Tuesday, March 6, 2012

McGuires 5K St. Patricks Day Run~ Get involved!

Pensacola celebrates & welcomes Spring!
With beautiful weather comes the season for charity walks and runs in Pensacola.  

It's one of our favorites restaurants- the one we bring all our out of town guests to and definitely our favorite restaurant to celebrate St. Patricks Day with! McGuire's Irish Pub is an award winning restaurant and a favorite among locals with locations in Pensacola and Destin, FL.

It's a Pensacola tradition- one that's been around since they opened in 1977. 

McGuire's is such a part of Pensacola's history that the restaurant has developed its own traditions!  Here are a few of those traditions

1. Dollar bills hanging from the walls and ceilings.
Since 1977, people have been posting dollar bills on McGuires bar, walls, and ceilings. Currently there is over $550,000 covering miscellaneous surfaces inside McGuire's!

2. Kiss the moose!
If it's your first time at McGuire's and you tell your waiter/waitress~ they will make you kiss the moose. It's just something you have to do.

3. Which bathroom am I supposed to go into?
Everytime I go to McGuire's, I still have to think about which bathroom to go to. The sign says Ladies room this way with an arrow pointing to the ladies room, but is on the mens door (and vice versa). I also always see unsuspecting customers standing in confusion which is part of McGuires' charm.

4. McGuire's 5K Run & Party!
Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the 35th Annual McGuire's St. Patrick's Day Run! The run is this weekend, March 10th, 2012. A map of the route .

In it's 35 year, this is one of (if not the biggest) runs in the Pensacola area. With a $25 donation, runners jog through downtown Pensacola along Bayfront Pkwy and 9th Ave. Many military members participate in this race as one of the beneficiaries is the Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund. Other beneficiaries include the Pensacola Police Department and Boy Scouts.

5. McGuire's Running Club!
McGuire's also has a running club that meets every Tuesday night at 5:45 and runs approximately 3 miles. Participation is free. Everyone is welcome to attend. You even get a discount on your meal if you show up in your running club t-shirt. The website says over 11,000 Pensacolians have run with the McGuires Running Club! And if you don't want to join the runners, just be cautious on Tuesday evenings when driving in downtown Pensacola.  

6. St. Patrick's Day Celebration.
The party begins at 11am....

Any other McGuire's traditions or fun facts that I missed?

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