Thursday, August 16, 2012

West Nile Virus found in Pensacola!

Confirmed Case of West Nile Virus~
Local area residents take extra precautions to guard families against mosquitos.

Yesterday, the Escambia County Health Department released a statement that there has been a confirmed case of West Nile Virus in the Pensacola area. The sometimes deadly virus results when a mosquito carrying the virus bites a human. The health department is warning all residents that there is an "imminent risk “of more people being infected in our area.

We've had an extremely hot, buggy summer in the Florida Panhandle and an increase in complaints from our residents concerning pest control. Experts attribute it to our mild winter. Typically, cold weather and freezes control the bug population. This winters mild temperatures allow for an increase in bugs of all types including flies, ants, fleas, ticks, and of course mosquitos. I guess it's not surprising that West Nile Virus has made its way to our area. The West Nile Virus presents

We spoke with Allen Little from Tombstone Pest Control (850) 232-6698 to bring you the 5 best ways to control mosquitos in the Pensacola area.

1. Keep grass and bushes around your home trimmed. Mosquitos like to hide in shady, cool places during the day. If your yard is higher than your neighbors, be assured mosquitos will live and breed there. Make sure to mow your grass biweekly and trim your shrubs monthly to drastically cut down on mosquitos in your yard.

2. Avoid being outside at dawn and dusk. Mosquitos typically feed and breed at these times.
Eliminating your exposure during these times can drastically reduce your chances of infection.
Abandoned fish pond that is now breeding mosquitos!

3. Eliminate any standing water. Mosquitos breed in these conditions. Water tends to collect in common outdoor items including flower pots, buckets, wheelbarrows and other lawn equipment, sandboxes, children’s toys, unused fish ponds, etc. Also, any items of trash that are left out can collect water and breed mosquitos. Having these items around your home will increase your chances of being bitten.

On a side note- lakes and properly maintained fish ponds do not breed mosqutios the way abandoned ponds do.  Fish and other oganisms help control mosquito populations.

Having a poorly maintained pool like this in your
subdivision will surely bring mosquitos!
4. Report abandoned pools at vacant houses or other areas of standing water. With the current economy, there are some abandoned and/or vacant homes that may have standing water. If you are aware of an abandoned pool or other possible hazard at a home nearby yours, make sure to report it to Code Enforcement. For Escambia County, call (850) 595-1820 and for Santa Rosa County, call (850) 981-7000. The County will send someone over to treat the pool for mosquitos!

5. Always use an insect repellent spray, such as Off! when outdoors. Apply to your skin and to your clothes. Of course, you can also wear protective gear such as long sleeved shirts and pants, but in this Florida heat, bug spray is the obvious choice. If you are worried about the bug spray smell, try our favorite smell, Off! Family Care Tropical Fresh Scent, which comes in a pump spray bottle.

Alarmingly, the West Nile Virus is currently responsible for a local state of emergency in Dallas, Texas as there have been 10 deaths and over 200 illnesses in Dallas this year. Let's make sure we do our part in keeping our city and state safe!
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  1. I pray to the Good Lord above those people infected get better, the ones passed away{ I'm very sorry , to think a stupid bug could do that to ainnocent person.} Now, my hubsband and I are scared and careful at the time . We live in the central part of Fl. I check up on the virus everyday and keep tabs on it. Our neighbor has a pool for her kids and always filled with water ! I don't want cause a argument or feud , Can I report quietly?

  2. I visited Pensacola for 6 years before a mosquito ever bit me- now the Mosquitos are awful! Did they cut the budget on this?


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