Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cheapest Gas Prices @ Gas Stations in Pensacola, FL

Gas prices around the nation are on the rise (again)
Use these tips to track the best bargain prices for gas in Pensacola!

With regular gas prices nearing $4 per gallon in Pensacola (is $4 at the BP downtown!) we look for ways to help you save a few dollars at the gas pump.

Location, location, location!

Santa Rosa County has cheaper gas than Escambia County! It's something we've known for a long time, although I'm unsure as to why. On average, Santa Rosa County has cheaper gas. Out of the 15 gas stations with the cheapest gas today, 9 of the 15 are in Santa Rosa County, mostly Milton.
I would say the exception to this is Gulf Breeze where there are less gas stations and more demand for gas because of Beach Traffic. Comparing the most expensive gas prices, 6 out of 15 in our area were reported in Gulf Breeze! However, if you are in Milton, Pace, or Navarre-- Fill up!

Check out this "heat map" I found showing average gas prices by zip code for Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties! This says volumes about where to and where not to fill up in town!

Obviously, Southwest and West Pensacola near Pensacola NAS and Milton appear to have the cheapest gas on average.

Our favorite technologies to track gas prices:
Gas prices vary in the Pensacola area as much as $.20+ per gallon. If you're pumping 15 gallons, that's a savings of over $3 per fill up, which could save you over $150 a year if you fill up weekly. Use these technologies to track gas prices in Pensacola, Pace, Milton, Gulf Breeze, and Navarre.
1. Search the entire state of FL's gas prices including Pensacola gas prices.  You can also use for a URL you can easily remember!

The website, powered by Gas Buddy, encourages consumers to input current gas prices at gas stations they pass. Consumers get points for posting prices. If you have enough points, you are entered to win a weekly $250 gas card giveaway. Of course, you also help the other members in your community.

2. Gas Buddy- the mobile app! Free mobile app powered by Gas Buddy that allows you to view and input local gas prices easily from your cell phone. You can use either the website and/or the mobile app to gain points.

3. is now tracking and reporting gas prices. If you are new to the area, and unsure of where major roads are, you may want to use the mapquest version. It doesn't track as many gas stations as but it does have a nice map layout where you can easily find gas prices at the closest gas stations to you.

Gas prices have risen $.10 in two weeks
in the Pensacola area!
Other ideas to save money on gas:

* Gas Stations Reward Savings cards like the Tom Thumb Card allow you to convert purchases into points which equal savings on your gas. You can even purchase gift cards and receive points. Once you get 100, you can save $.10 per gallon of gas; once you reach 1,000 you get $1 off per gallon of gas!

* Walk, bicycle, or run! We live in Florida- come on guys. Get out there and enjoy the sun.
* Carpool. We have a few co-workers who carpool to work. It saves them around a tank a month.
Happy Travels- as always, no texting while driving! Stay Safe Pensacola.

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