Friday, April 27, 2012

Harbour Pointe Waterfront Condos~ near NAS Pensacola~

Harbour Pointe Condos near NAS Pensacola~
10-Story Waterfront condominiums with views of Big Lagoon, the Intercoastal Waterway and the Gulf of Mexico!

Located less than 2 miles from the back gate of the Naval Air Station, this highrise condominium complex is a favorite among local military! The building is located at 154 Ethel Wingate Dr., Pensacola, FL 32507.

Soak up the sun at the community pool overlooking
Big Lagoon~
The Harbour Pointe Condiminiums are all housed in one building, which sits along Big Lagoon in Southwest Pensacola. Big Lagoon is the body of water between Pensacola and Johnsons Beach, Perdido Key State Park, and Fort McCree on NAS. 

One of the great things about this low density complex is that it's located in a mostly residential area with gorgeous water views both directions from all the condos in the building. There is a large wooded vacant lot to the left of the building that adds privacy and is home to several large birds including ospreys, cranes, and herons.

Amenities include:
- Large inground pool & spa
- Indoor fitness room
- Community room with free wi-fi
- Secured entrance with codes on front door and elevators
- Dock with plenty of room to fish
- Boat storage, kayak storage, extra strorage, and garages available for purchase
- Beautiful sunrise and sunset views
- Private beach behind complex
sunrise behind Harbour Pointe Condos
View of Private beach and dock behind Harbour Pointe Condominiums at sunset ~
Sunrise view from private beach behind Harbour Pointe Condominiums~

Your New Neighbors are a little loud some mornings...
But who complains about a free performance from the Navy's Blue Angels? With its proximity to the Naval Air Station, an added perk to the Harbour Pointe Condos is a frequent, free Blue Angels performance. Luckily, Pensacola is home of the Navy's Blue Angels! On most Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 8:30- 9:30 during their season, they fly right past the building several times.  The best place to catch the show is from the upstairs walkway on the front side of the building although they do go behind the back side of the building as well. Here's a few pictures I took recently of the Blue Angels flying by both the front side and back side of the building.

If you are into the Blue Angels as much as we are, make sure you check out our photos of them performing on our Facebook and Pinterest accounts for more photos and more locations to view the Blue Angels from in Southwest Pensacola!
I have a nice zoom lens, took this photo from the front balcony upstairs! The Blue Angels are so talented.

Being a highrise, the Blue Angels are not the only ones to fly by every once in a while! I took this picture of this flock of
pelicans from the 9th floor at Harbour Pointe Condos. They fly right past you!! 
The complex was developed in 2007 and features upscale community areas for all to share including this well maintained waterfront pool and spa area. In addition to nice pool furniture, the pool area has community grills perfect for entertaining.
Waterfront condos for Rent at Harbour Pointe Condos
Just in time for warm weather, there are several condos available for rent in Harbour Pointe including long-term rentals and vacation rentals. While inventory changes daily, there are currently 2 one bedroom one bath rentals available at Harbour Pointe for $1100 a month. There are a couple 2 bedroom 2 bath condos with 1188 square feet ranging from $1250 to $1500. These include both furnished condos and unfurnished condos with water, sewer, trash, and basic cable.
If you are looking to rent a condo at Harbour Pointe, please contact Nicole at (850) 473 3983 or

condos for rent near NAS Pensacola
Inground pool overlooks the water at this high rise complex in Southwest Pensacola near NAS~
Waterfront condos for sale at Harbour Pointe
There are currently several units under contract at Harbour Pointe, with one active condo for sale- a 3 bedroom 2 bath on the 9th floor listed for $395,900. The condos currently under contract were listed on MLS at prices between $125,000 and $169,900 for 2 bedroom 2 bath condos.
For most recent sales information, contact Pam Keen, broker and Harbour Pointe Condo owner, at (850) 232-2200 or email
Harbour Pointe Condo Association
There is an active homeowners association at the Harbour Pointe Condominiums. They help to enforce covenants and restrictions and maintain the complex's integrity! Dues are approximately $400 per month.  The homeowners association dues cover landscaping, reserves, insurance, utilities such as water, sewer, trash, basic cable, maintenance, etc. It should also be noted that the homeowners association even restricts things such as the number of pets- limits it to 1- so make sure to check on these before buying or renting a condo at Harbour Pointe!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Free Fun in Pensacola: Perdido Kids Park & Blue Angels flyover~

Hands Down: The best park in Pensacola!
The Perdido Kids Park off Gulf Beach Hwy is sure to please your family members of all ages
Blue Angels fly over Perdido Kids Park Tuesday & Wednesday mornings at 8:30 am during Blue Angels Season~

Located in Southwest Pensacola less than 1 mile from the back gate of Naval Air Station Pensacola, the Perdido Kids Park is (in our opinion) the best park in town. What other park can you go to and see the Navy Blue Angels fly above you while your children play?

Map of Perdido Kids Park off Gulf Beach Hwy near Blue Angel Pkwy~ Look for Perdido Kids Sign on Right

This park is a little harder to find on a map, so here are some directions. From Blue Angel Pkwy, turn Right onto Gulf Beach Hwy at stop light. Travel approximately .8 miles to Perdido Kids Park on your right just past Batten Blvd.
Look for this sign off Gulf Beac Hwy just past
Blue Angel Pkwy~
About Perdido Kids Park
This community-themed park stretches across multiple acres and even includes a nature trail. The park definitely honors our local military and has its own Pensacola flavor.

The Perdido Kids Park is open during daylight hours and there is no fee for admission. In addition to the nice park, there is plenty of parking, picnic areas, and clean restrooms.

The park is large and is usually packed with kids especially on the weekends with children. With plenty of picnic areas and bathrooms, it's a perfect spot to host a birthday party or other get together.

And better yet, from April to October, you can routinely spot the famous Navy Blue Angel pilots practicing for their award winning shows. The Blue Angels fly right above you while you enjoy this beautiful park. Blue Angels typically practice about an hour beginning around 8:30 am on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

Short Video Tour of Perdido Kids Park in Pensacola~

Park Features:
-Two park areas including main park and "Tot Lot" for children ages 2-5
-Two rock climbing walls
-Blue Angels wooden airplanes
-12+ swings including swings for all ages and a tire swing!
-Monkey bars, slides, ramps= normal park stuff
-Pensacola Ice Pilots misting station
-A dozen picnic tables and clean restrooms

More Photos of Perdido Kids Park in Pensacola, Florida:

Do you love the Perdido Kids Park as much as we do? Tell us about your experience.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bahama Bay Club Condos~ Gulf Breeze, FL~

As close as you can get to Pensacola Beach without being on it! 
Bahama Bay Club Condos a local favorite due to proximity to Pensacola Beach and amenities.

We got another call today... do you have anything available at Bahama Bay Club Condos in Gulf Breeze? We get requests for this condominium complex all the time- whether it's if anything is avaialable for rent or for sale!

Vacancies stay very low in Gulf Breeze proper, especially at Bahama Bay. So we decided to take a trip over to Gulf Breeze proper and see what makes Bahama Bay Club a favorite place to call home among Pensacola area residents.

Convenient location in Gulf Breeze Proper- about as close to Pensacola Beach as you can get!!

Short Video Tour of Bahama Bay Club Condos~
Bahama Bay Club Complete Features
Typical size backyard at Bahama Bay w/
covered patio & grassy area
-Gated, inground pool with nice pool furniture
-Club house with flat screen TV, balonies, and hang out areas
-Tennis court & sauna
-Nice exercise room with weight machines and cardio equipment
- Boat & RV Parking available for rent
- Coin operated washer and dryers should you not have your own

Bahama Bay Club features 112 condominiums spread throughout 12 buildings tucked in Gulf Breeze Proper just near the Pensacola Beach Bridge.  These two-stroy condos measure approximately 1100 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. Downstairs, you will find the the living portions with living, dining area, kitchen, and 1/2 bath with both bedrooms and full bathroom usptairs. Each condo also has its own privacy fenced in backyard. Some units have upgraded and chosen to screen in the patios.

Beautiful and well maintained complex pool with plenty of nice patio furniture!

Bahama Bay Club Homeowners Association
The Bahama Bay Club Homeowners Association is very active and ensures all convenants and restrictions are upheld throughout the community. This helps keep the community looking its best, uniform, and well maintained. P

Condos for Sale at Bahama Bay Club Condos
There is nothing currently for sale at Bahama Bay Club, although there are three units under contract. Previous sales prices over the last 10 years range from $60,000 to $180,000 with an average sales price of $75,000 for those sold over the last 6 months. For a current listing of condos available in Bahama Bay, please call Broker Pam Keen at (850) 232-2200 or email her at

Condos for Rent at Bahama Bay Club Condos
There is nothing currently for rent at Bahama Bay, but with 112 condos here, rentals do pop on the market a few times a year. Rental rates range on average from approximately $850 to $1000 a month and include lawn maintenance, water, sewer, and trash. Pets are allowed with the individual property owners discretion and approval. To see if any units are available at Bahama Bay at any time, just email or call us at (850) 473 3983.

With its close proximity to Gulf Breeze A+ schools and beautiful, white sand Pensacola Beach, I don't see this complex losing popularity anytime soon. If you are looking to live in this unique community, make sure you don't let an opportunity slip past you!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Energy Efficient Hot Water Heaters w/ Gulf Power Rebates!

Hybrid Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters
Bringing you the latest technology (and rebates) to save you money.

Is your hot water heater causing your energy bill to rise?
Did you know: The second biggest energy gobbler (our air conditioner is #1) in our homes is our water heater!  Most of these heaters run on electricity (some of course are heated by gas) and use large amounts of energy. Many are extremely inefficient due to iron and other minerals that build up in the unit over time that ruin the ability of this device to properly heat our water. The aluminum elements corrode over time further adding to the problem. Most homeowners are not aware of this problem.
The good news is they have just developed a solution to this problem! After years of research, your local Lowes and other home improvement stores are now carrying hybrid heat pumps.  These devices will replace your current aging/inefficient electric water heater with no loss of hot water! The units are costly but the good news is they are @ 62% more efficient!  If you have an older water heater, this new hybrid model is something to strongly consider.
Energy Rebates from Gulf Power
Gulf Power Co. (see details on their website under Earth Cents) is currently offering a $700 rebate for a limited time on this outstanding energy efficient alternative! These 50 gallon units are suitable for most homes but must be in open air spaces such as washrooms or your garage. A heat pump is attached to the top of the tank does the heating and uses far less energy.

My experience with my new Hybrid Hot Water Heater
My brother in law Fred standing with Robby the Robot
Since my water heater was approximately 10 years old, I decided to purchase a GE hybrid from Lowes. When we removed the old unit (which appeared to be in good condition) we discovered it was in horrible shape and a real hazard. Water heaters can last for over 15 years depending on how they are maintained (I now understand they should be drained each year to eliminate sediment buildup).
When we cut the old hot water heater open, it was over ½ full of sediment/rust!! The elements inside were corroded and caked with minerals. I was really disgusted that my family had been using water from this unit! There is no way to know the interior condition of these devices unit they are removed and cut open. I am certain most homeowners aren’t aware of this issue that this condition can not only affect their pocket books each month but may not be healthy either.

I did a lot of research about the rebate and was careful to have the unit professionally installed. It may require some minor modifications to accommodate the size/shape of the new unit. I changed the flexible copper supply hoses and valve but it’s not always necessary. The new unit (I call it Robby the Robot) as the top of the unit is black and has a computer panel built in and sorta looks like a robot. 
After installing the new hybrid, I was very pleased that it provided hot water (seemed hotter than before) and the water felt “softer”.  The heat pump atop the unit does make a noise (similar to that from your refrigerator) as it comes on and off to heat the water but it’s certainly not an issue in the garage and actually blows cold air across the grill elements mounted in the top housing (free a/c)!
The bottom line is: my total cost (after the $700 rebate) was around $450. (the unit costs @ $1195.and there are 2-3 mfgs and models available) plus installation. It can be installed by the homeowner but you should be very proficient at electrical and plumbing work or call a professional to ensure it’s installed correctly and not damage this expensive unit.  A normal replacement electric water heater costs approximately $250-300. so in my mind it was well worth the investment!

I am very upbeat about this new technology and glad I made the switch! I actually purchased a 2nd unit and installed it in my sister’s home. The rebate won’t last long so I would encourage every homeowner to evaluate their unit and see if this hybrid is best for you!
For more energy saving tips, check out this thorough booklet offered by the US Dept. of Energy.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Kony 2012 Movement arrives in Pensacola~

Kony 2012 Supporters spread the word in Pensacola
Local supporters participated in the Kony 2012 Cover the Night Event

Have you seen the Youtube Video Kony 2012? You may have heard about his army of children on the news, read about it in the paper, or saw it on facebook. If you haven't heard about Joseph Kony and the Kony 2012 movement, I suggest watching the video! The video is about the leader of the modern day LRA violence and abuse of children in Africa.

April 20, 2012 was a significant date of Kony 2012 supporters as this was their "Cover the Night" event. Movement organizers invited the general public to serve their communities and spread the word that Joseph Kony should be stopped.

Kony 2012 Cover the Night event in Pensacola, FL ~

As all things important in Pensacola, Kony 2012 adorned the  Pensacola Graffiti Bridge on the morning of April 21, 2012- both sides- with tags like "Save the Children" and "Stop at Nothing".

I bet there was a banner, but it was really windy this weekend and must have fallen down. Flyers and stickers were deposited through the Pensacola area including the cities of Gulf Breeze and Navarre. The movements main goal is global awareness of the LRA.
Kony 2012 message on Gulf Breeze High School's overpass that stretches across Hwy 98 in Gulf Breeze proper~
For more information on the Kony 2012 movement, visit their website at

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Family Fun in Pensacola: Wildflife Sanctuary of NW FL

Family friendly event draws hundreds to Wildlife Sanctuary

Map of Wildlife Sanctuary of NW FL in Downtown Pensacola
The Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest Florida hosted their annual Baby Shower and Supply Drive on Saturday, April 21, 2012. The event was held on their property in Downtown Pensacola off Navy Blvd.
Hundreds attended the event despite the constant rain showers. The party lasted from noon to 3:30 pm and was open to the general public at no cost.

Dozens of volunteers assisted with family-friendly activities including:
Children pet turtles at 2012 Annual Baby Shower in Pensacola
- Animal demonstrations with hawks, vultures, and various owls
- Turtle petting zoo
- Pelican Feeding ($1 per tray of fish)
- Educational information
- Face Painting
- Live music
- Bald Eagle cam and name the eaglets contest

Volunteers also funded and manned a bake and plant sale and sold merchandise to raise money for the wildlife sanctuary.

Beautiful Owl at Wildlife Sanctuary in Pensacola~

Pelicans Feeding at Wildlife Sanctuary~

Families feeding pelicans at the Northwest Florida Wildlife Sanctuary ~

The Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest FL
The sanctuary provides care for injured or orphaned wildlife until they can be released safely back into the environment. There are over 100 animals at the sanctuary including some permanent residents. Animals include deer, fox, opossums, various birds including owls, hawks, vultures, bald eagles, fox, bobcats, rabbits, squirrels, ducks, pelicans, and herons to name a few.
The Sanctuary is open for visitors Wednesday through Saturday from noon to 3:30 pm. There is no charge for admission, but they do request a monetary donation or supply donation if possible. If you have never visited our local wildlife sanctuary, you definitely need to! It is a great experience for all ages.
Hawk at Wildlife Sanctuary

Upcoming Events at the Wildlife Sanctuary
June 15, 2012. Artists Gone Wild Art Auction
September 8, 2012. WILDfest 2012 Open House
December 1, 2012. Holiday Open House & Supply Drive

Supplies and Donations always needed
The Wildlife Sanctuary relies heavily on donations and is always in need of supplies including: paper towels, tissues, liquid laundry soap, bleach, daisy mats, first class stamps, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, suet cakes, peanuts/pecans, fresh or frozen small minnows, canned chicken, Purina puppy and kitten food, grapes, apples and sweet potatoes.

Ijured or Abandoned Animals in Pensacola
The center is available 7 days a week for drop off of injured or abandoned animals. Give them a call and check out these tips for transporting animals before going.
Please visit their website or call them at 850-433-9453 for more information.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rainy day fun: Gorgeous Rain clouds hang over Pensacola~

Weekend plans are slow due to rainy weather
This Earth Day weekend, Pensacola is offering a lot of outdoor activities.

 Unfortunately, many of them were rained out today. I did manage to get these photos of the sky right before the rain really came down. How gorgeous is the sky here?

East Pensacola Heights
View of sky off Scenic Hwy just before the rain today

pensacola florida scenic hwy
Pensacola Florida in East Pensacola off Scenic Hwy~

Equally as impressive is the weather radar from today for the Gulf Coast! Tell me... is it just me or does the rain on the radar shaped EXACTLY like the state of Florida?

Stay dry Pensacola and drive safe!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rental Homes & Apartments in Pensacola, FL area~

Available Rental Homes & Apartments in the Pensacola area
Rental inventory is down and homes are renting fast in Escambia, Santa Rosa & Okaloosa Counties!

Typically, our MLS has around 1,000 rental homes and apartments available this time of year but currently we are in the 700 range. With more renters and less homes available, renters are having a harder time with their home search.

The area that seems to be renting the fastest is the area near Hurlburt Field AFB including Navarre, Mary Esther and even Fort Walton Beach. 3 Bedroom 2 bath Homes in the Northeast Pensacola are also rare right now and renting very fast as well as the downtown Pensacola and East Hill areas. There are still plenty of 2 bedroom apartments so rents are staying lower for these compared to 3 bedroom homes and apartments.
Inventory changes daily and rents are still on the rise. Keep a look at our website at for the most up to date listing of Pensacola rental homes and apartments.
Here is a list of our current inventory of homes available for rent in Escambia & Santa Rosa Counties:

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Diamond Dash Scavenger Hunt takes over Downtown Pensacola~

The prize for winning the
scavenger hunt!
Pensacola's Elebashs Diamond Dash was a blast.
Over 1,000 people competed in a the diamond scavenger hunt yesterday.
And I was one of them! I had such a great time during Elebashs Diamond Dash, that I want to share my experience with you. Mark this on next year's list of things to do if you live in the Pensacola area.

The 2nd Annual Elebashas Diamond Dash was held yesterday, Saturday, April 14, 2012 in downtown Pensacola. The event began at Seville Quarter at 10am with registration and ended around 2pm at the Fish House with awards. Over 500 teams (over 1,0000 people) participated in this free event for the chance to win an $11,000 Simon G ring and nine other prizes.
Participants gather for game instructions at Seville Quarter~

 The dimaond dash was hosted Elebashs Jewelry, and a number of other downtown Pensacola sponsors including STYLE, Hopjacks, Play, Belle Ame, State Farm, and many more. Using SCVNGR technology and a cell phone, teams of two were guided to locations around downtown Pensacola to businesses and landmarks. Teams were asked to answer questions about something at the location. Some answers were straight forward, some were tricky and used math or roman numerals for answers.  There were a few rules with the main being that you had to walk or run.
Teams of two run through downtown Pensacola to businesses and landmarks
Teams accumulated points over a two hour time period, and the team with the most points won! The majority of the teams were couples, most married, although there were several groups of family and friends. My friend Megan and I competed together, and we had a blast. We scored 108 points with the winner at 144 points. We had a great time.

Here's a sample challenge that we had: "This challenge is at Hancock Bank- Corner of W. Garden St. & Baylen St. Go there, challenge will arrive soon. There's a stained glass timepiece up high. Take the # of red squares w/in white & add that to the number of 1's on the clock. Send it back!" They allowed each team three chances to answer the question correctly before moving on to the next challenge.
You have to be fast in order to complete enough challenges to win. We were pretty fast, but obviously not fast enough. Definitely wear sneakers and be ready for a challenging run.

Afterwards, the party continued at The Fish House on the deck with the results and prizes. We were exhausted by the time we made it to the Fish House as the scavenger hunt is pretty strenuous. They had some food and drinks for us too. The event raised over $2,000 for the Manna Food Pantry. Hopefully they do the event again next year, and if they do, you'd better grab a partner and sign up!

Party and results after The Diamond Dash and the Pensacola Fish House Deck Bar

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