Monday, March 25, 2013

Top 5 Pensacola area Pests this Spring!

Spring Brings more than Sunshine!
Pollen, Poison Ivy, Pests, and Peeling skin follow the arrival of Spring 2013.

With temperatures in the 70's over the weekend, many Pensacola residents spent the weekend outdoors soaking up the Spring Sun!  Thousands of Pensacola area residents and Spring Breakers packed Pensacola area beaches, parks, and even their own yards to enjoy the beautiful Gulf Coast weather.

With the return of beautiful sunny days and warm weather, we are reminded to be on alert for some of the pests that come along with the perks of spring! 
Poison Ivy in Pensacola, FL Yard
Poison Ivy found in Pensacola Yard~ 

Here's a list of the Top 5 Pensacola area Pests to be on the lookout for this Spring:

1. Pollen!  The Pensacola pollen forecast has been high since the beginning of Spring. If you are susceptible to allergies caused by pollen, make sure to monitor the pollen forecast for Pensacola (do this here at Weather Underground) and make sure to take your allergy medication.

2.  Poison Ivy & Poison Oak.  You may be unaware that these plants are living in your yard, so be cautious when working outside.  Make sure to properly identify plants before working with them, and always use gloves. 

If you are affected by Poison Ivy or Poison Oak, remember that itching the affected areas can cause the rash to spread. Generously use calamine lotion, cortisone cream, and even some anti-inflammatory to ease the paint.

3. Fleas.  You will soon find these pests in your yard and possibly in your home or car!  Make sure your pets are on monthly flea medicine and treat your yard quarterly for fleas.  Once you have fleas, it's nearly impossible to get rid of them without treating your yard, home, and your pets.

4. Sunburn.  Most likely, your skin is not used to the high temperatures and ample sunlight. Make sure to wear a daily sunscreen with some SPF to protect your skin. If you are going out in the sun for extended periods of time, make sure to re apply generously.  The first few times your skin is exposed to the Florida Sunlight, you will be most susceptible to burning which can be very painful, especially for those who are not used to the Florida Sun.

5.  Mosquitoes, Wasps, & Ants.  These pests will be invading your yard any day now. Make sure to treat your yard and home quarterly for mosquitoes, wasps, and ants.  After last years West Nile Virus Outbreak, experts are predicting another bad year for these disease carrying pets.  Make sure to read our article on how to cut down your chances for contracting the virus and reducing the number of mosquitoes at your home.

While there are plenty of perks to Spring, we must take the good with the bad! Make sure to protect your home, yard, and family from the Top 5 Pensacola area Pests this Spring & Summer.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Neighborhood Profile: Hampton Lake in Pensacola, FL~

Hampton Lake Subdivision in Pensacola
Affordable Lakefront Housing near NAS Pensacola & Perdido Key Beaches~

Hampton Lake Subdivision ~ waterfront condos near NAS Pensacola
Entrance to Hampton Lake Subdivision~
The Hampton Lake Community is located within minutes to Naval Air Station Pensacola back gate as well as beautiful white sand, Perdido Key Beaches!  This newly developed subdivision is tucked off of Dog Track Rd. between Gulf Beach Hwy and Blue Angel Pkwy. 

This waterfront community is planned around Hampton Lake and offers affordable lakefront living for many of the lucky homeowners in this community. While not all of the condos are situated on the lake, approximately 85% of the condos in Hampton Lake are lakefront and/or offer lake views.

Built in 2005, Hampton Lake is comprised of 78 condos on one main road, Cobblebrook Drive, Pensacola, FL 32506.

Condo on Cobblebrook Drive in SW Pensacola~
Affordable waterfront living in Southwest Pensacola near NAS Pensacola
Lakefront condos at Hampton Lake Community in Southwest Pensacola, FL 32506~
View of community dock from back patio !
 All of the condos at Hampton Lake are 2 bedroom 2 bath with approximately 984 square feet with a 32 square foot storage closet off the back patio.

More than a 1/3 of the condos in Hampton Lake Subdivision offer a offer a 1 car garage and/or screened porch. 

The proximity to NAS Pensacola makes this community a favorite among active duty and retired military.

Hampton Lake Neighborhood Amenities
  • Small lake with community dock
  • Picnic area overlooking the lake
  • Sidewalks and wide streets to ride your bike or jog in
Proximity to Employers & Entertainment
  • <10 minutes to Naval Hospital, VA Hospital, Navy Exchange
  • <10 minutes to Perdido Kids Park
  • <10 minutes to Naval Air Station Pensacola back gate
  • <5 minutes to Walmart, Target, and other shopping and restaurants
  • <15 minutes to white sand, beautiful Perdido Key Beaches
School Districts
  • Pleasant Grove Elementary- A grade 2009-2010; C grade for 2010-2011
  • Jim Bailey Middle School- A grade 2009-2010; A grade for 2010-2011
  • Escambia High School- D grade 2009-2010; C grade for 2010-2011
For more information on Escambia County Schools, visit the Escambia County School District website.  To view Pensacola area school grades and rankings, visit the Florida Department of Education.

Pensacola Property Management Military discounts
Pensacola, FL 32506 Condos for Rent & Condos for Sale
Condos for Sale in Hampton Lake

As of today's date, there are no condos for sale in Hampton Lake. In the last six months, one condo sold (cash) for $73,000 with sales prices in the last two years ranging from $55,000 to $75,000.
For a current listing of condos for sale in the Hampton Lake Community in Pensacola, FL 32506, please email Pam Keen Brantley at or call her at (850) 232-2200.

Condos for Rent in Hampton Lake Community

As of today's date, there are no condos for rent in the Hampton Lake Community. In the last six months, approximately 12 condos rented ranging with rental rates from $695-$845.

Of course, availability changes daily in the Pensacola Real Estate Rental Market, so make sure to email for a list of current availabilities in Hampton Lake Community.

Homeowners Association

As with most new construction communities, there is an active Homeowners Association in this community. Prior to renting or purchasing a home in this community, please familiarize yourself with the covenants and restrictions which govern the neighborhood.

Are you interested in living in the Hampton Lake Community? For a listing of other nearby communities in close proximity to Naval Air Station Pensacola, give our friendly staff at Realty Masters a call at (850) 473-3983.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1st Day of Spring in Pensacola, Florida

Pensacolians Celebrate the 1st Day of Spring
Northwest Florida embraces & celebrates the arrival of Spring & The US Navy Blue Angels! 
Navy Blue Angels fly over Pensacola NAS

All the classic signs of Spring are here as we celebrate the first day of Spring in Pensacola.

With midday temperatures in the 70's, Spring Breakers, locals and tourists alike, are soaking up the sun in beautiful Northwest Florida.  The beaches, bare all winter, are suddenly packed with families playing in beautiful white sand and the salty Gulf of Mexico.

And flying over our heads today, for the first time all year, were our hometown heroes, the US Navy Blue Angels, as they kicked off their 2013 practice season over Naval Air Station Pensacola today! Over 6,500 Pensacola area visitors and residents welcomed the Blue Angels after their practice run at the National Museum of Naval Aviation today.

While we are still awaiting official word about the rest of the 2013 US Navy Blue Angels Season including the 2013 Pensacola Beach Air Show, we continue to embrace every opportunity we have to enjoy the Blue Angels in flight!

Yes, it is definitely Spring along the Gulf Coast. There's nothing like a few extra hours of sunlight to enjoy life's finest moments, including this Spring Sunset along the Gulf Coast.

Santa Rosa County Schools are celebrating their Spring Break Holiday this week, March 18-22, 2013 while Escambia County Schools will celebrate their Spring Break Vacation next week March 25-29, 2013.

Are you here for Spring Break or planning a trip for Spring Break? Feel free to tell us where you're from and what you love most about our area! And for yearround beautiful pictures of the Pensacola area, follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

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Five smart steps to maximize bathroom space

As homeowners fight the itch to move, many turn to renovation projects to improve their existing spaces. Look at a homeowner's wish list, and the bathroom often tops the list. With its frequent use and endless potential, easy changes offer a big payoff.

In spite of its heavy use, bathrooms are often some of the smallest areas in a home. Cross tight square footage with limited storage, and it quickly becomes cluttered and cramped - far from a pleasant place to start and end each day. Adding function doesn't require changing your bathroom's footprint.

To maximize your bathroom storage and make it work best for you, consider these design and organizational tips.

Tip 1: Install a floating vanity
A big trend in small bathroom design is the floating vanity; its wall-mount installation leaves floor space below open and uninterrupted, which tricks the human eye into reading the space as larger than it actually is. Floating vanities come in a variety of materials and designs that offer plenty of counter top space and storage solutions.

Tip 2: Make your mirror work harder
Is your bathroom sporting an old bulky medicine cabinet? Replace it with a smarter option designed with innovative storage that makes life easier. Robern, the industry leader in bathroom storage and grooming, recently introduced the R3 Series Mirrored Cabinets, a perfect solution for DIY-ers looking for a fast, affordable fix. The 1-inch flange around the cabinet's perimeter covers imperfections, eliminating the hassle of re-tiling or re-plastering, making it a project you can easily complete in a day.

Tip 3: Use hidden space to your advantage
In a small bathroom it might be hard to imagine where you might find even an inch of extra space, but there's one secret area you can access and use to your advantage. If you have a blank wall, the space between the studs offers a plethora of potential storage space. You can build shelves directly between the studs, which adds lots of extra space for items like washcloths and toiletries, all within the existing footprint.

Tip 4: Get wired for modern practicality
Your morning routine charges you for the day ahead, so make sure items like electric razors and toothbrushes are fully charged, too. Cabinets equipped with outletsandnbsp;keep personal care items fully juiced and concealed, leaving counter tops and sink surfaces clutter-free for a clean and organized space both you and guests to enjoy.

Tip 5: Revamp the storage drawer
Vanity drawers in disarray steal precious time from your morning and evening routine. First step to function: Purge. Toss old or unused cosmetics, personal supplies, grooming tools or other items you don't use. Next, reorganize with inserts that transform drawers into organizational powerhouses. Look for inserts that will streamline how you use your bathroom, such as options with different sized compartments or even one made specifically for your hair dryer.

Courtesy of BPT

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pensacola= Top 10 Markets to Buy Foreclosures!

Great news for Pensacola area Investors
RealtyTrac names Pensacola in Top 15 Metros to Buy Foreclosures in 2013

Watch as broker Pam Keen Brantley discusses the great news for the Pensacola area Real Estate Market.

That's right, our very own beautiful Pensacola, Florida was listed as a top market to purchase bank owned homes for 2013! 

Here's a few of the facts:
  • Pensacola was ranked #10 out of over 900 metros as Best Places to buy bank owned properties .
  • There was a 78% increase in sales of bank owned homes in the Pensacola area during the last quarter of 2012.
  • The average price for a foreclosure in the last quarter of 2012 was approximately $100,000.
  • Foreclosed homes in Pensacola were on the market an average of 157 days compared to the National Average of 178 days on the market.
  • Bank owned homes were offered at a 33% discount from non-distressed properties in Pensacola.
  • As now today's date, there are 175 bank owned homes in the Pensacola MLS with 107 of those under $100,000.
View the article here for a list of other markets featured in the Top 15 Metros for Short Sales & Top 15 Markets for Foreclosures in the United States.

As the owner of the largest residential property management company in Pensacola, Pam specializes in Investment Sales, income producing properties, distressed homes, and buying properties through IRA's. 

Our property management team can lead you through the search and acquisition of bank owned properties Pensacola, assist you with renovations, and professionally mange your asset to become an income producing property.

Give Pam Keen Brantley, Broker and Owner of Realty Masters of FL a call with your investment real estate questions at (850) 473-3983 or email her at Pam is a retired Navy Captain, Licensed Real estate & Community Association Manager, and 2013 President of the NWFL Chapter of Certified Residential Specialists (CRS).

Have questions about the Pensacola area?

Sometimes referred to as the "Western Gate to the Sunshine State" is nestled along the westernmost part of the Florida Panhandle along the Coast of Mexico.  Our white sand beaches draw tourists from all over the country and include several national and state parks including Johnsons Beach, Naval Live Oaks, and award winning Gulf Islands State Park.  Pensacola is also known as the Cradle of Naval Aviation and is home to the US Navy Blue Angels and the National Museum of Naval Aviation at Naval Air Station Pensacola.  

Take a tour of our beautiful city via our Pensacola area facebook albums and the Visit Pensacola youtube page here.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to 'green up' your home, office or dorm with houseplants

Looking for a fresh new look for your home or office or want to add some color and cool for your college digs? House plants are always in style.

For an easy transformation for any space, house plants add high impact and eco flair that rival expensive makeovers. Whether you choose orchids or Bonsai, house plants fit any lifestyle, mood and taste.

From finding the perfect plant to decorating ideas at your fingertips, check out the new digital magazine GrowingStyle. This free download and app is your go-to resource for the hottest plants, green living tips, expert advice and lots of eco eye candy.

Whether you're a long time plant collector or novice, these tips from top garden experts show just how easily house plants will "green up" your life.

The air in there. Did you know that house plants do double duty? They not only add beauty to indoor spaces but also clean our indoor air and remove nasty toxins from carpets, paint, household cleaners, printers and even furniture.

"Besides what they give back in aesthetics, one of the greatest things house plants do is provide much needed humidity in the winter months and freshen the air year round," says Justin Hancock, editor of Better Homes and Gardens online (

Plant hunter and expert, Mike Rimland, says that house plants help clean indoor toxins commonly found in homes, apartments and offices. "What house plants you choose and where they're placed are important considerations to maximize air filtering benefits."

Rimland suggests house plants like peace lilies for bathrooms and Sanseveria and Golden Pothos for your entryway and living spaces. "They're easy to grow and can help remove volatile organic compounds found in cleaners, carpets and furniture like benzene, formaldehyde, acetone and xylene."

Set the mood. From added drama to a touch of whimsy, house plants instantly liven up any room or office with natural beauty and add a funky touch of greenery to boxy dorm rooms.

For happy plants, Rimland recommends you assess your rooms for optimal lighting conditions and care requirements, follow the plant care guidelines on the tags and choose plants that fit your lifestyle.

Want to create a quick and easy upscale look or a serene retreat? Nothing beats orchids, arranged in simple or elaborate containers, for high impact drama and Zen-like simplicity.

"As a great 'everyman' plant, orchids can't be beat," says Hancock. "Mini orchids are easy to grow and perfect for a centerpiece or a thing of beauty and tranquility alone on a windowsill."

Green-up your space with living walls. If you have limited space or want a visually dramatic, high impact design for a room, living walls are the ticket.

Not only can they improve air quality, but they are quite a conversation piece, adding instant "wow factor" to any room.

Rimland says that living green walls are a great way to maximize the benefits of house plants to purify and beautify spaces. "Whether you buy one of the new kits available or have a professional install your living wall, your rooms will spring to life with living art you create."

Go green and groovy. Looking for fun and easy house plants that are practically a no-brainer? Water-retaining, light-loving, easy-care succulents and cacti are virtually indestructible and come in many colors, shapes and varieties. So mix them up in containers for a visual feast that draws the eye and soothes the soul.

"Succulents are great-looking, low maintenance plants that make it easy for everyone to bring the outdoors inside," adds Hancock.

For more ways to spruce up your home with the hottest house plants and tips on decorating with a splash of sophisticated and refreshing greenery, visit

Courtesy of BPT

Monday, March 11, 2013

Pensacola's St. Patricks Day Celebration: McGuires 5K

Realty Masters participates in McGuire's 5K
Pensacola's largest St. Patricks Day Celebration in motion.
Getting ready to start the McGuires 5K!
2013 McGuires 5K in Downtown Pensacola
Over 16,000 area residents at the McGuires 5K Celebration~ in Downtown Pensacola!
Over 16,000 Pensacola area residents (and visitors!) ran, walked, and stumbled across the finish line at Pensacola's largest 5K this weekend, the McGuire's 5K, on Saturday, March 9, 2013.  The McGuire's 5K is a yearly tradition for many residents hosted by one of downtown Pensacola's most popular restaurants: McGuire's Irish Pub. This is definitely the largest 5K event in the Pensacola Bay area.

This year, several of the Realty Masters gang ran the 5K including our esteemed boss Pam Keen Brantley, broker associates Christine Laughlin, Nicole St. Aubin, Patty Mackovic, and Keven Ard, along with Realtor Sheri Harris and Community Association Managers Celia Kafka & Larry Kuhn. Here's a picture of a few of us donning bright green fishnets for this special occasion!

Realty Masters~ Team Running from Reality~ at McGuires 5K Run in Downtown Pensacola~
United States Marine Corp representing the military at McGuires 5K in Downtown Pensacola~
Over 16,000 Pensacola area residents dressed in green and flooded the streets of downtown Pensacola.  Many create their own costumes for the event with Irish celts, suspenders, green tutus, outfits, spandex suits, and more.

We saw so many costumes that made us laugh includung
  • Gorilla
  • Penguin
  • Cow seen to the right here!?
  • Piggly Wiggly
  • Cat in the Hat
  • Guys in dresses and much more!

The race route begins on Gregory Street in front of McGuires Irish Pub, cuts down to Bayfront Pkwy along the Veterans Memorial Park, loops through the Aragon Community, down Romana & Jefferson Street, passes the Pensacola Bay Center and ends in front of McGuires!

For more information on McGuire's Irish Pub or the 5K, visit their website here.

Thanks and have a great day,
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pensacola, FL area & Sinkholes~

Here's the Scoop on Florida Sinkholes
Northwest Florida is much less susceptible to sinkholes according to the DEP.

Last week, the agents at Realty Masters were glued to the news stations covering the unfortunate incident in South Florida with the sinkhole that swallowed a man sleeping in his bed.

This incident occurred in Southern Florida near Tampa and got us thinking so we did some research.
Turns out, Northwest Florida is extremely lucky in this respect- check out this map of reported sinkholes in Florida.

Map of Florida Sinkholes from Department of Environmental Protection!
Florida Sinkholes~  Northwest Florida (Escambia and Santa Rosa County) are the first two counties in NW FL
As you can see, the majority of areas affected area in Central & Southern Florida. Another reason we are lucky to live in the Florida Panhandle!  Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties appear to be much less susceptible to sinkholes.

A few fun facts about sinkholes:
  • Sinkholes are a part of the Florida topography.
  • Escambia, Santa Rosa, and Okaloosa Counties are in Area IV as designated by the Department of Environmental Protection.
  • Area IV topography allows for very few sinkholes as the ground cover is more than 200 feet thick. However, large sinkholes may occur.
  • Sinkholes can be caused by drought and heavy rains.
With all that being said, we have seen some sporatic sinkholes in the Southwest Pensacola area. All of these affected areas (spread around the county mostly seen after the most recent heavy rains in Southwest Pensacola) occurred after heavy downpours which caused a few roads to cave.

Of course, make sure to have your property and home inspected for these risks as they can still exist. Check with your insurance agent to ask questions about sinkhole coverage as part of your insurance policy! .

Want to view photos of sinkholes? Check out this impressive sinkhole gallery from MSNBC.

For more information on Florida sinkholes and for the full database of Florida area sinkholes, check out the Department of Environmental Protections Map and website here.

If you are interested in moving to the Pensacola area and are in need of a home to rent or real estate to buy, give our friendly agents a call at (850) 473-3983 or visit our website at

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Dog Beaches open on Pensacola Beach!

Pensacola Dog Beaches to open March 15, 2013!
Pensacola area residents excited to share the beach with their pets.

Dog Footprints in the sand at Pensacola Beach~
After much deliberation, the Santa Rosa Island Authority has approved a 6-month trial run to allow dogs on two areas of Pensacola Beach. 

Soon enough, our furry, four legged family members will be allowed to enjoy the Florida sunshine, white sand, and salt water along beautiful Pensacola Beach!

This is a first, as pets have been strictly forbidden along the white sand beaches of Pensacola Beach. By May 1, dogs are allowed in two locations on Pensacola Beach:
  • Parking Lot 5B on Fort Pickens Rd. near Park West just past the last condos on the Gulfside of Fort Pickens Rd. past Gulf Winds Condos
  • Parking Lot E on Via Deluna Dr. near Park East past portofino marked by a siren pole
Escambia County & The Island Authority are still working out the details but we should have all the rules prior to March 15, 2013 when the 100-yard Gulf Front beaches will be open to dogs.

Dog Park on Pensacola Beach, FL~ Now open to the public!  Photo taken in April 2013 along Via Deluna Dr. 
dog Beaches open on Pensacola Beach, FL
Office Mascot Mocha enjoying the dog beach along
Pensacola Beach~ 
  • A Few Rules:
  • Dogs must be kept on leashes
  • Park hours are from sunrise to 10 am
  • Doggie bags will be kept at the location but its best to bring your own
  • When turtle season starts May 1st, the park hours will be 7 am to 10 am

Escambia County also opened two dog beaches along Perdido Key, FL beaches.  Read the article here.

For more information about Escambia County Dog Parks contact Escambia County Parks and Recreation at

For other dog parks in the Pensacola area, check out our blogs here:
Looking to rent or buy a home in Escambia & Santa Rosa County near public dog beaches?  Give us a call at (850) 473-3983 or visit our website at

We'll see you (and your dog!) at the Beach!
Nicole St. Aubin, Broker Associate
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Is a surveillance camera right for you?

Using%20surveillance%20cameras%20for%20your%20homeMany people turn to surveillance cameras as a way to make their home and office more secure. There are so many different types of security measures on offer, however, that it can be hard to know which is the right type of equipment for your needs. This article explores the different security measures and tools available and what the advantages and disadvantages of each of them are.

CCTV cameras can be attached to the outside of the building, can be placed over the door step, can be placed inside or can be entirely hidden from view. There are even dummy cameras available that provide a good deterrent aspect but don't actually incur any additional cost of filming. All cameras that can be seen work well as a deterrent. A burglar is far less likely to break into a home when there is the chance they will shown doing so on video surveillance footage. CCTV cameras don't necessarily sound an alarm however if security is breached in some way. In this respect they may be able to film a crime being committed but they won't necessarily be able to put a stop to it. Having the footage available however does mean there is more chance of getting your things back if they have been stolen.

Burglar alarms are another way that people add security to their homes. These have a large number of problems however. First of all burglaries are usually very quick and the perpetrator can be long gone by the time the police or a security firm have arrived on the scene. Secondly the alarm can in some cases be stopped by simply locating the control panel and breaking it. Cats and other animals can also sometimes trip the alarm when they jump through an open window, which can cause problems for everyone.

The ideal solution is to have both surveillance monitoring of some kind as well as a motion sensor, this way you get the best of all worlds. If this stretches the budget too far however then it is better to simply go with some kind of camera equipment. This provides the best value for money in terms of security. In the past it was just the wealthiest members of society who were able to afford security equipment such as cameras, but these days the prices have come right down and now everyone can benefit. Nanny cameras and hidden indoor cameras are another very popular type of security surveillance. Camouflaged cameras can allow you to see things that you would otherwise not be privy to. Parents like to be able to check their nannies are caring for their children well, employers like to be able to check everything is just as it should be in the workplace.

Another scenario in which hidden cameras are ideal is for the use of gathering evidence. If you are being targeted or victimized, having hard evidence to show the police can mean something can be done. Without the proof however the police may be hesitant to take any real action. There is no doubt that cameras are a valuable and versatile security tool. Surveillance can assist in a number of different ways to keep everyone safe and free from harm. If you are unsure of what type you need the first step is to define what exactly you want the security camera for and then decide how much you are willing to spend.

When you search online you will find a host of companies offering surveillance camera equipment and monitoring devices. Make sure you buy from a reputable company with a good website. There is more choice online than in high street shops so it is best to buy your equipment here. From a wildlife camera to tracking devices, go online to find out what is available and get the best prices.

by: Kathryn Dawsonandnbsp;

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Parks: Southwest Escambia Sports Complex

Southwest Escambia Sports Complex~
Children's Playground & Sports Complex in Pensacola, FL 32506

Spring is fast approaching!  Azaleas are already in bloom in Northwest Florida. The temperatures are mild with very few freeze warnings all winter. Pensacolians are looking anticipating Daylight Savings Time this weekend. 
Take advantage of warmer temperatures and an extra hour of daylight by exploring the Pensacola outdoors.

This month, we are showcasing the Southwest Escambia Sports Complex. This newly built park is located in Southwest Pensacola between Lillian Hwy & Sorrento Rd on Bauer Rd.
Type in your GPS: 2020 Bauer Rd, Pensacola, FL 32506.
Southwest Escambia Sports Complex with Park~ home of Perdido Youth Association Sports!

This public park is open during daylight hours with no admission fee. In addition to the playground area, there are several playing fields in another area of the sports complex.  This area is closed to the public but is open during practices and games. 

Southwest Escambia Sports Complex in Pensacola, FL~
The Southwest Escambia Sports Complex is home to all Perdido Youth Sports including:
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Soccer
  • Football
The children's playground offers a main playground area with slides, monkey bars, and more plus a smaller tot area.

As of March 2013, this newer public park is in great condition. There are a few picnic tables picnic tables and benches for seating.

Southwest Escambia Sports Complex off Bauer Rd. in Pensacola
2013~ Childrens Playground at Southwest Escambia Sports Complex~ 2020 Bauer Rd., Pensacola, FL 32506

For other parks in the Pensacola area, check out these articleson Pensacola area Parks:
If you are looking for a home to rent in Escambia or Santa Rosa County, visit our website at or give us a call at (850) 473-3983.

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