Saturday, February 11, 2012

Discounts on your homeowners insurance! Wind Mitigation Inspections

Wind Mitigation Inspection - Homeowner Insurance Discounts

In 2006 the My Safe Florida Home Program was implemented. The program allowed homeowners to obtain discounts on their Homeowners Insurance based on mitigating attributes of their home. Roof style, hurricane clips installed, age of the roof covering (shingles) and other attributes were considered for discounts. The inspection was good for up to 5 years. Most homeowners saw savings of $200.00 to $1,200 or more per year.
Effective February 1, 2012, the OIR 1802 wind mitigation form has changed, which means that if you get new homeowners coverage or change insurance carriers, or if your previous Wind Mitigation Inspection is over 5 years old, you will need a new inspection completed on the new inspection form to receive your insurance discounts.
Sample from a home inspection by Beacon Inspection Group
If you contract to have a new or updated Wind Mitigation Inspection, please make sure the inspector has completed the required updated Wind Mitigation training effective February 2012 and is certified to perform these inspections.

For your wind mitigation inspection for under $100 contact Jerry Williams or email him at

       Jerry Williams – Florida Home Inspector License # HI155
                  Beacon Inspection Group, LLC

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