Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cinco de Mayo 2012 and a 'Supermoon' in Pensacola

The Biggest Moon of the Year
Pensacola Beach and Downtown Pensacola filled with people looking up on Cindo de Mayo.

It's a busy weekend in Pensacola.
Here's just a few of the events everyone is raving about this weekend:
  • Cinco de Mayo parties at the beach and Downtown Pensacola
  • Pensacola State College and Univeristy of West Florida Graduations
  • Pensacola Crawfish Festival including 5K & 10K Run
  • Opening day at Palafox Market downtown
  • Alan Jackson concert in Pensacola and Snoop Dog Concert in Gulf Shores
  • Blue Wahoos games with fireworks and themed night
  • The release of The Avengers
And of course, the supermoon.
Last nights moon was reportedly the biggest it will appear all year. This is due to the moons current proximity to earth.  No matter where local residents were enjoying the weekend, everyone was definitely looking up at the moon. We took a few full moon shots of our own- enjoy!

Resident uses telescope to view Super Moon
The moon was seen largeset at moonrise on Saturday night and moonset on Sunday morning two hours before dawn. Plenty of spectaters were out observing the moon on the beach and in downtown Pensacola.

Pensacola Beach was illuminated by the reflection of the moon off the water and it was a beautiful sight. We took these pictures at the beach the night of the Super Moon~

homes for rent near beach
Photo of Pensacola Beach taken on night of Super Moon~

Pensacola Beach

With the full moon so bright, Pensacola Beach was slightly illuminated by the Super Moon~

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