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Pensacola's Running of the Bulls 2012~

Running of the Bulls ~ Pensacola, FL 2012
Pensacola Roller Gurlz & Seville Quarter teamed up to host downtown Pensacola event.

I love finding new, exciting things happening around Pensacola. Recently, I discovered the Pensacola Roller Gurlz.  This all female roller derby team is based out of Pensacola and plays in bouts all over the Gulf Coast.

Running of the Bulls Pensacola, FL 2012

Celebration outside of Seville Quarter for Running of the Bulls
Saturday, July 21, 2012, the Pensacola Roller Gurlz hosted their annual Running of the Bulls event at Seville Quarter in Downtown Pensacola (130 E Government St., Pensacola, FL). The event took place at 9 am.

Over 100 roller derby players from the Gulf Coast Roller Derby Collective participated.  Dressed in red and black and armed with their skates and whiffle bats, roller derby girls chased participants down Government Street.
It was reported that approximately 500 Pensacola residents came out to support local female Roller Derby Teams.

Runners make it to the finish line !
This event is modeled after the New Orleans' Bull Run. While this is only the second bull run hosted in Pensacola, some of the Pensacola Roller Gurlz also participate in New Orleans event. The New Orleans event is much larger with around 5,000 participants. The Gulf Coast Roller Derby Collective hopes to grow Pensacola's event in the years to follow.

Here are some of our favorite photos from the 2012 Pensacola Running of the Bulls.
Runners participate in the 2012 Pensacola Running of the Bulls at Seville Quarter in Downtown Pensacola!

Pensacola area residents having fun at Seville Quarter-
Running of the Bulls Pensacola, FL 2012
Running of the bulls 2012 Pensacola FL
Pensacola Running of the Bulls 2012

 For more information about the Pensacola Roller Gurlz and upcoming roller derby bouts in the Pensacola area, visit their website. The Pensacola Roller Gurlz have bouts annually from February to November.

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  1. Have attended the Running of the Bulls in New Orleans since its start in 07. Enjoyed it again this year, but...has totally gotten out of hand. Estimated 15,000 attended, has gotten highly commercialized. Hope Pensacola can keep its low key charm and avoid trying to turn it into a Mardi Gras type event.


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