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6 Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin without carving!

Easy, Fun, and Cheap ideas to decorate your Pumpkins~
6 Ways to decorate a pumkpin without carving into it!

In trying to keep up with fads, this year we decided to decorate our pumpkins instead of carving them.

Painted Spiderweb pumpkin.
We scoured the Internet to bring you these unique, inexpensive and creative ways to decorate your holiday pumpkins. We found everything to decorate the pumpkins at the dollar store and walmart. Each decorated pumpkin cost between $2 and $4.
1. Painted Pumpkin- Use acrylic paint and a paint brush to decorate your pumpkin.You can use stencils, freehand, or use the natural lines of the pumpkin to easily create a fun spider web effect! 
Wire decorated pumpkin~
Paint your favorite sports teams, a monogram, or even your family pet- the possibilities with this technique are endless.

2. Wire Pumpkin- This contemporary look is rather easy to create. We purchased 2 packs of green floral wire and wire cutters from the local dollar store. The wire is fairly easy to shape.  Once you have the wire shaped, push it through the skin of the pumpkin.

Once again, you can use an endless variety of shapes and decorations with this idea! 

 Fake pumpkin decorated with thumb tacks.

3. Metallic Pumpkin- Insert thumb tacks (silver, gold, or colored) into a pumpkin to create this metallic effect. We used a $1 fake pumpkin and about 250 thumb tacks to create creative and interesting mini pumpkin for under $3.
Scary eyed pumpkin
4. Scary Eye Pumpkin- This look is very easy and doesn't take a lot of time, skill or effort. Using regular glue, we secured eyes of all sizes (found at the dollar store in a $1 bag) to the pumpkin.

You could also use this technique with rhinestones and glitter to create an ultra girly pumpkin. Or cover it in football and baseball stickers for a macho look. 
 5. The Candy Pumpkin- This seems to be the favorite among our employees and clients.

Candy pumpkin using a fake pumpkin!
We used a fake pumpkin here and half a bag of dum dum popsicles to create this refillable candy bowl for our clients.

We also saw some cute pumpkins where candy was adhered to the side of the pumpkin and where several different types of candy was used.

If you are creative enough, you can use any type of candy to create a cheap, edible pumpkin.
Kids of all ages can decorate this pumpkin!
6. Pumpkin Character- This look involves purchasing a kit. We got this witch kit from the dollar store; they also had Frankenstein, a ghost, and several other ideas. The peices come with pegs on the back to poke through either a fake or real pumpkin.

Enjoy your holiday decorating.
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