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2012 Pensacola School Rankings~

2011-2012 Pensacola School District Rankings
How Escambia County Schools & Santa Rosa County Schools measured up!

First things first:   Santa Rosa County Schools rank #2 in the state of Florida's top school districts with an overall "A" ranking in the district according to the Florida Department of Education. Wow! Thank you to all Santa Rosa County teachers & others that help our children succeed daily.

Among the school grades in Santa Rosa County were 15 A schools, 10 B schools, and 1 C school(East Milton Elementary which previously ranked both an A & B School).

The Santa Rosa County high school grades for 2011-2012
A:  Jay High, Pace High
B:  Central High, Gulf Breeze High, Milton High, Navarre High

Escambia County Schools have an overall "B" ranking and rank #44 of the 67 counties in Florida.   Escambia County teachers, and all teachers, we love you guys too. Thank you for your commitment to bettering our community.

Escambia County had 12 schools scoring an A, 20 schools scoring B, 11 schools scoring C, 7 D, and 3 F Schools. F Schools included Newpoint Academy, Lincoln Park Elementary, and AA Dixon Charter School.

The high schools grades 2011-2012 for Pensacola area Escambia County High Schools:
A:  West Florida High School
B:  Pensacola High, Tate High, Washington High
C:  Escambia High, Pine Forest High, Northview High

For the full list of 2011-2012 Florida Schools & their grades for the last ten years, click here.

Can you request another school district?
We have recently heard changes to the policy which might allow you to enroll your children in a school district other than your assigned school district. Check with the Escambia County School District to verify this program and obtain specifics.

For more information: For free resources on how to improve your child's FCAT scores, visit the FCAT explorer page provided by the FLDE.  To read more about the FCAT, click here. You can also find sample test booklets here!

For more information on Pensacola Schools, visit our previous article on Pensacola area school districts.

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