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360 Pensacola Beach Observation Wheel!

New attraction opens at Pensacola Beach
360 Observation Wheel offers unprecedented views of Pensacola Beach area

Update:  Before you read this article, please know that the Wheel has been moved as of July 1, 2013 to Atlanta, GA! Bye Wheel!

With much anticipation and controversy, the 360 Pensacola Beach Observation Wheel opened yesterday, July 3, 2012, for business at 4 Via Deluna Drive on Pensacola Beach near the main beach area.  It's an easy walk from Casino Beach or Quietwater Shell on Pensacola Beach.

While many are excited the Observation Wheel has come to Pensacola Beach, there has been some some controversy surrouding the Observation Wheel. The site of the now 360 Observation Wheel was once a parking lot between two shopping centers as seen below.

View behind Bamboo Willies
View Larger Map
One of the main complaints involved removing these valuable parking spaces to make room for the observation wheel. We already have a parking problem during summer on the beach, and this definitely takes away from available parking.

In addition, residents seemed concerned about the possibility of a tropical storm or hurricane destroying the wheel. From what I have heard (and seen from how fast it was constructed!) that the wheel can be disassembled and moved pretty fast. 
Observation Wheel Pensacola Beach, FL
View of Observation Wheel on Via Deluna Drive ~

View of 360 Pensacola Beach Observation Wheel from Pensacola Beach Gulf Fishing Pier
View of 360 Observation Wheel along Pensacola Beach
A few others think that it's an eyesore and/or wish it was in a different location. It is located very close to hotels and condos, and the lights at night are pretty bright.  The observation wheel, over 200 feet tall, can be seen from virtually everywhere on the beach and even from downtown Pensacola at night!

Regardless, the 360 Observation Wheel is here and offers unprecedented views of the Pensacola Beach area. From inside the Observation Wheel, on a clear day, you should be able to see as far as 17 miles.  See for yourself!

View from 360 Pensacola Beach Observation Wheel
View from inside gondola of 360 Pensacola Beach Observation Wheel~
View from 360 Pensacola Beach Observation Wheel
View of Pensacola Beach from top of new observation wheel in Pensacola Beach

We attended the grand opening to bring you this footage on this new addition to Penascola Beach's skyline.

Admission Costs:
  • $15 for adults.
  • $13.50 for military and seniors.
  • $5 for children; Children under 2 free.
  • VIP cart available for $50 includes champagne bucket, TV, and leather seats.
  • $20 for 5x7 professional photo framed along with the 360 Pensacola Beach photo 
The gondolas accommodate 2 to 6 adults, but you can ride as little as 2 in a party. I love that as it makes the experience more memorable as your able to enjoy a private, peaceful ride without "strangers" in your cart. Better yet, the gondolas are heated and cooled!

Hours of Operation
Currently noon to midnight.

My Experience at the Grand Opening
There were about100 people at the grand opening of the wheel, with the vast majority of them local residents. My experience on the 360 Pensacola Beach Observation Wheel was a good one.
The view from the observation wheel is similar to that of parasailing. It was gorgeous up there!

For more information on the 360 Observation Wheel on Pensacola Beach, visit their website or call them (850) 462-4360. Currently, hours of operations are noon to midnight every day.

Have you rode the wheel? What do you think about it?
See you in the air!
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