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Pensacola City Limits versus Escambia County~

Defining Pensacola City Limits~
Which jurisdiction does your home fall under?

The City limits in Pensacola encompasses the majority of Pensacola zip codes 32501, 32502, 32503, amd 32504.

 For a more detailed city limit search, visit the City of Pensacola's GIS map system. You can also determine if a home is determine the taxing authority by searching the property address in the Escambia County Property Appraisers website here.

There are two jurisdictions in Pensacola.
Each its own entity, these powers have the ability to tax as well as their own utility and police departments.

There are a few major, relevant differences between living in the Pensacola City limits taxing authority versus the Escambia County taxing authority.
  • Property Taxes! 
When you own a home in the City of Pensacola, you must pay taxes on an additional 4.2895 millages. If your home falls outside the City limits, you are only liable for county taxes (6.9755 millages plus school board 7.8210 mils)

For more information about property taxes in Escambia County, visit the Escambia County Tax Collecter.
  • City Sanitation & Gas. 
The City of Pensacola has its own company who controls gas and trash service inside the city limits. In the county limits, residents use ECUA (Emerald Coast Utilities Authority) for water, sewer, and trash. There is only one gas service provider in the area and it is the City of Pensacola.

To begin trash service in the City limits of Pensacola or gas service anywhere in Pensacola, call (850) 435-1800.  To begin water service anywhere in Pensacola, call ECUA at (850) 476-0480. If you need trash service
  • Different Police Jurisdictions
In the city limits, the Pensacola Police Department rule while in the county, Escambia County Sheriffs Office governs.
  • More parks!
The City of Pensacola definitely has, and maintains, more parks in the Pensacola area!

That's about it that I can think of!  Can you think of any other differences?
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  1. Is it not against the law to live in an RV in the city limits and be hooked up to the house sewer as well?

    1. Good question! There may be a city ordinance against that. I'm sure someone at the City of Pensacola could give you an accurate answer with more details. Call them at 850-435-1603 :)


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