Thursday, January 26, 2012

Restaurant Review: Pensacola's Mellow Mushroom Pizza!

Mellow Mushroom Pizza
A favorite local hang out spot known for good pizza
 At Realty Masters, we celebrate each team members birthday by joining together and buying his/her lunch from his/her favorite restaurant in Pensacola! This month we celebrated Marie's birthday who chose Mellow Mushroom Pizza in Pensacola off Bayou Blvd. in the rave parking lot.
We ordered 3 pizzas.  The total was over $75! Delivery is not available. The specialty pizzas were loaded with toppings and the pizza tasted fresh. Huge slices. A little greasy, but hey, what pizza isn't?
Philosopher's Pie- Large $24.99
Steak, mushrooms, olive, garlic,
and a bunch of cheeses!
Overall- a good meal, although definitely one of the most expensive pizza restaurants in the Pensacola area for the quality of pizza. We  recently ordered 3 large pizza's from Santino's Pizza (our neighbors across Bayou) and the total was less than $50. The Tuscan Oven off 9th Ave. offers more affordable specialty pizzas.  However, Mellow Mushroom is comparable in price to our other favorite gourmet pizza joints such as Ozone Pizzeria in East Hill off 12th Ave., Founaris Brothers Pizza in Northwest Pensacola off Pensacola Blvd., and Georgios Pizza off Cervantes in East Pensacola Heights.  

Although we like the pizza, we love the spinach and artichoke dip and hummus. Try a hot ham and cheese sandwich with bean sprouts on a toasted bun.

 We do suggest, if you are dining in, not to sit next to the VW bus inside the store as kids (and adults under the influence) tend to levitate there. It does get a busy and loud in the restaurant as they often have TV's and music going and a crowd at the bar- especially nights when there are sporting events on TV.

Our Favorite Pizza in Pensacola
  • Founaris Brothers- Greek pizza with gyro mea and pepperoni!
  • Ozone Pizza- Fun atmospher- fantastic pizza. My favorite is the Ponderosa Stomp- add cream cheese! Yummy!
  • New Yorker Deli- Pepperoni, spinach and feta calzones. Huge and delicious.
  • Georgios Meaty pizza- loaded with delicious meats.
  • The Tuscan Oven- known for Italian style pizza, our favorite is the Bianca Pizza
Whats your favorite pizza in Pensacola? Let us know!

Until next time!
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