Thursday, October 4, 2012

Navarre Beach Sand Sculpting Festival

Master Sculptors meet in Navarre Beach~
National Championship held in Navarre Beach draws hundreds.

This past weekend, September 28th through September 30, 2012,  Navarre Beach hosted the 3rd Annual Navarre Beach Sand Sculpting Contest.

65 tons of sand was dumped onto Navarre Beach last Monday. Master sculptors worked together for days to complete the main entry sculpture which featured local attractions in Santa Rosa County  including the beautiful beaches, the Gulf Breeze Zoo, and Blackwater River as well as local sponsors.

2012 Sand Sculpture Contest along Navarre Beach
Sand Sculpture along Navarre Beach during annual contest~
World wide, there are 42 Master Sculptors for "soft pack" sculpting and we had 11 of them right here at Navarre Beach! "Soft Pack" sculpting is a little different due to the type and texture of the sand. The sugar fine sand on Navarre Beach doesn't "pack" so it is very difficult to get it to stay in place or to do tall sculptures. This is why the majority sculptures are all low to the ground and have a lot of curves to them.

3rd Annual Sand Sculpture Contest in Navarre Beach, FL~
Individual sculptors worked feverishly from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon, when the winner was crowned "National Soft Pack Sand Sculpting Champion!" Spectators voted with quarters on a point system to determine the People's Choice Award. Each quarter was worth 1 point and at the end of the competition. The monney collected from the votes was donated to our local United Way!
Despite some cloudy weather, the festival was successful, complete with fair style food and unique vendors, including one artist who made sculptures out of recycled tires.

After the competition was over, all 65 tons of sand was leveled back onto Navarre Beach. This is just one of the fun, family friendly events held at Navarre Beach annually.

Impressive "Jazz" Sand Sculpture at Navarre Beach
Impressive "Jazz" Sand Sculpture at Navarre Beach~
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