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House Fires & Protecting Your Family.

Renters Insurance: Protecting your Family
A recent house fire reminds us how important Renters Insurance really is!

Back door shown after fire at Milton home on Hamilton Bridge

In the last month, two of our clients have been devastated by house fires in the Pensacola area. Luckily, this is not something we encounter often, but when it does, it is a serious and dangerous matter. 
The photos shown here are of a Milton home owned by one of our agents, Bob Supinger.  This home, located on Hamilton Bridge Rd., erupted in flames last week.  While the cause for the fire is still being investigated, the fire department suspects the fire originated in the attic. The fire started in the middle of the night, and within minutes, the home was ablaze.
Remains of Kitchen after house fire at Milton Home on Hamilton Bridge Rd.~

Because of this experience, Bob spoke with the local fire department to get more information on the cause of fires as well as tips to prevent house fires.  According to the Santa Rosa County Fire Department, fires in the Escambia & Santa Rosa County area are on the rise.

Common local causes for household fires include:
  • Lint in dryer
  • Grease fires on stove
  • Christmas lights and other decorations
Make sure to pay close attention to these items and never leave a stove unattended while cooking. In addition, test your smoke detectors at the beginning of every month when you make your rental payment. When protecting your family, consider not only the possibility of loss of life and personal injury, but also the potential loss of all your possessions.

Consider these questions:
  • What if your entire home erupted in flames or flooded?
  • Do you have an escape plan to keep your family safe? 
  • Do you have the proper renters or homeowners insurance to protect your financial position?
  • Do you have the proper documentation to prove your losses?
  • Where do you store your important documents?
  • Do you have working smoke detectors or a fire extinguisher?
Laundry area of burnt house in Milton~
While we do not require renters insurance, we strongly suggest that every resident secures insurance.Your landlord is not responsible for your personal contents. For as little as $25 per month, your family can secure renters insurance to protect you in case of a life changing event such as this one. Luckily, this family had renters insurance.

Your current insurance agent can offer you options for renters or homeowners insurance.  In addition, we have two local contacts you can get free insurance quotes from!
  • Matt Salvator Insurance Agency with offices in Gulf Breeze/ Navarre
On the Web:
Matt Salvator (850) 932-3459

Remember to figure the cost of your renters insurance into your monthly payments. If you are unsure of how much coverage to secure, take an inventory of your personal possessions. Type out a list and document with photos, serial numbers, and video if possible. These items should be stored in a different location or in a fireproof, waterproof safe. Once you take inventory of each of your items, provide that list to your insurance agent to come up with a fair amount of coverage. While the amount of coverage varies between families, I would suggest no lower than $25,000 in case of emergency.

Renters insurance in Pensacola area
Milton home devastated after a house fire in January 2013! Get renters insurance!
house fire in Milton
More damage to Milton home from 2013 January House Fire!
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