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Meth Labs & Pensacola Real Estate!

What does a Meth Lab look like?
Pensacola Home Inspector describes explains about Meth Labs!

As real estate agents, we are used to investigating homes for the possibility of known hazards like asbestos, chinese drywall, lead based paint, aluminum wiring and polybutulane plumbing.

Here's one more reason to hire a professional home inspector when buying Pensacola Real Estate or Leasing Homes in Pensacola:  Meth Labs! 

We recently invited Pensacola Home Inspector Jerry Williams to our office to present information on Meth Labs to our agents. His educational presentation shocked us a bit:   

Escambia County is ranked third in the state for the number of Meth Labs! Wow.  We decided it's time to learn more about this increasing problem in the Pensacola, FL area and wanted to share it with you!

Possible Meth Labs~ Suspected Meth Lab
Look for an abundance of chemicals,
cleaning products & cookware
What is a meth lab?

A simple definition for a meth lab is a home or apartment that has been used to manufacture and produce the drug methamphetamine. Other slang names for meth include ice, crystal, glass, and tik.

What does a meth lab look like?

Look for the following signs:
  • Strong smells of urine , rotting eggs, or chemical smells like ether, ammonia, or acetone.
  • Paint/wallpaper peeling.
  • Cold Empty pseudoephedrine boxes (Sudafed).
  • Large amounts of lithium batteries, especially ones that have been stripped.
  • Cold packs.
  • Glass cookware or frying pans containing a powdery residue.
  • Jars containing red or a fine dark red or purple powder or with rubber tubing attached.
  • Coleman camp fuel  or propane tanks with fittings that have turned blue.
  • Ether, Starter fluid, Bottles of acid, Drain Cleaners, or Red Devil Lye.
  • Sodium Hydroxide and other types of chemicals.
  • Coffee filters with a white pasty residue.
  • Chemical staining on the walls and floors.
    The presence of kitty litter used to soak up spilled chemical.
  • Strange plumbing or venting systems.
  • Plastic bottles which can explode or cause fires.
What to look for in a meth lab~ Chemicals found in Pensacola
Chemicals found in Pensacola meth lab~
If you suspect a possible meth lab:
  • Contact authorities immediately!  Wait for their instructions.
  • Do not touch anything. Don't open any containers or remove anything from the property as reactive chemicals could explode or burn you.
  • Don't light a match or any other source of fire, gas, etc. as risk of fire is high.
  • Exposing yourself to harmful chemicals can pose a serious risk to your health.
The United States Drug Enforcement Administration maintains a registry of Meth Labs (also known as Clandestine Laboratory). Search the entire US here: 

However, according to estimates by law enforcement, only about 1 in 10 homes where meth has been produced has been reported to law enforcement. That's why it's important as a homeowner, renter, landlord, or buyer that you are aware of possible issues like these at the home you own, lease, or will be buying.

For more information about Pensacola Home Inspections or Meth labs, contact our friend Jerry Williams with Beacon Inspection Group LLC (FL license # HI 155) at (850)-288-1738 or email him

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