Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pensacola Beach Ball gets facelift!

Pensacola Beach Ball ready for Summer
After months of renovations, Pensacola's iconic beach ball is back~

New paint job on Pensacola Beach Ball!

The renovations to the Pensacola Beach Ball located on Casino Beach are finally complete! Repairs began in early March 2012 and are completed as of this week.  Apparently, the job was supposed to be completed by Memorial Day weekend but the painters just missed the deadline. Maybe the out of town painters took one too many long lunches on the beach? We don't blame them.
Realty Masters has been watching and documenting the progress ~

March 19, 2012~ somethings happening
to the beach ball!
March 25, 2012~ Working fast!

April 23, 2012~ All white!
April 10, 2012~ All grey~

April 30, 2012~ right on schedule!
May 30, 2012~ All done!

The painters were reportedly from Alabama and were paid over $175,000 to complete the new paint job. The Beach Ball stands over 125 feet in the air, which sure makes it a difficult commodity to paint.

Painters stencil on Pensacola Beach on Beach Ball~

Painters stencil on the letters for Pensacola Beach~
The iconic Beach Ball has been a Pensacola landmark for many years. The Beach Ball was originally owned by Emerald Coast Utilities Authority (the local water company) and was used at one time to store water for Pensacola Beach. Since then, the Beach Ball was sold to the Santa Rosa Island Authority who currently owners and is in charge of maintaing the Beach Ball. Three large water storage tanks (think blue with dolphins on them) have since been added near the beach bridge. The Beach Ball is one of, if not the most, photographed icon on Pensacola Beach. It can be seen from both main beaches, including Casino Beach and Quietwater Beach.

View of Beach Ball on Casino Beach from Pensacola Gulf Fishing Pier

View of Quietwater Beach from the dock behind the shell~ Beachball can be seen from here too!  

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