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Replacing "The 3 Mile Bridge" in Pensacola. Toll or Ferry?

Rebuilding "The 3 Mile Bridge"
A new bridge likely comes with hefty toll.

The 3 Mile Bridge connects Downtown Pensacola and Gulf Breeze "Proper". The best route from Pensacola to Pensacola Beach is the Pensacola Bay Bridge, more commonly known as the "3 Mile Bridge". 

Pensacola Bay Bridge Unsafe?
The current "3 Mile Bridge" was completed in 1960 with a projected 50 year life. A study in early 2010 noted the bridge has become "structurely inscificient".
Through the years the bridge has survived many hurricanes and tropical storms. In 1989, the bridge was even hit by a barge forcing commuters to travel by ferry! It's definitely time for a new bridge!

Sunset view of Bayfront Pkwy. & 17th Ave. in downtown Pensacola near the 3 mile bridge

The question now: Toll or ferry?
Florida Department of Transportation is reviewing plans and bids to build a replacement bridge. Construction is not projected to begin until 2016. The project is quoted over $500 million dollars, and there is not adequate funding. Funding the new bridge could mean a possible a $2 to $3 toll via an electric transponder instead of a toll booth. They also plan to expand the bridge from four lanes to six lanes to allow for traffic relief.
Pensacola Beach!!
Local residents are upset they may have to pay two tolls to get to the beach! There is already a $1 toll to cross the Pensacola Beach Bridge. There aren't many alternative options at this point. The 3 Mile Bridge is a necessity for most local residents. I can't see ferry travel being the most cost effective solution...

For More Information
Visit the Pensacola Bay Bridge PD&E website for updates and study information.

What are your thoughts?
Are you worried about the safety of the bridge or have any comments about it? Please share them with us!

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  1. When my husband and I were house hunting last year we considered Gulf Breeze because of the attractiveness of its neighborhoods and the quality of GB's public amenities. The notion that we might at some time have to pay a toll to get back and forth to Pensacola was a turnoff. As it turned out, the real deciding factor was a giant traffic snarl we saw on our way back to Pensacola, stretching from an accident in the middle of the bridge to Seville Square. No thanks!!


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