Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mathews Heating & Air in Pensacola, FL~

Mathews Heating & Air in Pensacola, FL
Dependable Heating & Air Services in Northwest Florida

If you are in need of a trustworthy, affordable heating and air contractor in Northwest Florida, you should definitely call Mathews Heating & Air! 

This family owned business has been serving Escambia & Santa Rosa Counties since 1996 and is one of Realty Masters' top vendors in the area. Mathews Heating & Air services the cities of Pensacola, Pace, Milton, Jay, Cantonment, Perdido Key, Gulf Breeze, and Navarre.

Mathews Heating & Air provides a number of services by qualified professionals:
  • Repair Heating & Air Systems
  • Installation of new Heating and Air Systems
  • Repair & Replace Duct Work
  • Gulf Power Energy Efficiency Certified Tester
Mathews Heating & Air in Pensacola, FL~
Truly qualified Professionals.
Mathews Heating & Air is fully licensed and insured with proper workers compensation. They service residential and commercial properties.

Are you in need of an air conditioner or heater repair? Do you want your system tested for energy efficiency? Give our friend Phil Mathews, owner of Mathews Heating and Air, a call at (850) 995-8678 or email him at

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Selecting a trustworthy mover is the first step in avoiding moving day headaches

Americans are on the move!

The United States Census Bureau estimates that 12.5 percent of Americans - nearly 40 million people - changed residences each of the past two years. While many turned to moving professionals for assistance, some learned the hard way that not all moving companies are created equally. In fact, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) received nearly 3,000 complaints about moving companies last year alone - a double-digit increase from the prior year.

Some good news arrived in October in the form of a new law that provides additional protection for victims of rogue moving companies that hold belongings hostage in the interest of scamming consumers to pay unexpected fees. The new law gives FMCSA the authority to force the return of consumer belongings in addition to the ability to levy fines of up to $10,000 per day.

Unfortunately, our industry has been plagued by moving 'companies' that advertise unbelievable 'deals' that turn out to be consumer scams, says Jon Sorber, executive vice president of Two Men And A Truck, the nation's largest franchise moving company. The new regulations are a welcome change for those of us committed to operating legitimate moving companies, but they are just a start. Education is really the key to making sure consumers avoid the hassle of a moving scam in the first place.

Sorber suggests consumers ask the following questions before hiring a mover:

1. Can your family, friends and co-workers make a referral? It's likely that you know several people who've hired a moving company in the past year. Why not tap the resources of people you trust to share their experiences?

2. Does your mover have a brick and mortar facility you can visit? Often the "rogue" mover operates from a storage unit or perhaps with no office at all. If you are dealing with a legitimate moving company, they will have an office with trucks, employees, boxes, supplies, etc.

3. Is your mover licensed in your state? The majority of states require a formal license to operate as a mover, and selecting a licensed, insured mover is your best bet in guaranteeing a hassle-free experience.

4. What community or industry associations does the moving company have? Is your mover in good standing with the Better Business Bureau? Are they active members of the local Chamber of Commerce? Choose a mover who is valued and trusted within your community and you'll likely eliminate any concern of questionable practices.

5. Does your mover offer free moving quotes? A legitimate mover is going to provide free estimates of your move before a single item is moved. If they refuse to do so, keep shopping regardless of how good the deal sounds.

Paul Oakley is senior vice president for Government Affairs at the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), the moving industry's largest trade association. He and his team began working with Congress to develop the new regulatory provisions. Like Sorber, he believes the new laws provide some measure of safety, but cautions that more work must be done to eliminate dishonest moving practices.

The laws going into effect directly impact policing of the industry, says Oakley, but ultimately we must have safeguards that make entry into the industry more difficult, tougher enforcement against bad actors, and a greater effort needs to be made to educate consumers on how to choose a proper moving company.

Two Men And A Truck offers more questions consumers should ask before hiring a mover at

Consumers might also consider AMSA's Before You Move checklist at

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Escambia & Santa Rosa County Utilities Explained.

Pensacola Area Utility Companies
Moving in or to Pensacola? This Utility Company list will help you.

Are you renting or buying a home and in need of Pensacola area utility information? Milton, Pace, Gulf Breeze, Navarre, Perdido Key, Cantonment, and Pensacola we have the utility companies listed below for your convenience!

Electricity:  Gulf Power Company is the only electricity company in Escambia, Santa Rosa & Okaloosa Counties.

To start service, you have a few options:

1) Call them at (850) 969-3111
3) Visit them at
      -418 W. Garden Street in Downtown,  Pensacola, Florida
      -5120 Dogwood Drive in Milton, Florida
      -140 Hollywood Blvd in Fort Walton, Florida
3) Create an account online and establish service.

Remember, they are not open on the weekends, and it is best to request service atleast one day prior to your move in date. A credit check is required  at the time of service, and a deposit may be applicable based on your score.

Most of your questions about establishing electricity are answered here on Gulf Power's Website. You can also report a power outage by calling 800-487-6937 or by completing this form on their website.

Pensacola, Perdido Key & Cantonment , Florida Utility Companies
  • Natural Gas @ City of Pensacola 850-435-1800
  • Trash @ City of Pensacola 850-435-1800 (City of Pensacola limits only)
Water Service is essential ~
Water Service
  • @ ECUA 850-476-0480
  • @People's Water (select West Pensacola homes only) (850) 455-8552                 
Cable Service @ Cox Communications 850-478-0200
Cable Service @ AT&T 1-855-637-9526
Gulf Breeze, Florida Utility Comapnies   
Natural Gas @ City of Gulf Breeze 850-934-5110
Water Service
  • City of Gulf Breeze 850-934-5110
  • Some locations- Sewer @ Holley Navarre Water  850-939-2427
  • Some locations- Sewer @ City of Gulf Breeze 850-934-5110
Cable Service @ Mediacom 850-934-2557

Navarre, Florida Utility Information        
Water/Sewer @ Holley Navarre Water 850-939-2427
Cable Service @ Mediacom 850-934-2557

Pace, Florida Utility Information             
Water/ Sewer @ Pace Water- 850 623-4545
Cable Service @ Mediacom 850-934-2557

Milton, Florida Utility Information           
Water/ Sewer
  • @ City of Milton 850-983-5400
  • Water/ Sewer/ Trash @ Point Baker 850-623-4545
  • Water/ Sewer /Trash @ Bagdad/Garcon 850-623-5808
*Milton has several water companies- ask us and we can direct you to the right one*

Gas Service @ City of Milton 850-983-5400
Cable Service @ Mediacom 850-934-2557

Fort Walton Beach-     
Power Service @ Gulf Power 850-689-4600
Water/ Sewer @
  • Fort Walton Beach 850-833-9500
  • @ Crestview 850-682-1258
Trash Service @ Crestview 850-689-8600
Gas Service @ Okaloosa Gas 850-682-3017
Cable Service @ Cox in FWB 850-796-1269
Cable Service @ Cox in Crestview 850-682-5131
Have any questions about Escambia & Santa Rosa County Utility Companies? Email me and I'll be happy to help! Looking for a nice home to rent? Visit our website at

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pensacola Beach #3 among America's Top 25 Beaches!

Pensacola Beach recognized by Trip Advisor

Best Beaches in The United States- Pensacola Beach!
Beautiful Beaches at Pensacola Beach
in Northwest Florida!
Gulf Islands National Seashore on Pensacola Beach ranks #3 among top 25 Beaches in the United States!

Once again, our gorgeous Pensacola Beach wins national recognition as being among the Top Beaches in the United States.
Thanks Trip Advisor for ranking:
  • Pensacola Beach's Gulf Islands National Seashore as #3 among America's Best Beaches 
  • Pensacola Beach ranked overall as #18 Top Beach in the World
  • Pensacola Beach ranked the #22 Top Beach in America. 
Fort Pickens area at Gulf Islands National Seashore
Gulf Islands National Seashore ~ Fort Pickens area~ Voted #3 Top Beaches in America! We are so proud.

Gulf Islands National Seashore is actually a 150 mile waterfront stretch from Mississippi to Pensacola Beach/ Navarre Beach. It encompasses several popular areas including Fort Pickens on Pensacola Beach and the Naval Live Oaks area in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

Sunrise at Pensacola Beach!
Trip Advisor suggests the best time to visit our beautiful Pensacola Beaches is between March and May when the weather is mild and warm (but not too warm!).

Wow, we are so lucky to live in such a breahtakingly gorgeous place!
Pensacola Beach is truly our own slice of paradise and we must remember to be grateful for that every day.

Check out this awesome collection of Pensacola Beach & Gulf Islands National Seashore photos here on Realty Masters' Google+ page and make sure to join our Google+ Fort Pickens Community Page!

See you guys on the beach!
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Affordable decorating tips to take your home from ho-hum to high style

Feeling uninspired in your space?

Updating the decor in your home is an easy way to add more color, style and personality to rejuvenate your residence. Whether you're making a few updates, like new artwork or wall colors, or renovating an entire room with a completely new look, decorating should be fun, not stressful. With a few simple tips, you can up the design ante in your home without breaking the bank.
Create different patterns on your walls with
textured rollers to achieve an artistic design.
Decorative painting for design
Painting can consist of much more than simple strokes of one color. Take things to the next level with decorative painting. Create different patterns on your walls with textured rollers to achieve an artistic design. Sponge and fabric paint rollers provide unique patterns to give your walls a one-of-a-kind look. Low in price and high in design, using textured rollers is a great option for redecorating on a budget.

Painting stripes in your room is a refreshing way to update your current color scheme. A sequence of wide and narrow stripes in complementing colors is a stylish option. To achieve crisp, clean lines between each stripe, painter's tape will get the job done. It will also help to prevent paint
bleed, leaving precise lines and keeping the transition between your colors looking sharp.
A plethora of plates
Artwork is a great way to change things up and give any room a boost. Expensive traditional framed pieces of artwork aren't your only option anymore. Instead, create an eclectic art piece with plates you already own, or find them at garage sales and antique stores. Opt for various sizes and shapes and attach each one to your wall with plate hooks. You can cover an entire wall, or focus on a smaller area - but before you get started, be sure to lay out your design on the floor first. This way, you'll achieve your desired look, without extra nail holes on the wall from hanging as you go.
Perk-up hallways with runners; rooms with rugs
While re-energizing your home, the hallways may seem a little drab. Add a pick-me-up to your walkway by hanging portraits with funky frames along the walls. Add a runner along the length of the floor for a touch of pizzazz. Runners come in a multitude of lengths, patterns and colors - not to mention price ranges. Updating the flooring will keep your feet cozy and help to diminish the sound of footsteps during the night.
If you have a space you want to update, but a full room makeover isn't in your budget, consider an area rug to spruce things up. If the color in your room is dull, the rug can add visual interest and a pop of color, serving as an aesthetically pleasing addition. Area rugs also help to break up the space of a larger room and can add grandeur to a small space. A new rug will also protect your pre-existing carpet, vinyl and hardwood floors, keeping them looking newer, longer.
Opt for accents as design elements
No home redecorating project is complete without a few perfectly placed accents. These interesting items stand out from your primary colors and furniture pieces, offering a fresh look to any space. Accent pieces - like chairs, frames or vases - will spice up a monotonous color scheme, while harmonizing with everything else you may already have in a room. Consider a bright beanbag chair for your child's bedroom, a bold lawn chair on your patio to enthrall while entertaining or a lamp base in a complementary color on your console. Keep in mind accents are meant to speak for themselves; so there's no need to have another elaborate piece in the room to pair with an accent piece. Just one affordable piece is all it takes.
When the redecorating bug bites, embrace the opportunity to freshen up your home inexpensively. With a pinch of creativity and a dash of design inspiration, you can easily make over any space into one that's perfect for you.

Article Courtesy of BPT

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Harlem Shake Video Craze Hits Pensacola!

Harlem Shake Video Craze Hits Pensacola
Realty Masters produces their own Harlem Shake Video.

It all started on Friday morning, when one of our agents, Keven Ard, comes in with this ridiculous set of videos showcasing the newest video craze to go viral:  The Harlem Shake.

Within an hour, a few of the Realty Masters Staff had their own Harlem Shake Video in production. Luckily, our commander in chief, Pam Keen Brantley, is out of town so we were able to have a little fun with this:

Here's a few of our favorite Harlem Shake Videos that got us inspired to get you laughing some more!

Happy Sunday!

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pensacola's Coolest Art Party~

10th Annual Art Party X Coming Soon in Pensacola~
Mark your Calendars, Pensacola, for this one-of-a-kind Art Party.

Have you seen this video going around Facebook advertising an upcoming Art Party X to be held March 9, 2013 in Pensacola?

I saw the Art Party X video recently and was so drawn to it I felt compelled to share it with you guys! I haven't seen anything resembling this type of art movement in the Pensacola area which makes this event even more mysterious and elusive. 

Mark your calendars, as the Art Party X is an event you will regret missing. Local Pensacola photographer, Jef Bond, hosts an annual art party filled with music, dancing, food, and a wide variety of passionate art!

Enjoy a surreal experience when you enter this party with avant-garde costumes and unique pieces of art. Dress up in your best Halloween/artistic/fashionable type outfit. Join a crowd that has pushed aside societal norms to make way for art lovers of all backgrounds to enjoy less known artists works.

Check out this video:

Even if you aren't a serious art buyer or partier, I doubt there's a better people watching opportunity than this one in Northwest Florida. Couple this event with the McGuires 5K Prediction Run- held that morning, Saturday, March 9, 2013- for a day you can't forget.

 For more information or to buy tickets, visit the Art Party website here or Like them on Facebook.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pensacola Average Temperatures Infographic~

Pensacola Average Weather Temperatures
Every winter, we are thankful to be living in Pensacola!

Average temperatures in Pensacola, Florida
Average temperatures in Pensacola, Florida
A massive blizzard has taken over the Northern USA, and I am planning a sunrise on Pensacola Beach this weekend! 

Snowbirds from all over the Northern USA & Canada choose to visit Pensacola Beach during the harsh winter months of January, February, and March. 

We are so blessed to have a sub-tropical climate that provides year round enjoyment of the outdoors!

Here's a quick infographic that shows the Pensacola area average tempatures.

We are happy to enjoy the end of winter and look forward to Spring!

Thanks and have a great day,
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Daylighting Your Home!

If your home will be on the market soon, you're probably looking for every possible edge that will make it stand out to potential buyers. But even if you're staying put, you still want to make your home as attractive and valuable as your budget will allow.

"Daylighting" improvements that boost your home's brightness and energy efficiency offer substantial return on investment for both home sellers and those who will be staying in their homes for the foreseeable future.

Bringing the daylighting concept home

Industrial and office designers have long used daylighting - the concept of illuminating interior spaces with natural light from above - to improve energy efficiency, healthfulness and functionality of rooms. The slower housing market and sluggish economy have raised homeowner interest in the concept.

"Daylighting improvements not only elevate a home's visual appeal for potential buyers, they can enhance homeowners' enjoyment of their living space, and reduce energy costs," says Ross Vandermark, product manager with an international skylight manufacturer.

Homeowners who want to apply the principles of daylighting to their home have many options: They can add windows or roof windows or install any number of types of traditional skylights or Sun Tunnel tubular skylights.

The easiest daylighting upgrade
While adding a window in the wall of your home may raise practical and design issues, adding a roof window or skylight can be much easier. Roofs are, for the most part, a blank slate, allowing you to install skylights wherever they are needed most. And daylighting from above doesn't just add functionality; it offers room-changing drama and decorating flair.

Roof windows are hinged, venting units designed to be installed in easily accessible areas, such as the angled walls in attic bonus rooms, and are operated by hand. A double-sash roof window is available that opens from both bottom and top to form a balcony on your roof. These units are often used in place of, or to replace, dormers.

Skylights are usually positioned higher on the ceiling, out of reach. Venting models can be opened or closed manually with a control rod or by remote control.

Skylights are popular with daylighting designers for several reasons. First, they easily fulfill the primary goal of daylighting by admitting more natural light into a room than similar sized vertical windows - thereby reducing the need for energy to power artificial lights. But they also work to enhance the healthfulness of a home.

If you opt to install a manual or electric venting skylight, it can be a natural, low-energy way to vent humidity, fumes and stale air from your home. Electric venting models open and close by remote control and have rain sensors to close them automatically.

Energy efficiency, high-tech and decorating in one package

Another important similarity among windows, roof windows and skylights is in the glazing, or how the glass is manufactured. Since the units are mounted facing directly at the sun, skylight glazing technology has to be among the best in the industry. Qualified units feature double-pane, gas-filled construction to control heat gain or loss, and filter the sun's fade-causing rays.

Independent research done in Denmark shows that skylights admit 30 percent more light than vertical windows in dormers, and provide the drama of a sky view that can't be achieved with vertical windows.

In addition to high-tech features such as remote control and automatic rain sensors, skylight blinds are available in a varied palette of colors and patterns. Homeowners can utilize blinds as another decorating option while achieving as much as a 37 percent increase in energy efficiency, according to Vandermark.

He recommends closing the blinds on high heat/sun days in the summer to reduce potential solar heat gain and, on cold winter nights, to provide an extra layer of thermal insulation to keep warm air indoors.

Skylights also address important health considerations. One in five Americans suffers varying degrees of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a condition in which the symptoms can include depression and fatigue due to lack of sufficient daylight. Skylights can help by admitting abundant daylight while visually expanding rooms in any style or size home.

Modern, low-profile skylights are unobtrusive and as dependable as vertical windows. Information about units with a 10-year, no-leak installation warranty, plus an installer locator, is available at There's also a free mobile phone app available to help homeowners see how skylights and blinds would look in rooms in their own homes.andnbsp;

For government information on window and skylight energy efficiency, visit, and for independent agency information, visit or For remodeling information visit or

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ascend Performance Children's Park in North Pensacola!

Ascend Children's Park & Wildlife Preserve
North Pensacola/ Cantonment area park a favorite among locals!

Childrens Playground in North Pensacola/ Cantonment area near UWF
Welcome to Ascend Park & Wildlife Refuge in Cantonment, Florida
located at 3000 Chemstrand Rd., Cantonment, FL
We are lucky to have several public, well-kept children's parks and playgrounds in the Pensacola area. Welcome to our favorite park in the North Pensacola/ Cantonment area: The Play Park at Ascend Wildlife Refuge!

Located at the entrance to Ascend Performance Materials, one of the areas largest employers, find this park by typing 3000 Chemstrand Rd. into your GPS, or go North on Chemstrand from 9 Mile until it dead ends. The park will be on your left!

The Childrens' Park is part of the 1,300 acre Ascend Wildlife Preserve & Sanctuary and borders a lake. With plenty of grassy areas and picnic tables, Ascend Park & Wildlife Preserve is the perfect location to host a birthday party, a game of frisbee, or an afternoon picnic.
Lots of fun to be had at Ascend Children's Playground in North Pensacola off Chemstrand Rd.

Enjoy slides, swings, a rock climbing wall, musical pipes, wooden tunnel, a stage and more! 

Area for older children at Ascend Playground in North Pensacola off Chemstrand Rd.Area for older children at Ascend Playground in North Pensacola off Chemstrand Rd.
Area for older children at Ascend Playground in North Pensacola off Chemstrand Rd.
View from Tot Lot into older children's playground area at Ascend Park in Cantonment, FL

If you would like to reserve the Ascend Park, reach out to Escambia County Parks and Recreation Department for further assistance. You can contact them at (850) 912-4109 or visit 

Love this park but looking for a park in another area of town? Check out our Favorite Parks of Pensacola blogs here:
For a complete listing of Pensacola parks, visit Play Pensacola's website here

Tot Lot at North Pensacola's Ascend Wildlife Preserve & Park
See you at the park!
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Essential tips for keeping your canine's coat healthy

Essential%20tips%20for%20keeping%20your%20canine%27s%20skin%20and%20coat%20healthyIf you love your dog like a true member of your family, you want to give him the absolute best.

So when your furry friend seems to have a lackluster coat and flaky, itchy skin, you're bound to feel concerned.

It's time to take a proactive approach so your dog can be healthy - both inside and out - for many years to come.
"Skin and coat issues are some of the most common problems that pet parents face," says pet expert Tracie Hotchner, host of award winning NPR radio show DOG TALK (and Kitties, Too!), and author of The Dog Bible: Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know. "These issues are also frequently an indicator of your pet's overall health. The best approach is a proactive one where you establish a care routine that both you and your dog enjoy."
To keep your pet's coat and skin dog-show perfect, follow these simple tips:

1. Brush regularly with the right brush
While pet parents have the best intentions, many of them do not brush their dog as often as they should. Hotchner says that most dogs need to be brushed two to three times a week with the right tools to promote healthy shedding and follicle stimulation for future fur growth. There are a variety of brush styles appropriate for medium or long-haired dogs, but if you have a short haired one, that doesn't mean you get to bypass brushing responsibilities. For short haired breeds, use a curry comb made from rubber - each nub will help deeply massage skin while grabbing loose fur. Avoid curry combs made of plastic as they will scratch your dog's skin and can cause severe irritation.andnbsp;

2. Say yes to supplements
Sure you already give your dog high-quality, meat-based foods that offer good nutritional value, but did you know that even the best natural or raw foods are still lacking in some essential nutrients? Dog foods typically have low levels of omega-3 essential fatty acids which are considered essential because they are required for optimal health but cannot be produced by the human or canine body, and therefore, must be consumed through diet or supplementation. Why should you be concerned? Omega-3s reside in the cell membranes, where they impact many biological processes in your pet's body. Without adequate intake of these essential fats, cells may not function properly, and overall health is compromised.
"Supplementing with a high quality omega-3 fish oil supplement will help your pet maintain healthy skin and coat, as well as a healthy heart and joints. I recommend Nordic Naturals Pet Collection, which includes a variety of fish oil supplements that have been specifically formulated for both dogs and cats."

3. Bathe the correct way
Bathing your dog might seem like a simple task, but there is a right and wrong way to do it. Hotchner says to always use shampoo especially formulated for canines. Human shampoo does not have the right pH balance and can make skin problems worse. Work up a rich lather and rinse thoroughly. Next, consider massaging a conditioner over your pet's coat that contains ingredients like vitamin E, chamomile, oat protein or sunflower oils. After allowing to sit for a couple minutes rinse thoroughly again. Your dog's coat will be clean and shiny, and he'll smell wonderful. Do this once a week - more if your dog gets dirty, less if directed by your vet.andnbsp;

4. Keep pet pals hydrated
Hydration is imperative for healthy skin and a gleaming coat. Providing water may seem like a given, but in reality dogs can become dehydrated very quickly, especially during the warm weather months. Make sure Fido's dish is always full of water so he can drink when needed. Hotchner adds, "Whether you're driving across town or across the country, when you travel, always pack a jug of water and a small container to pour water in for your pet during rest stops. You never want to assume your destination will have a water source. If you have space, a small cooler filled with ice can be a tasty, hydrating treat for your puppy too."

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Winter on Pensacola Beach!

Beautiful white sand beaches and shells on Pensacola Beach, Florida
Shells scatter Pensacola Beach~
Still waiting on Winter!
We are blessed with mild temperatures & sunny days along the Gulf Coast.

It's February and we are still waiting for the Pensacola area's first official freeze! 

We aren't scraping ice off our windows, shoveling the driveway, or bundling up in front of the fire with long johns and a fleece blanket.

Pensacolians are spending the weekends riding bikes on Pensacola Beach, hiking at Fort Pickens, and kayaking in Pensacola Bay. In fact, last weekend, there were some brave souls on Pensacola Beach in bathing suits!

With highs in the 70's, we consider ourselves lucky to live in such a gorgeous place with year round moderate temperatures and abundant sunshine!

So to all you Northerners, here's a few recent pictures of Pensacola Beach to keep you warm!

Navarre Beach, Florida- Best beaches in Florida!
Beautiful day at Navarre Beach, Florida~

Beautiful Winter Sunrise at Pensacola Beach~

See you at Pensacola Beach!
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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Painting with a Twist in Pensacola!

Painting with a Twist~ Pensacola
A fun afternoon Painting Pensacola Icons!

After hearing our clients talk for months about how much fun they were having at Pensacola's Painting with a Twist, a few of the Realty Masters staff decided to give it a try.

Realty Masters at Painting with a Twist
Nicole & Christine Painting with a Twist
Pam Keen Brantley, broker of Realty Masters, along with her two daughters, Nicole & Christine, recently spent an evening painting (with a twist) the iconic 12th Ave. Tree Tunnel. 

If you've never heard of Painting with a Twist, you might ask what the twist is?!

The twist is Wine! Painting with a Twist offers a unique proposition that isn't offered anywhere else in the Pensacola area. Bring your own booze and enjoy a step-by-step lesson from talented local artists to create a seamlessly beautiful painting with minimal effort. Enjoy a girls night out, bring your family, or book a romantic couple's session. The possibilities for fun are endless.

Painting with a Twist 12th Ave. Tree Tunnel
Pam, Christine, & Nicole's Paintings with a Twist!
The cost for Painting with a Twist is $35 for a 2 hour session and $45 for a three hour session. All paints and a nice canvas are included in the cost of the session.

Due to the amount of alcohol consumed at these events, you must be 17 or older to participate in an evening class. Painting with a Twist does offers occasional daytime classes for children aged 10+ so check their schedule for the next family friendly opportunity!

We had such a blast painting with the help of Marcy & Jessa at the Bayou Blvd. location here in Pensacola that we are already scoping out the painting calender with the intentions of planning our next visit. Even with a complex painting like the 12th Ave. Tree Tunnel, we were able to reconstruct a decent painting to hang on our walls.

Painting with a Twist in Pensacola
Iconic Pensacola Area Sites offered at Painting with a Twist on Bayou Blvd. in Pensacola!
We counted over 100 different paintings lining the walls at Painting with a Twist, including:

  • Iconic Pensacola Landmarks including the Beach Ball, Beach, Graffiti Bridge, Pensacola Beach Cross & more
  • Flowers
  • Landscapes
  • Pet Portraits
  • Sea Creatures
  • Couples Paintings
  • Sports Teams
With so many paintings to choose from, the hardest part about Painting with a Twist is picking the session you want to attend first!
For more information and to view the full painting schedule for the Pensacola Painting with a Twist, visit their website here.

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