Sunday, July 14, 2013

Beach Bunny~!

Beach Bum on Perdido Key
A different type of Beach Wildlife~

It's another beautiful Sunday along the Gulf Coast! I made a visit to Perdido Key and stumbled upon the most adorable beach rabbit.

I found him just off Perdido Key Blvd., just hopping in the sea oats in one of the public beach access areas.

I'm used to seeing the typical fish jump, dolphin swim, and variety of birds fly, but rarely do I see bunny rabbits or beach mice. You're more likely to see this type of native wildlife in or near state parks as these areas tend to be less populated and more conducive for these types of animals.

You can go searching for beach bunnies along Perdido Key Beach, Johnsons Beach, and even Fort Pickens in Pensacola Beach.

Rabbit Wildlife Perdido Key, FL Beaches
 I thought he was too cute not too share!  Hope he makes you smile too.

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