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Growing Fruit in Pensacola, FL Zone 8b

Growing Fruit in your Pensacola area Yard~
Skip the farmers market and grow your own. 

Pensacola, FL Citrus Lemon Tree growing in front yard I ran across this fabulous fruit tree at one of our Pensacola Rental Homes with over 100 ripe lemons!  It got me thinking- why don't I have any fruit trees in my Pensacola yard? I've done some research I want to share with you as to which fruits grow best in Pensacola.

For little financial investment, you can purchase fruit bearing trees that could potentially yield thousands of fresh fruits for years to come. With a little love, you'll be eating fresh fruit from your yard within a few years.

What to Plant:  Our subtropical climate provides for a natural environment for the growth of several fruits including:
Fresh Lemons- citrus plants in Pensacola, FL
Fresh lemons growing in Pensacola, FL 32504

Decide what you want to grow in your yard and do a little research on species that thrive in our area.  (Click on fruit above to access University of Florida's Growing Guide for that fruit)

Only certain species of some of the above fruits grow in FL, so make sure to find plants that match our zone hardiness level.   Escambia & Santa Rosa County's fall into Zone 8B.  You can find your Zone Hardiness Level at the USDA's website here:
Tangerine Tree in East Hill- Pensacola, FL
Tangerine Tree in East Hill- Pensacola, FL
When to Plant:  According to literature provided by the University of Florida, the best time to plant citrus trees in the Pensacola area is May, June, July and August as the temperatures are warm and rain is abundant.  Of course, different fruits have different growing seasons so make sure to research your fruit tree before planting. 

To start planning your fruit bearing garden and to find more valuable information on growing fruit in Northwest Florida here 

Of course, fruit bearing trees can add value to your home and can be a great selling point. Why wouldn't you grow your own?

Do you have fruits in your Escambia or Santa Rosa County yard? What type are you growing and what have you been most successful with?

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