Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pensacola loves the 17th Ave. Graffiti Bridge & Train Trestle

17th Ave. Railroad Trestle aka The Graffiti Bridge
~ Pensacola's historical landmark along Pensacola's Bayou Texar

New to town? Wondering what's up with all the graffiti on the bridge? The proper name for the bridge is the 17th Ave. Railroad Trestle, and is owned by CSX Railroad Company and is federal property.

The Graffiti Bridge
is located off 17th Ave. near Bayfront Pkwy. in SE Pensacola/ Downtown Pensacola.
Map of 17th Ave. Train Tresell~
Tourists, locals, old and young- everyone loves to tag the graffiti bridge! People have been tagging the graffiti bridge for generations!
ANYTHING and everything gets painted on the graffiti bridge: Tributes, professions of love, class of 'you name it', sports teams, anniversaries, holidays, profanity, hopeful messages, celebrations, drawings, artwork, military insignias, and more! People get engaged here, take anniversary pictures here, wedding pictures, etc.

The most impressive feature of the graffiti bridge is that is changes daily. I could almost guarantee that someone tags the graffiti bridge every night.  I've seen multiple people tagging in a night (and those in the daytime too!)

There was recently a local photographer who works at PSC that documented the continous changes on the bridge with a photograph every day for the year 2011!  I'm sure she can attest to how often the bridge changes.

So is it illegal or not?
It has been known that some residents of Pensacola do not like, nor agree with, the right to graffiti on the bridge. Of course, vandalism and trespassing are illegal. However~

It is illegal to spray paint ANYWHERE besides the exterior of the bridge. That means the signs on top of the bridge, the actual train tracks, the road, the parking lot nearby, porta potties and trash cans, etc.  In fact, you can even be prosecuted for trespassing if you walk on top of the bridge at all!
Graffiti covers Parking lot along 17th Ave. ~ ILLEGAL!

Graffiti on CSX sign on top of Bridge~ ILLEGAL!

However, I was told, by a police officer and a representative from CSX (pictured in the Hilarious photo below) that it is NOT illegal (or not prosecuted, one of the two) if you tag the bridge.

NOT Illegal- Graffiti placed in proper location on Graffit Bridge in Pensacola, FL ~ Happy Fathers Day!
Not ILLEGAL ~! Paint away- even the rocks I suppose...
People have been spray painting this bridge for so long that actual chunks of paint fall of from time to time!

For more photos of the graffiti bridge, visit our album on Pinterest!

But please..
Be careful if you are trying to spray paint the bridge, especially at night when people may or may not be intoxicated or paying attention.
Let's all hope nobody falls and sues so future generations are able to enjoy the graffiti bridge as much as previous have!

And if you drive a big truck...
Pay attention and quit running into our beloved graffiti bridge!

2011 was a bad year for it as atleast 3 vehicles ran into the bridge! I caught two of them on camera...
What would you or have you tagged on the graffiti bridge?

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  1. Ha! I know the idiot who hit the bridge in the second picture. That's a feeding America truck and it was a brand new donation to the food bank. Mitch Rowland has trouble with numbers. Especially on big yellow clearance warning signs in his own neighborhood.

  2. I love this bridge. people started doing this about 11 years ago. i've always wanted to spray paint this bridge since they started when I was about 5. Im looking forward to it!

    1. Its actually been going on much longer than 11 years! I was born in 81 and am native to Pensacola. I remember going under it to get to the beach as a little kid and it was painted up then:-) I would be interested to know how long it has been going on though.

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