Saturday, May 10, 2014

The New Landlord: Affordable Kitchen Makeover

The New Landlord:  Affordable Kitchen Makeover
A few hundred dollars transformed this kitchen (and rented this house!)

Butcher Block Countertops!!

We've all heard that "kitchens and bathrooms sell (or rent) houses!"  After experiencing longer than normal vacancy time with a cute 3 bedroom duplex in Northeast Pensacola, we learned the feedback from potential renters was that the kitchen was "outdated." 

The cabinets and countertops were in great shape, so there was no need to replace them. However, the butcher block countertop is definitely a look from the 1980's and turns off potential renters.

Using the existing cabinets and countertops, we gave this kitchen a much needed makeover. The entire cost of the project was under $500 with a material cost of $250.

Using the following materials from Home Depot:
  • Expresso Paint
  • Rustoleum Countertop Resurfacing Material
  • New Hinges & Door Pulls in Brushed Nickel
Our contractors sanded and painted the cabinets with expresso paint. Next, they replaced the hinges and door pulls. Finally, when the cabinets were dry, we want back in and painted two coats of Rustoleum countertop resurfacing material.
Kitchen remodel ~ Pensacola Property Management
Kitchen duplex Before Photo!
Kitchen duplex remodel After photo~ Pensacola Property Management
Kitchen remodel: After Photo

Prior to the kitchen remodel, this home sat on the market for over 30 days with no approved applicants.  Within 5 days of the kitchen remodel, we had a renter moving in!

What do you think about the remodel?  Doesn't it look great?

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  1. You did all that for under $500? That truly is amazing. I am trying to renovate my kitchen, but the costs keep adding up. Maybe the key is prioritizing. I think that would help reign in my spending habits.

  2. Keep the balls rolling!! Nice posts you have given for us.


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