Wednesday, July 11, 2012

(Animal) Footprints in the Sand~!

Collection of Animal Footprints in sand along Pensacola Beach!
Wildlife is abundant and evident along our beautiful Gulf Coast!
Waves washing away footprints in the shore along Pensacola Beach, FL
Human footprints being washed away
by the waves along Pensacola Beach!
We often hear the term "footprints in the sand" on the Gulf Coast. You likely assume human footprints, or possibly imagine your own toes digging in our sugary white sand.
But remember- we share our beaches with another form of life- our local area wildlife!  And if you take a closer look at the sand on the beach, you will find evidence of their "footprints" in the sand just as ours are left behind!
The delicate top layer of sand on the beach is constantly changing and hugely affected by mother nature.  The wind, the waves, shells, and of course our wildlife leave their "footprints" on the beach and in the sand.
Enjoy this collection of photos we have of our very own beautiful Gulf Coast area beaches featuring footprints (so to speak) in the sand from several species of animals.
Great Blue Heron Tracks~

Blue Heron leaves footprints in the sand along shore line
This is one of my favorite animal tracks to find, due to the sheer size of the footprints from these beautiful creatures.  Look at the print on the right compared to my friend's foot!

I find these creatures feed in the early morning and late evening along the shores of many of our local beaches. They are a lot of fun to watch feed as they feed from the shoreline. They are mostly not bothered by people so you can get pretty close to these creatures.

Seagull & Other Bird Tracks
These are the most common animal footprints you will see on the beach! 
sea gull foot prints in the beach at Pensacola Beach, FL
Seagull foot prints in the shore along Pensacola Beach, FL~

Large group of seagull foot prints near some peanuts on the beach along Pensacola Beach~
Crab Tracks
Honestly I'm not sure what type of crab this is!
Crab tracks along Penascola Beach

Snake Tracks~  Ahhh!
Ahh! I found this fresh evidence of a snake at the Gulf Islands National Seashore in Gulf Breeze, FL. There were several clear "footprints" of this snake in the area between the shore and the Bluffs. This area is not traveled as much as others and is a protected area, so is home to many critters.
Snake tracks along the shore at Gulf Islands National Seashore in Gulf Breeze~

Birds of a feather flock together
In addition to leaving behind actual bird footprints, birds leave behind other evidence of their residency at Pensacola Beach.

Shells by the Sea Shore
Even Shells leave their imprints on the shoreline; evidence that they once made their home here. Shells, sand dollars, hermit cards, seaweed, jelly fish, even oysters make their way upon our shores and impact our shoreline.

The Wind & Waves
It's amazing the way the wind and waves can wipe the landscape of the beach clean.  Free of any foot prints, the wind carves it's imprint in the sand on Pensacola Beach just as any other~ I've always admired how beautifully the wind scults the sand.
Pensacola Beach, FL

Unidentified Animal Tracks!
I can't identify what animal left this behind. What do you think? A turtle or crab? This was taken on Pensacola Beach off Via Deluna Drive.

If you carefully observe, you will often see animal tracks from seagulls, herons, turtles, crabs and more. Look below, do you see both sets of animal tracks in the sand?
Two different sets of animal tracks in this photo!

Do you have any animal track photos from the Gulf Coast that you would like to share? Email me: or post it on our facebook!
See you at the beach!
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