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Pensacola Beach Blue Angels Air Show 2012~

Thousands crowd beach for Pensacola Beach Air Shows!
Pensacola Beach's busiest (and most fun!) weekend of the year~

The Pensacola Beach Air Show is the islands most popular event every year! Thousands of Pensacolians and vacationers alike pack the beaches every to watch the world famous US Navy Blue Angels fly over the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

Pensacola Beach is packed with Blue Angels fans!
Blue Angels performing over Gulf of Mexico ~ Pensacola Beach, July 13, 2012~

Despite severe weather, thousands were jammed on the beach for today's airshow since early this morning. After several delays, the US Navy Blue Angels flew around 3:30 pm this afternoon over Pensacola Beach. The civilian portion of the show, which features about a dozen other airplanes, was cancelled due to the weather.

Luckily, there were several opportunities to watch the Blue Angels in action during the Red, White and Blues week including several practice sessions over Pensacola Beach:
  • Wednesday morning at 8am the Blue Angels practice over Pensacola Beach
  • Thursday afternoon around 2pm the Blue Angels practice over Pensacola Beach
  • Friday at 12:30pm, full dress rehearsal with Blue Angels flying at 2pm
  • Saturday at 12:30pm, full Pensacola Beach Airshow with Blue Angels flying at 2pm

Up close and personal view of the Blue Angels!
For an up close and personal view, the least crowded times to view the Blue Angels are Wednesday & Thursday! The photo to the right was taken on Wednesday morning when only a few people were out.

This years dress rehearsal was the busiest ever reported with thousands of viewers enjoying the show. With beautiful weather in tact, the show was fantastic and impressive as always!

We attended the show to bring you this video footage of the dress rehearsal on Friday~

There are two main components to the airshow.
  • Civilian air acrobatics. There are over a dozen planes that take place in the civilian portion of the Pensacola Beach Air Show. It was reported that this year, the youngest air acrobat pilot ever flew in the show.  He's a mere 22 years old, and flew with some of the greatest air acrobatics out there!
  • Military portion of the show including "Fat Albert" and of course the Navy Blue Angels
 Here are some of our favorite photos from the 2012 Pensacola Beach Air Show Dress Rehearsal:

civilian air acrobatics fly over Gulf of Mexico during 2012 Pensacola Beach Air Show Dress Rehearsal

Plane flies over Casino Beach at Pensacola Beach, FL during the 2012 Pensacola Beach Air show~
Fat Albert's replacement flies over Pensacola Beach while Fat Albert is under routine maintenance!

Blue Angels are the highlight of the Pensacola Beach Airshow!
the famous Navy Blue Angels perform over Pensacola Beach July 13, 2012~

Blue Angels fly over Pensacola Beach every year during annual Red, White and Blues Week!
US Navy Blue Angels flying over Pensacola Beach during 2012 Air show Dress rehearsal
Do you love the Blue Angels as much as we do?
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