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Jellyfish, Biting Flies & Shark Bites!

September Beach Secrets: Jellyfish, Biting Flies & Shark Bites!
A few tips from long term Florida residents on how to make the best of your  September beach days.

Pensacola Beach~ Annual monarch butterfly migration
Pensacola Beach~ Annual monarch butterfly migration

Fall is around the corner and Floridians all along the Gulf Coast are soaking up the last of the summer sun! 

We're currently in the peak turtle hatching period, with hundreds of turtles trying to make their way into Gulf of Mexico waters this month.  There are few things in life as precious as watching baby turtles hatch and head towards water.  Turtles of all ages are easy to spot in the water this month.

Perdido Key FL rainbow
Rainbow over Perdido Key, FL Beach at Johnsons Beach~
In just a few weeks, Pensacola Beach will encounter the yearly monarch butterfly migration, where thousands of butterflies fly through the area on their way to Mexico.  My favorite place to catch the show is at Fort Pickens in the early daylight hours.

But, remember, mother nature is not all rainbows and butterflies. Here is what you need to know to make the best of your time along Gulf Coast beaches.

While the weather is perfect for a beach day, the purple flags have been flying above Pensacola Beach the last few weeks.  The purple flag signifies "dangerous marine life" which could include large amounts of stingray, jellyfish, or even the presence of sharks.

Jellyfish, Sea turtles & Sting Rays along Pensacola Beach
September sea creatures- Jellyfish, Sea turtles & Sting Rays along Pensacola Beach
September is also peak jellyfish season along Pensacola Beach.  It's best to avoid swimming when the purple marine life flag is up.  Make sure to check the water for jellyfish before taking a swim.  Make sure to avoid both the smaller rounder jellyfish and the larger man-o-wars.  Both types of jellyfish stings can be very painful!  If you are stung, treat the wound with either vinegar or baking soda and salt water.

Biting Flies
Not only are these flies annoying, their bite is painful. Yellow flies, also known as horse flies or biting flies, are in full force right now along the beach.  This is also a seasonal thing that shows up mid September along Pensacola Beach. To enjoy your time at the beach, make sure to bring bug spray that protects you from biting flies! 

Of all the sea creatures and insects along Florida beaches, the threat of sharks scares beachgoers the most!  The threat of sharks is ever present along Pensacola Beach.  In fact, beach goers were terrified this weekend as they witnessed a possible shark attack along Pensacola Beach.
On Sunday afternoon, September 14, 2013, a man suffered deep lacerations to his foot after a suspected shark bite near the Pensacola Beach Gulf Fishing Pier.  (We hope you are okay! See the WEAR news video here) Back in 2001, a Mississippi boy's arm was bit off during a shark attack at Pensacola Beach.  (Read ABC's article here) Despite the recent incident, shark attacks along Pensacola Beach area very rare. However, a few tips can help keep out of harms way.  It seems these events are more common during summer and are most likely to happen near fishermen.

My best advice is to avoid getting in the water anywhere close to people fishing. The Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier is one of the most heavily fished spots and sharks can easily mistake people for food or larger fish.  Also, swim in groups as sharks are more likely to attack one person.  Make sure to read our article "What to do if you get bit by a shark" for more mind easing tips on how to avoid sharks in general.

The beach can be a breathtakingly beautiful experience! We are so lucky to have numerous acres of protected, pristine beaches with abundant wildlife.  With some preparation and a watchful eye, I will continue to enjoy our beautiful beaches and watch our captivating marine line while we live together along the Gulf Coast.

See you at Pensacola Beach!
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