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Pensacola, FL area & Sinkholes~

Here's the Scoop on Florida Sinkholes
Northwest Florida is much less susceptible to sinkholes according to the DEP.

Last week, the agents at Realty Masters were glued to the news stations covering the unfortunate incident in South Florida with the sinkhole that swallowed a man sleeping in his bed.

This incident occurred in Southern Florida near Tampa and got us thinking so we did some research.
Turns out, Northwest Florida is extremely lucky in this respect- check out this map of reported sinkholes in Florida.

Map of Florida Sinkholes from Department of Environmental Protection!
Florida Sinkholes~  Northwest Florida (Escambia and Santa Rosa County) are the first two counties in NW FL
As you can see, the majority of areas affected area in Central & Southern Florida. Another reason we are lucky to live in the Florida Panhandle!  Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties appear to be much less susceptible to sinkholes.

A few fun facts about sinkholes:
  • Sinkholes are a part of the Florida topography.
  • Escambia, Santa Rosa, and Okaloosa Counties are in Area IV as designated by the Department of Environmental Protection.
  • Area IV topography allows for very few sinkholes as the ground cover is more than 200 feet thick. However, large sinkholes may occur.
  • Sinkholes can be caused by drought and heavy rains.
With all that being said, we have seen some sporatic sinkholes in the Southwest Pensacola area. All of these affected areas (spread around the county mostly seen after the most recent heavy rains in Southwest Pensacola) occurred after heavy downpours which caused a few roads to cave.

Of course, make sure to have your property and home inspected for these risks as they can still exist. Check with your insurance agent to ask questions about sinkhole coverage as part of your insurance policy! .

Want to view photos of sinkholes? Check out this impressive sinkhole gallery from MSNBC.

For more information on Florida sinkholes and for the full database of Florida area sinkholes, check out the Department of Environmental Protections Map and website here.

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  1. Actually, there are two sinkholes in Fort Walton Beach. one is a twenty foot sink hole that took out part of a patio and porch

    1. Wow good to know! Thanks so much for sharing that with us! Do you know if it's closer to the coast or inland?


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