Friday, January 6, 2012

QR CODES Explained! Using QR Codes to rent a home!

What is a QR Code and how do you use it!?

You've seen them everywhere- posters, facebook, at the grocery store! QR Codes are the latest technology craze and can be used in conjunction with a smart phone or similiar tablet device. There are so many uses for QR codes but many are still unfamiliar with this emerging technology.

Realty Masters now has QR codes on our For Rent Signs! Scan it and you will be directed to our mobile website showing all of our homes for rent including pictures of the inside and outside and all the information!

Check out this new technology- and how to use it- with this demonstration from our broker Pamela Keen! 

I have a basic QR Reader called ShopSavvy for my Iphone that I prefer to use for basic barcode scanning. It was free at the app store- dont pay for one!  

However, when doing shoppping for larger more expensive items, I always use PriceCheck by Amazon (also free at the app store)! Just scan the barcode on the item you intend on purchasing and Amazon will give you a price comparison with other retailers. Just as an example, I scanned a box of crayons we had laying around- but this technology can be used for everything.

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