Monday, February 27, 2012

Pelicans play in downtown Pensacola @ Palafox Pier~

Pelicans Bathing in Downtown Pensacola~
This majestic bird is worth taking a second look at!
I was riding around town and stumbled upon these Pelicans perched on some posts over near Palafox Pier in downtown Pensacola. Palafox Pier is a fantastic spot to bird watch, for an afternoon picnic, and for a sunrise early in the morning!

It was about 5pm when I caught them resting along these old dock posts in one of the inlets off Palafox Place. I assume they come in the for the night to sleep as that's the pattern I have observed.

Just how much does Pensacola love the Pelican? 

  • The annual celebration for New Years Eve is dubbed the Pensacola Pelican Drop and they drop a HUGE lit pelican from the sky!
  • Our old baseball team was named the Pensacola Pelicans.
  • There are over 40 bigger-than-life-sized Statues of Pelicans spread across downtown!

    Pelican at Palafox Pier~
    Brown Pelican at Palafox Pier~

    Our beloved Bird ~ Pensacola's pelican!

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    Thursday, February 23, 2012

    2011 Pensacola Real Estate Market Recap & Predictions for 2012

    Update on the Pensacola Real Estate Market
    Courtesy of Pam Keen, Broker/ Owner of Realty Masters of FL
    I recently attended the North Florida Chapter CRS Economic Summit at the Pensacola Association of Realtors. The event was well attended and gave me the info I needed to feel confident in advising my clients about the 2012 market and what to expect.
    There was plenty of data offered comparing Pensacola to the state of Florida and to the National housing market. This information was provided by Rick Harper from The University of West Floridaand Metro Market Trends.

    2011 Year End Pensacola Real Estate market recap
    First of all, Pensacola’s real estate boom was not as high as the boom that occurred in the state as a whole, so Pensacola did not experience as much of a bust. In essence Florida had a really big bust, and I guess you could say we were one of the best of the worst.
    Now we are looking at a market that is slowly showing signs of recovery, but it seems our local market was largely moving “sideways” in 2011.
    • Negative sign: Overall the median price of a home in the Pensacola area went down slightly. 
    • Positive sign: The number of homes on the market (inventory) went down as well!
    • Positive sign: The volume of sales increased, especially in our condo market where locally volume was up over 25% from 2010 sales levels. 

    Home affordability is at its best since 1970!
    According to Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the National Association of Realtors, home affordability is at the highest point since 1970 when they began tracking the data. He feels the reason the market is still moving slowly is because some would be buyers are being squeezed out of the market by higher than normal credit requirements.
    To sum it up, experts are saying the US, Florida, and Pensacola local housing markets are moving in the right direction, and we should see slow growth in 2012.

    Second home buyers flock to Northwest Florida
    As for me, my first two closings in 2012 were second home buyers, and I have several more prospects that are interested in buying second homes. Our mild winters coupled with the beautiful white sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast are surely appealing to those snow birds this year and hopefully the great pricing we currently have on waterfront homes and condos will entice some of snowbirds to look towards buying as a viable option.

    Experts are predicting continued population growth in Florida as more baby boomers retire.

    Last of all, Rick Harper did talk about the increasing need for Real Estate Professionals and Property Managers in Florida. This is largely because so many realtors were not able to survive in this profession during the downturn and are now employed elsewhere. It's also largely due to the increasing number of renters. Realty Masters is the largest property management firm in the Pensacola area, and there is definitely a demand for rental homes in the Pensacola area!

    Let me answer your questions.
    Pam Keen, ret. Navy Captain
    Call me- I specialize in dealing with buyers looking to capitalize on low prices now coupled with increasing rents and values in the years to come, so if you are considering a second home or investment in the Pensacola area I would like to offer you my 33 years of experience both as a Realtor and Property Manager.
    Your Pensacola Real Estate Expert,
    Pam Keen, Broker/ Owner Realty Masters of FL
    & Broker Associate with Keller Williams Gulf Coast
    Call me on my cell (850) 232-2200
    Email me your questions
    Charts provided by Metro Market Trends during presentation

    Wednesday, February 22, 2012

    Pensacola loves the 17th Ave. Graffiti Bridge & Train Trestle

    17th Ave. Railroad Trestle aka The Graffiti Bridge
    ~ Pensacola's historical landmark along Pensacola's Bayou Texar

    New to town? Wondering what's up with all the graffiti on the bridge? The proper name for the bridge is the 17th Ave. Railroad Trestle, and is owned by CSX Railroad Company and is federal property.

    The Graffiti Bridge
    is located off 17th Ave. near Bayfront Pkwy. in SE Pensacola/ Downtown Pensacola.
    Map of 17th Ave. Train Tresell~
    Tourists, locals, old and young- everyone loves to tag the graffiti bridge! People have been tagging the graffiti bridge for generations!
    ANYTHING and everything gets painted on the graffiti bridge: Tributes, professions of love, class of 'you name it', sports teams, anniversaries, holidays, profanity, hopeful messages, celebrations, drawings, artwork, military insignias, and more! People get engaged here, take anniversary pictures here, wedding pictures, etc.

    The most impressive feature of the graffiti bridge is that is changes daily. I could almost guarantee that someone tags the graffiti bridge every night.  I've seen multiple people tagging in a night (and those in the daytime too!)

    There was recently a local photographer who works at PSC that documented the continous changes on the bridge with a photograph every day for the year 2011!  I'm sure she can attest to how often the bridge changes.

    So is it illegal or not?
    It has been known that some residents of Pensacola do not like, nor agree with, the right to graffiti on the bridge. Of course, vandalism and trespassing are illegal. However~

    It is illegal to spray paint ANYWHERE besides the exterior of the bridge. That means the signs on top of the bridge, the actual train tracks, the road, the parking lot nearby, porta potties and trash cans, etc.  In fact, you can even be prosecuted for trespassing if you walk on top of the bridge at all!
    Graffiti covers Parking lot along 17th Ave. ~ ILLEGAL!

    Graffiti on CSX sign on top of Bridge~ ILLEGAL!

    However, I was told, by a police officer and a representative from CSX (pictured in the Hilarious photo below) that it is NOT illegal (or not prosecuted, one of the two) if you tag the bridge.

    NOT Illegal- Graffiti placed in proper location on Graffit Bridge in Pensacola, FL ~ Happy Fathers Day!
    Not ILLEGAL ~! Paint away- even the rocks I suppose...
    People have been spray painting this bridge for so long that actual chunks of paint fall of from time to time!

    For more photos of the graffiti bridge, visit our album on Pinterest!

    But please..
    Be careful if you are trying to spray paint the bridge, especially at night when people may or may not be intoxicated or paying attention.
    Let's all hope nobody falls and sues so future generations are able to enjoy the graffiti bridge as much as previous have!

    And if you drive a big truck...
    Pay attention and quit running into our beloved graffiti bridge!

    2011 was a bad year for it as atleast 3 vehicles ran into the bridge! I caught two of them on camera...
    What would you or have you tagged on the graffiti bridge?

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    Tuesday, February 21, 2012

    Nieghborhood Profile: Stonechase in Pace, FL~ Gated Community!

    Stonechase Community in Pace, FL
    Popular Gated, new construction community in Northern Pace!

    Dunridge Drive in Stonechase Community off Quintette Rd.
    Map & Location
    Located in Northern Pace off Quintette Rd. in the new community of Stonechase. So new, you won't find it on some maps. If you're on Woodbine Rd going North, you'll take a Left onto Quintette and then a Left onto Stonechase Blvd right before the water tower.  If you can't find it in the city of Pace, try looking it up in Milton as some maps don't recognize Pace as a city!

    The Stonechase Community is a very easy 15-20 minute drive to Cantonment. 30 minute drive to Whiting Field NAS and 45 minutes to Pensacola NAS, Perdido Key Beaches, and Pensacola Beach. 1 hour drive to the casino in Atmore.
    Gated & Guarded New Construction Community
    Residents in Stonechase havethe privilege of a guarded and gated entrance. A security guard mans the gate daily between 10am and 6pm while the gates serve as security overnight.
    Development of the Stonechase Community began in 2009. Construction continues with more beautiful homes being built each month.

    There are approximately 250 lots in the subdivision with approximately 1/3 of those housing homes. The majority of Stonechase homes are built by Paragon Homes, Celebrity Homes, and KW Homes.

    These custom homes include many upgrades beyond basic "builder grade" quality intems. The majority of homes in Stonechase feature porcelian tile, granite countertops, custom cabinets, and high ceilings. Additional upgrades can be purchased as well.

    Interior of Stonechase Home with island kitchen~ Double sided fireplace!
    Santa Rosa County School District
    Dixon Elementary School- 2011 school grade A
    Sims Middle School - 2011 School grade A
    Pace High School - 2011 School grade B

    Stonechase Homeowners Association
    Of course there is a homeowners association for Stonechase. I believe it's still managed by the builder, because I couldn't find any record of an agent online. The dues are $303 a year, which is great for security guards, landscaping, management, etc. There are convenants and restrictions that dictate appropriate behaviors for residents in the subdivision, so make sure to read those before entering into a contract for a home in the community.

    Homes for Rent in Stonechase
    Rental homes in Stonechase are rare~ There have only been 4 homes rented through Pensacola MLS in Stonechase. As I'm writing this, we have one home for rent at 6023 Dunridge Drive for $1250. It's a beautiful 3 bedroom 2 bath home with a fenced backyard and covered patio. Gorgeous inside with custom granite kitchen and perfect floor plan for entertaining. We listed the home on Wednesday and we had an application by Friday!
    6023 Dunridge Drive, Pace, FL ~ Rented $1250
    All of the homes rented were 3 bedroom 2 bath brick homes with 1600-1750 square feet and rented between $1150 and $1300 with an average rental rate of $1240.
    Check our website at to see which Pace homes we currently have available for rent.

    New Construction Homes for Sale in Stonechase
    There are many lots owned by the builder(s) but none are listed for sale through Pensacola MLS.

    There are currently 7 homes listed for sale in the Stonechase Community listed between $181,000 and $379,000. 6 of the homes are new consturiction with the most expensive home being a resalewith upgrades.

    There are 4 homes under contract in Stonechase between $172,000 to $267,000.
    You can do a search of the subdivision through the county tax rolls with the following link. With this link, you can find access to information including lot sizes, purchase prices and sales dates, number of homes developed, and lots owned by the builder available for purchase.

    Want to live in Stonechase?
    Call Pam Keen, broker associate at (850) 232-2200 with questions about availability in this community or similiar communities int the Pace and Milton areas~ or email her at  Let Pam Keen, experienced realtor, find the best deal in Stonechase for you!
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    Monday, February 20, 2012

    Pensacola Rental Homes & Apartments in the Pensacola, FL area!

    We have over 50 rental homes and apartments available
    With tax season upon us,rental homes are going fast, especially 3 bedroom homes.

    Here's our newest batch of homes for rent in Milton, Pace, Gulf Breeze, Pensacola, and near Pensacola NAS. Call Realty Masters (850) 473 3983 for viewing instructions and visit our website to tour all of these homes online~

    For more photos and information about all of these homes and apartments available for rent in the Pensacola area, call Realty Masters of FL (850) 473 3983 or tour the homes online on our website at  ~

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    Wednesday, February 15, 2012

    Escambia County auctions surplus property & homes!

    Land & Property Auctions being held in Pensacola this week!
    Bidding starts tomorrow on over 15 county owned properties

    If you are looking for lots or land to develop in the Pensacola area for cheap- check out this list of surplus properties being auctioned off by Escambia County.

    Bidding starts tomorrow on over 15 lots, including two lots with homes on them and one commercial parcel. Bidding runs from February 16th through February 21, 2012. It appears that bidding is done online through an auction website with a simple registration. There is a minimum bid on each property but the minimum bids are relatively low.
    Commercial Lot being auctioned in Pensacola by Esc. County
    The lowest priced lot is for a "land-locked" lot on S Devillers and S Doyle Street with a minimum bid of $95. I'm not sure what you could really build on this if anything, but hey, $95? 

    There are also several lots in the $2,000 price range.

    The higest minimum bid is $26,816 for a commercial lot on Blount St. one block from the T&W Flea Market. It's a .4 acre lot with 142 feet on T Street.

    For further information about the auction or properties, please contact Dianne Taylor with Escambia County at 850-595-4996.

    Escambia County is also auctioning off surplus office items including desks and filing cabinets. For more information on the surplus property auction, visit

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    Saturday, February 11, 2012

    Discounts on your homeowners insurance! Wind Mitigation Inspections

    Wind Mitigation Inspection - Homeowner Insurance Discounts

    In 2006 the My Safe Florida Home Program was implemented. The program allowed homeowners to obtain discounts on their Homeowners Insurance based on mitigating attributes of their home. Roof style, hurricane clips installed, age of the roof covering (shingles) and other attributes were considered for discounts. The inspection was good for up to 5 years. Most homeowners saw savings of $200.00 to $1,200 or more per year.
    Effective February 1, 2012, the OIR 1802 wind mitigation form has changed, which means that if you get new homeowners coverage or change insurance carriers, or if your previous Wind Mitigation Inspection is over 5 years old, you will need a new inspection completed on the new inspection form to receive your insurance discounts.
    Sample from a home inspection by Beacon Inspection Group
    If you contract to have a new or updated Wind Mitigation Inspection, please make sure the inspector has completed the required updated Wind Mitigation training effective February 2012 and is certified to perform these inspections.

    For your wind mitigation inspection for under $100 contact Jerry Williams or email him at

           Jerry Williams – Florida Home Inspector License # HI155
                      Beacon Inspection Group, LLC

    Wednesday, February 8, 2012

    Pensacola's Navy Housing Volunteer Realtor of the Year~!

    Realtor Voted Navy Housings Volunteer of the Year!

    Let former Chief Bob Supinger help you with your PCS to and from Pensacola NAS.
    Congratulations go out to Bob for being chosen the Navy Housing Volunteer Realtor of the Year. You can find him volunteering regularly at the NAS Housing Office. He is vice chairman of a group of over 40 realtors that "give back" to our troops by assisting in helping them secure suitable housing.

    Bob pictured with the Skipper at NAS!
    Bob and his co-workers at Realty Masters are well-versed in military relocation. Their broker Pam Brantley is a retired Navy Captain with over 30 years experience in all manner of real estate.

    Our staff is #1 in the area managing over 700 properties! They are well quallified and here to assist you 6 days per week. As a Santa Rosa County Homeowner and investor, Bob Supinger is very familiar with the neighborhoods of Milton, Gulf Breeze, Navarre as well as those surrounding Pensacola NAS.

    A little bit about Bob
    Bob joined the Navy just after graduating high school in Dayton, Ohio. He served aboard several different types of ships, air stations, and did many tours overseas in the Atlantic and Pacific. Bob finally dropped anchor as a Navy Counselor Chief in Pensacola in 2003. He has also served as an ROTC instructor and was employed by the State of Florida as a Juvenile Probation Officer (JPO).
    As a fellow homeowner and investor he ensures that all Realty Masters clients are provided with the most up-to-date information to make timely, educated, and informed real estate decisions.
    Whether looking for an inexpensive rental near the base or a bargain priced home for sale, Bob is standing by to assist you! His direct cell # is 850 -207-0912 or you can email him at

    Until next time,
    Nicole St. Aubin, Broker Associate
    Realty Masters of FL

    Monday, February 6, 2012

    Pensacola, FL described in Youtube Videos!

    Get to know Pensacola: Top 10 Videos
    Our favorite Youtube Videos in/around/about Pensacola for your enjoyment

    General Information about Pensacola
    This is a short commercial by Visit Pensacola that highlights things to do in Pensacola!

    Pensacola Beach- The waves crashing!
    The best video- save it and watch it every day you can't make it to the beach!

    Navy Blue Angels
    A video of the 2011 homecoming show at Pensacola NAS. Very nice production and a lot of fun to watch.

    History of Pensacola
    A tourism video produced in 1964 to promote growth in Pensacola. Very long at 13 minutes but interesting to see Pensacola's roots!

    You are Beautiful Pensacola
    Amusing clip from news channel about the You are Beautiful "graffiti" in Pensacola, FL in 2007 & 2008. Ocassionally still seen around town.

    Tour of Pensacola Beach
    This first video is a minute and a half and definitely my favorite of the beach! Produced by Portofino Resorts, it documents some of the facilities at Portofino- but more than that it shows all the fun activities in Pensacola Beach including water sports, golfing, tennis, parasailing, fishing and more!

    A 3 minute drive beginning at the Pensacola Beach Toll Bridge and traveling down past Casino Beach and Via Deluna Drive. It appears to be a tourists video but is well done and entertaining! I would just watch the first 2 minutes...

    Pensacola Polar Bear Plunge
    A BUNCH of local resdients jump in the water for the Annual Polar Bear Plunge on January 1, 2012. A traditional, local way to celebrate the New Year.

    Navy Blue Angels and Pensacola NAS Musuem
    Another video done by Visit Pensacola showcasing the Naval Avaiation Museum and the Navy Blue Angels!

    Hurricane Ivan Storm Surge
    Cool video showing the fury of Hurricane Ivan!

    Saturday, February 4, 2012

    Neighborhood Profile: Tiger Point Village in Gulf Breeze, FL

    Neighborhood Profile: Tiger Point Village
    Golf Course Community in Gulf Breeze, FL

    Tiger Point Village is located in Gulf Breeze, FL along US Hwy 98. Over 450 homes are nestled along the intracoastal waterway, 8 miles east of Pensacola and 22 miles west of Hurlburt Field.

    A+ Schools
    This sought after community is located in an A+ rated school district with Oriole Beach Elementary School and Gulf Breeze Middle and Gulf Breeze High School. These schools are some of the top in Florida.
    Amenities & Shopping
    Sun setting over Tiger Point Golf Club in Gulf Breeze, FL.
    Walmart and Lowes are within walking distance as well as Ruby Tuesdays and a half dozen other restaurants.
    The Tiger Point Community is only minutes from some of Florida's most beautiful beaches- located right in between Pensacola and Navarre Beaches. It's also located right in between nearby Hurlburt Field Army Air Field and Naval Air Station Pensacola which is a large number of the homeowners in Tiger Point are active duty or retired military.
    Pride of ownership abounds in the Tiger Point Community as it is governed by a very active Home Owners Association which helps ensure all convenants are adhered. A propfessionally monitored neighborhood helps preserve property values in the neighborhood!

    Tiger Point Golf Club

    The Tiger Point Golf Course is one of the most popular in the area and borders the Tiger point subdivision.  Because of the proximity to the golf course, a lot of Tiger Point residents are avid golfers. In addition to golf course front homes, Tiger Point features waterfront properties.

    Tiger Point Park

    The Tiger Point Park is located at 1370 Tiger Point Lane, Gulf Breeze, FL 32563 and is within walking distance for many Tiger Point residents. This massive park features baseball fields, batting cages, tee-ball fields, a jogging track, tennis courts, soccer fields and most importantly clean restrooms. It also includes a large childrens park and is such close vicinity to the Tiger Point Community that many residents use the facilities weekly!

    Different Phases within the Subdivision
    • Tiger Point Village
    • Champions Green
    • Willowood
    • Fairways Tiger Point East
    • Waterways at Tiger Point East
    • Bay Colony
    Each phase has their own subdivision with separate dues, covenants, and other policies. Check with your realtor for specific information on subphases of the Tiger Point area.
    View more information about each of the phases in the Tiger Point Subdivision via the Santa Rosa County Property Appraisers Website at and search by subdivision name.
    Homes for Sale in Tiger Point
    Homes in Tiger Point are currently listed as low as $149,000 to more than $1,000,000. There are over 40 homes in the Tiger Point area currently for sale.
    Email me at and I will send you the top 10 deals in Tiger Point right now! It changes daily.

    In the last few months, five homes have sold in the Tiger Point Village Subdivision. The average sales prices was $451,000 with a low short-sale price of $145,000 cash for a brick 2,000 square feet fixer-upper and a high price of $950,000 for a sprawling 5,2000 square feet waterfront home on Madura Rd. with a view of the golf course. 

    Homes for Rent in Tiger Point

    There are very few rental homes in all of the Gulf Breeze area for rent! Tiger Point Rental Homes come sparingly and go fast once they hit the market.
    3767 Bengal Rd, Gulf Breeze~ For Rent $2,100
    There is currently one home on the Market for Rent in Tiger Point- just listed 1/31/2012 at $2,100 a month for a 3 bedroom 2 bath 2,400 square foot home on 3767 Bengal Rd, Gulf Breeze, FL 32563. The home was built in 1993 and has been updated with granite countertops and a custom kitchen! The home is also listed for sale at $329,000.

    In the last six months, several homes rented in the Tiger Point area with an average of 30 days on the market and an average rental rate of $1,700.
    Email me at for a current listing of homes for rent or sale in the Tiger Point area. The Tiger Point area of Gulf Breeze is my home and I am glad to help you make it yours.
    Until next time,
    Bob Supinger, Realtor
    Keller Williams ~ or cell 850-207-0912

    Nicole St. Aubin, Broker Associate
    Realty Masters ~ (850) 473 3983

    Thursday, February 2, 2012

    Replacing "The 3 Mile Bridge" in Pensacola. Toll or Ferry?

    Rebuilding "The 3 Mile Bridge"
    A new bridge likely comes with hefty toll.

    The 3 Mile Bridge connects Downtown Pensacola and Gulf Breeze "Proper". The best route from Pensacola to Pensacola Beach is the Pensacola Bay Bridge, more commonly known as the "3 Mile Bridge". 

    Pensacola Bay Bridge Unsafe?
    The current "3 Mile Bridge" was completed in 1960 with a projected 50 year life. A study in early 2010 noted the bridge has become "structurely inscificient".
    Through the years the bridge has survived many hurricanes and tropical storms. In 1989, the bridge was even hit by a barge forcing commuters to travel by ferry! It's definitely time for a new bridge!

    Sunset view of Bayfront Pkwy. & 17th Ave. in downtown Pensacola near the 3 mile bridge

    The question now: Toll or ferry?
    Florida Department of Transportation is reviewing plans and bids to build a replacement bridge. Construction is not projected to begin until 2016. The project is quoted over $500 million dollars, and there is not adequate funding. Funding the new bridge could mean a possible a $2 to $3 toll via an electric transponder instead of a toll booth. They also plan to expand the bridge from four lanes to six lanes to allow for traffic relief.
    Pensacola Beach!!
    Local residents are upset they may have to pay two tolls to get to the beach! There is already a $1 toll to cross the Pensacola Beach Bridge. There aren't many alternative options at this point. The 3 Mile Bridge is a necessity for most local residents. I can't see ferry travel being the most cost effective solution...

    For More Information
    Visit the Pensacola Bay Bridge PD&E website for updates and study information.

    What are your thoughts?
    Are you worried about the safety of the bridge or have any comments about it? Please share them with us!

    Until next time,
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