Friday, June 29, 2012

Free Wi-Fi locater in Pensacola~

Looking for access to Free Wi-Fi in Pensacola?
We found all the wireless internet hotspots in town- and you can too through this cool app!

Screen shot of free JiWire application
for your cell phone!

We recently attended a technology conference and learned a few new things that we are excited about sharing with you.

One of the coolest we learned about is a smartphone application called JiWire.  Using GPS technology, this app can locate unsecured wireless internet connection closest to you. Download it from the app store for free.

By using the app, I was able to find 59 wi-fi hotspots near me in Pensacola. These locations include restaurants, hotels, and some local businesses. Some examples are Homewood Suites and Inn, Whataburger, the Drowsey Poet, Pensacola International Airport, Starbucks, McDonald's, Cordova Mall, Best Buy, and many more.

This is also a great app for traveling!

Remember, there could be security risks involved with using free wi-fi hotspots. Not that necessarily the company/business would be a threat, but it is possible for other tech-savvy internet users to gather information from your device when you are on an unsecured network. My advice is to store your personal information somewhere other than your hard drive.

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