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Renting in Pensacola: Pet Friendly Rental Housing

You don't have to get rid of your pet to rent a house!
Unless you have a Pit bull, Rottweiler, or a Chow...

Aggressive Breed Dogs
Let's go ahead and get that out of the way.  Unfortunately, we can not accept dogs that will affect the owners insurance. There is no standard aggressive breed dog list (that would be easy!) It varies between companies and policies. This is one of the reasons we accept most pets on owners approval, as we need to run all pets by the home owner.
Marie Hazen's beautiful Rottweiler!
Common pets found on the list include:  Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, Dobermans, Rottweilers, Chows, Presa Canarios, Akitas, Huskies, Wolf hybrids, German Shepherds, and American Eskimos. The dog can also be included in this list if it is more half or more of one of the above listed breeds. I've even seen chihuahuas on the list!

We are sorry. :( It is merely a matter of keeping the homeowners insurance in tact, which is especially important during hurricane season! Homeowners insurance in our area is expensive and hard to secure and keep. Per most insurance policies, the policy can be cancelled if an aggressive breed animal is on the premises.
There is typically no chance of getting Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Rottweilers, or Chows accepted in our properties. For other breeds, we typically consult with the owner of the property for approval or denial for your pet based on their preferences and their insurance company's policies. For pit bull. doberman, and rottweiler dog owners, we suggest checking with private homeowners.

Define Pet
If you feed it, bathe it, clean up after it, love it, or take it outside, it's a pet. You must disclose any pets including gerbils, fish, mice, reptiles, etc. All pets are subject to a minimum $250 nonrefundable pet fee

Other factors when considering pets:
1. Number & Type of Pets- One pet is usually a go if advertised pets on approval. Conversely, 4-6 pets is usually a no when renting a home!
2. Age of pet(s)- Facts of life: Babies cry, Puppies chew. Mature animals do considerably less damage than immature animals.
3. Size of pet(s)-Larger pets have the ability to do more damage.
4. Flooring Type- Some owners with light colored carpeting do not allow pets.
5. Adequate fencing and yard space- Important to some
6. Homeowners Association Restrictions- Some subdivisions, mainly condos and town homes, have certain pet restrictions.

Getting your pets accepted
Pam Keen, Broker, gives my dog some love.
Our goal is to provide plenty of nice, pet-friendly rental homes! Most of our agents have pets that are part of our family, and we understand your need for a nice home to include them.
Generally, the advertisements on our website will have some specific information about pets if the owner has expressed restrictions. Some examples include, no cats, no reptiles, pets under 50 pounds, 1 pet only, no pets, etc.

You must send a photo of your animal(s) with your application and make sure to provide the 1) type of pet, 2) breed 3) age 4) weight in order for pets to be processed. You may email your photo to the property manager or to for approval.

Increase your chances of getting your pet(s) approved!
1. Send the picture with a write up about your pet(s). Describe your pet to the property owner including what your pet likes to do, whether your pet is kennel trained, or took an obedience class or two. Make sure to include all the pertinent information above. Call it his/her pedigree.

2. Include vet records, shot records, and proof of flea medication with your application. This lets the owner know you are a serious pet owner and take good care of your pet(s). Ask for a letter from your vet, and ask them to comment on your pet(s) temperament if they will!

3. Offer an extra $250 refundable deposit to the owner! If you have multiple pets, this is not a bad idea to offer some extra security. As the rental market continues to thrive, we can receive multiple applications in the same day. Homeowners will chose 1 pet over 3 most days.

Have insurance questions Pensacola? Call my friend Matt Salvator at (850) 932-3459. He can answer them!
*These are only our company policies, although many local property management companies have similar guidelines please be sure to verify all pet guidelines.
Mocha the Realty Masters office dog~
Email me your questions or post them here!

Good luck!
Nicole St. Aubin, Broker Associate
Realty Masters of FL #1 in Pensacola Rental homes & Pensacola Property Management
(850) 473 3983 phone~
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  4. What about if the Pitbull is an Emotional Support Animal as stated in the Fair Housing Act you can't breed discriminate? Also,as a Pitbull Owner I have personal animal liability insurance on the dog would that be satisfactory?

    1. Of course, if the animal is an assistance animal of any kind the property owner is required to accept the animal with proper documentation regardless of breed. Great question!


Thank you~ Enjoy your day and check back with us for more great information on the Pensacola area!