered and bring provide proof of operation. The animal shelters offer a discounted spay and neuter based upon income levels and the adoption comes with a voucher for a discount on a spay / neuter.

Found 1/26 in North Hill, Pensacola
(found this on Craigslist L&F)
5. Help a friend Find their Lost Pet
Use this website Pet Harbor to search for your lost pet in Escambia or Santa Rosa County! You can also submit an entry if you found someone elses lost pet! Also, check Pensacola Craigslist's Lost and Found as pets are posted Lost and Found there constantly. In fact, there were 8 pets either lost or found in our area today. (I hope those pets are neutered and safe, of course!) Also check the pet section-

For more information on either shelter, visit the Escambia County Animal Shelters Website or call them at 850-595-3075 or Santa Rosa County Animal Shelter or (850) 983-4680.

I adopted my dog, Mocha, from the Pensacola shelter in August 2004 and have never regretted it! I think it cost me $40. She was a puppy and had a few brothers and sisters and they told me she would be up to 40 lbs! She barely weighs 25.  She hangs out at the Realty Masters office all the time and loves to have her bell rubbed

Until next time,
Nicole St. Aubin, Broker Associate

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