Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Seville Square in Downtown Pensacola!

Seville Square:  America's First Settlement?
Over 500 years ago, the Spanish settled in downtown Pensacola at Seville Square!
Bayfront Parkway in Downtown Pensacla
just blocks from Seville Square~
Seville Square is the center of the old settlement of Pensacola. This site is the first known attempt at settling the North American Continent!  The square was settled by the Spanish in 1559 and is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

Seville Square is located in downtown Pensacola two blocks from Pensacola Bay along Government Street, S Alcaniz Street, S Adams Street, and E Zarragossa Street.

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This historic site, brought back to life by the Pensacola Heritage Foundation is host to several popular Pensacola annual events, including the “Evenings in Old Seville Square” which hosted its final musical concert this past August.

Seville Square in Downtown Pensacola~
Gazebo at Seville Square along Government St. in Pensacola~
Other events held at Seville Park include:
  •  Pensacola Seafood Festival
  • The Pensacola Arts Festival
  • Art in the Park
  • A gathering spot for friends and families to watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July
  • Host to political and social rallies throughout the year
  • Several 5K Walks and Runs

Downtown Pensacola~ Cool things to see
Old Christ Church along Seville Square in Downtown Pensacola~
Surrounding Seville Square, you will find a very diverse and steadily growing historical downtown Pensacola.
On any given day, you can enjoy Seville Square in a number of ways!
  • Sit in the park and watch a beautiful sunset over the Pensacola Bay
  • Dine in one of the many restaurants along the perimeter such as Dharma Blue or Hub Stacey’s
  • Stop in to purchase some fine art from one of the local galleries
  • Admire Old Christ Church
    Seville Square in Downtown Pensacola
    Beautiful trees blanket Seville Square in Downtown Pensacola ~
  • Take family photos among the trees
  • Even enjoy a yoga class immersed in the beauty of the natural setting of Seville Square

  • Take a tour of downtown Pensacola's Historic Village!
This historic site is not only a local treasure, but also a National treasure to be enjoyed by all who live in the great city of Pensacola and those who visit our city in search of historical and cultural enrichment.

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