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Exploring the UWF Nature Trails

Exploring the UWF Nature Trails
Pack your backpack and get ready for a Florida nature hike

UWF Nature Trail, Pensacola, FL 32514
University of West Florida Nature Trail
                The University of West Florida may be in a convenient location in relation to the beach, but it also features acres of protected nature trails that make it a beautiful place to attend. The UWF nature trails are very popular among students and staff, as well as the general public.
           The trails are conveniently located right on the outskirts of campus. There many different trails take you into Florida’s forests in which you will see and experience the serenity of nature and all it has to offer. You'll have the chance to experience wildlife, streams, and beautiful oaks and pine trees. Visit the following link, UWF's Nature Trails, for maps and in-depth information on each individual trail.

  - Cross Country Trails
  - Nature Trails
  - West Campus Trails 
  - Main Campus Trails

UWF Nature trail Pensacola, FL
UWF Nature Trail ~ 
           The nature trails are a great way to get some exercise aside from the normal gym scene. There are a few avenues you can use to navigate through the trails. While most walk or bike, there is also the cool option of canoeing.

UWF Nature Trail Pine Trees
University of West Florida Pines
         A good thing to keep in mind before you explore nature is the preparation required to get the full experience. Comfortable clothes and shoes add ease to the experience, as well as water for hydration. As always, bring your sunscreen and bug spray too in order to stay prepared for Florida weather. Also, you might consider bringing a camera to capture the beauty nature has to offer.

                UWF’s nature trails are quite the experience and really add to the beauty of the campus.  Many people bring their pets to enjoy UWF's trails also. We hope to see you out there and happy hiking!

  For more information on the University of West Florida or enrolling at UWF, visit their website here or call (850) 474-2000.

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