Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pensacola's 12th Ave. Tree Tunnel~

Pensacola's beloved 12th Ave. Tree Tunnel
One of the most beautiful roads in Pensacola due to historic trees lining both sides of the road
Located in the North East Hill area of Pensacola, N 12th Ave. is a favorite road for many locals due to the collection of artsy shops, historic bunaglow homes, and the beautiful, mature oak trees that landscape the road.

There's a particular section of 12th Ave. that is a treasured landmark in Pensacola: The section of N 12th Ave. between Barcia Drive and Fairfield Drive. This section of road is landscaped heavily by gorgeous oak trees on both sides.

Through the years, tree limbs from both both sides of the road have grown towards each other, touching, and creating a unique tunnel effect that Pensacolians of all ages enjoy.

 Check it out yourself with the interactive map below.
And here are some of our favorite pictures of the 12th Ave. Tree Tunnel!

Rain or shine, sunny or cloudy, traveling through this tree tunnel is sure to put a smile on your face!

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  1. The meadow row of trees lined up, curling over each other is such a powerful pavement in a sense. I would love to live on that street.

    -Tony Salmeron


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