Monday, January 30, 2012

New School rankings released for Escambia & Santa Rosa County public Schools!

Where do our schools rank?
School Rankings Released today for all of Florida's Public Schools!
The new schools grades are in form the Florida Department of Education. Once again, Santa Rosa County schools outrank Escambia County schools with the exception of a few schools.
Top Schools in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties
Oriole Beach Elementary- 40th in Florida!

  • Pensacola Beach Elementary School- 21st
  • Oriole Beach Elementary School- 40th (Gulf Breeze)
  • Gulf Breeze Elementary School- 70th
  • NB Cook Elementary School- 182nd  (Pensacola)
  • Gulf Breeze Middle School- 18th
  • Brown Barge Middle School- 46th  (Pensacola)
  • Holley Navarre Middle School- 70th
  • Sims Middle School- 81st (Pace)
    Navarre High School- 60th!
  • Ransom Middle School- 111th (Pensacola)
  • West Florida High School- 30th  (Pensacola)
  • Gulf Breeze High School- 31st
  • Pace High School- 47th
  • Navarre High School - 60th
  • Pensacola High School- 111th
To view complete school rankings and grades for Escambia County, click here.

To view complete school rankings and grades for Santa Rosa County, click here.
How are the schools graded?
Each year, the Florida Department of Education grades and ranks all public schools in Florida on a point system which is based upon the prior year's Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test grades. The FCAT is a standardized test given to students grades 3-11. The test covers writing, reading, science, and math.
In addition to the ranking system to show where each school ranks against all schools in Florida, each school is given a letter grade from A-F.  All of the schools listed above received A grades, with the exception of Pensacola High School which got a B. You can view each schools letter grade with the links above.

For more information
For free resources on how to improve your childs FCAT scores, visit the FCAT explorer page provided by the FLDE.  To read more about the FCAT, click here. You can also find sample test booklets here!

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