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Pensacola Septic Tank Contractors

Pensacola area Septic Tank Contractors. 
List of FL Department of Health Licensed Septic Tank Contractors

A septic tank or drain field line repair can be costly.  Many times, permits are required. Because of these reasons, it's important to choose an experienced septic tank company with the proper

We were given this comprehensive list of Pensacola area septic tank contractors who are licensed and recommended by the Florida Department of Health.

Florida Department of Health Licensed Septic Tank Contractors

Santa Rosa County Septic Tank Contractors 

AAA Thompson’s Septic – 850-994-8221                               
BST Installation – 850-939-3186 or 932- 6720                                                     
Carter & Sons Septic – 850-994-4008         
 Emerald Coast Plumbing & Septic – 850-994-3976                                           
Joey Crews – 850-994-4008                         
Joseph Reader – 850-554-0594                                              
Jr. Peaden Septic – 850-623-5634                                     
O.C. Peaden Septic – 850-995-5917                      
Odom Environmental Services – 850-995-8585 
P&P Septic (Exempt Plumber) – 850-623-9365                   `               
Reed’s Septic & Plumbing – 850-981-2356 or 232-5638 
WPR, Inc. – 850-626-7777                    

Santa Rosa County Important Numbers

Addressing – 981-7000                                                                      Building Department – 981-7000
Clerk of Courts – 983-1973                                                               Environmental Control – 981-7090
Midway Annex – 934-8099                                                               Milton Eh Office – 983-5200 X. 167
Property Appraiser- 983-1880                                                         Records Research – 983-1966
Zoning – 981-7000
Santa Rosa County Water Companies

Bagdad- Garcon – 623-8508                              Berrydale- 675-6086                          Chumuckla- 994-3001
City Of Milton – 983-5401                                 East Milton – 623-8750                      Garcon Utilities – 623-6774
Gulf Breeze – 834-5100                                     Holley-Navarre – 939-2427               Jay – 675-4556
Mount Carmel – 675-6174                                     Midway – 932-5188           Navarre Beach – 981-888

Pace – 994-5129                                                 Point Baker – 623-4545                     South Santa Rosa – 934-5110 

Escambia County Septic Tank Contractors 
Anthony’s – 850-477-2232         
Boyette’s – 850-944-5536                                                               
Chavers Septic – 850-474-1966                 
Clyde’s Septic – 850-453-2982                                             
Economy Septic Services – 850-968-5130 
Ensley Septic – 850-476-9610                                             
Johnson Septic – 850-327-4988  
 NASSEF – 850-484-2700                                                    
Ron’s Septic – 850-944-3899                                               
Root-A-Sewer – 8050-944-0705                     
Southern Septic Services- 850-587-4330 or 1800-237-9223          

Escambia County Important Numbers

Building Department- 850-595-3550                   Clerk of Courts Official Records 850-595-3930 
Planning and Zoning-    850-595-3475                Property Appraiser -  850-434-2735 

Escambia County Water Companies

ECUA  850-476-0480        People's Water -  850-455-8552

Okaloosa County Septic Tank Contractors 

William Arnett – 850-682-8882  
Florida Septic – 850-837- 7200                                                            
Fowlers Septic – 850-682-5233  
Rodgers-Grant Septic – 850-632-4021                                                                              
Superior Septic – 850-994-7200                                                            
Willie Harmon – 850-243-8047        
Wilkinson Septic – 850-682-4832                                                                        
Zeb Watts Septic Tank Underground Inc – 850-826-2982

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Easy ways to renovate your kitchen

You may have your reservations about renovating your kitchen. After all, there's all the noise, dust and lack of mobility while your kitchen is getting renovated. Also, there is the cost factor to consider. However, with a little planning in mind you can take care of all these things in a manner that works for you. You can make use of all the resources available in the market to make sure that you have what it takes to renovate your kitchen and live through the process. It is actually a very simple process if you think about it. All the information that you have and all the products that you need are available. All you need to do is make the right choices and you are set to renovate your kitchen. Of course, your kitchen will be unavailable for use for the next few days. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have made arrangements so your daily routine is not affected. This is most important as the kitchen forms an important part of your household. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have arrangements ready as a substitute for not using your kitchen.

There are many things to consider while renovating your kitchen. You need to seek out what you require from your kitchen first. If your gas is not working, then you need to change your stoves. If you are not getting proper electric connection, then you need to change your lines. If your piping is not working, then you need to get a proper plumber. These are the essentials of a functional kitchen. Check them one by one and make sure to have a list of things to repair.

The next important factor to consider is that the renovations being done should enhance the look of your kitchen. This would mean cosmetic modifications to your kitchen, which would come in form of countertops and cabinets. Marble countertops will give your kitchen a grand luxurious look that would enhance the quality of your kitchen. You can purchase such countertops from home or kitchen renovators. You should look for one stop shops for all your kitchen renovation needs. This will help you to get all the assistance you will need for your kitchen renovation.

by: Easy Ways to Renovating Your Kitchen

Myth busters: Why vinyl siding is America's hottest home design feature

(BPT) - Chances are, you've seen and heard a lot about vinyl siding on home renovation television shows, in magazines and in your neighborhood. Once seen as a drab and boring alternative to aluminum siding, vinyl siding is now driving new design trends, effortlessly adapting to any architectural home style.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, vinyl siding is a hot home exterior material, appearing on nearly one third of all new homes built, more than any other cladding material. Still unsure about vinyl siding? Consider these myth-busting facts:

Myth: Vinyl siding is boring and looks cheap

Vinyl siding has come a long way since it was introduced and manufacturers have made strides in research and development efforts for design and performance. Nearly 350 vinyl siding colors have been certified for color retention, according to the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI). The variety offers homeowners a virtually endless palette of fade-resistant colors, combined with complementary trim, accents and accessories. Additionally, the texture and attention to detail on the siding panels make high-end vinyl siding nearly indistinguishable from wood clapboard, cedar shake shingles or other traditional materials.

Thanks to these advancements in color and technology, top designers on shows like "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and "George to the Rescue" have recently made vinyl siding a focal point of their renovation and new-build home designs. And many historical societies across the U.S. have turned to vinyl siding for historic home renovations because of the wide selection of period colors, architectural details and low-maintenance benefits.

"After the devastating tornado in Joplin, Mo., we built seven houses in seven days using vinyl siding exteriors," says Kim Lewis, architectural designer of Kim Lewis Designs and former lead designer for ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. "At first I was skeptical, but we were able to bring forward character-driven design on each of the home's exteriors with vibrant colors and architectural elements. After spending some time with the material, I have a more positive outlook on vinyl siding."

Myth: Vinyl trim doesn't have the authentic look of wood

A common misconception about vinyl siding is that trim options don't offer a high-end look like authentic wood. Though in recent years, siding manufacturers such as Ply Gem have made significant strides in the design of low maintenance, holistic finishing solutions for windows, doors, eaves, gables, columns and more, introducing trim and mouldings made from cellular PVC.

These trim packages are designed to look and function like real wood, accentuating the best features of any architectural home style, but eliminating the need to clean, replace or stain in years to come. With today's trim options, even the most discerning homeowners will find there's no need to compromise beauty to get low-maintenance curb appeal.

Myth: Vinyl siding isn't durable

Don't let the light weight of the product fool you. Products like Mastic Home Exteriors by Ply Gem vinyl siding are manufactured with technologies tested to resist wind speeds of more than 200 mph. These products have been put to the test and withstood the elements in recent storms such as Superstorm Sandy.

In addition to holding its own against Mother Nature, vinyl siding puts up a pretty good fight against Father Time. The product has tremendous longevity, in many cases lasting 30 years or more with very little maintenance and low cost of ownership. Vinyl siding does not need to be painted and it can be cleaned with simple soap and water.

If you believed the myths above, don't be discouraged. One thing that is undeniably true is that vinyl siding will continue to lead the way in exterior home design. For links to more facts and studies on vinyl siding, visit Manufacturer sites like these are also a great resource for homeowners who want to experiment with vinyl siding colors and options before committing to a new build or renovation, offering exterior design tools for photo-realistic virtual makeovers on a variety of architectural home styles.

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Habitat for Humanity Women Build

Pink Hammers and Tool Belts~
Pensacola area women join together to build a Habitat Home!

Chuntell and Nicole from Realty Masters at
Chuntell and Nicole from Realty Masters at
Habitat for Humanity Women Build

Over 100 female volunteers from different professions and organizations joined together to complete this years Pensacola Habitat for Humanity Women Build. 

In addition to fundraising nearly $75,000 to fund the home, the women worked in shifts to complete the majority of the major construction on this Providence Manor home in Pensacola.

Chuntell Patterson, fellow Realty Masters real estate agent and property manager, and myself volunteered for this event as part of the Pensacola Young Professionals.  Together, we worked with our team to install walls and to transport and install several wooden truss' into the home.

Pensacola Habitat for Humanity has built over 1,000 homes since they opened their doors in 1981. Volunteers are the heart of this organization with over 3,000 volunteers annually. 

Women Build Habtiat for Humanity ~ Pensacola, FL
Women Build Pensacola Habitat for Humanity
Women Build Pensacola Habitat for Humanity
To join the next Women Build Habitat for Humanity project or to donate your time to Pensacola Habitat for Humanity, contact them at (850) 434-5456 or visit to register as a volunteer!

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Easy season: Fall gardening spells success

Favorable fall conditions mean growing cool weather crops is comparatively easy, with less watering and care needed for a successful garden. Cool crops will start out strong, growing quickly and then slow their growth as days become shorter and cooler. You'll also need to work less to protect your garden from pests, as both insects and animal populations will taper off in fall. And since weeds will germinate less frequently and grow slower, weeding won't be a time-consuming task. Finally, more rain and less sun and heat mean you'll need to water less.

If you're ready for gardening success, now is the time to grab that hoe, break some ground and get growing. Tips to get you started:

Pick your plants

Start with transplants, rather than seed. A shorter, gentler growing season means you need to get started right away. Many local garden centers will have a selection of transplants from producers like Bonnie Plants that will grow well in your geographic region. Transplants will be six weeks old and give you a jump start. You'll be able to harvest sooner than if you start from seed and skip the volatile, sometimes unsuccessful, seed-starting process. Bonnie's transplants come in earth-friendly biodegradable pots, making planting easy, preventing transplant shock and sparing the use of much plastic. As the pot biodegrades, it'll add nutrients to your soil, too.

Choose cool crops that your family likes to eat. Popular fall favorites include:

* Lacinato kale -A cold-hardy vegetable, kale leaves sweeten after frost. Kale is a super food, and Lacinato leaves extend excellent health benefits, lowering cholesterol, fighting cancer and decreasing inflammation.

* Early dividend broccoli - Many greens love the fall, and broccoli is no exception. Plant stalks 18 inches apart and get ready for an easy, hearty harvest. Broccoli is high in fiber and calcium.

* Cabbage - The quintessential fall vegetable, Bonnie's hybrid cabbage grows large, round blue-green heads. From salads to stews, cabbage adds a punch of flavor and nutrients like beta-carotene, vitamins C and K, and plenty of fiber.

* Romaine lettuce - Romaine packs a big punch with more vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients than other popular types of lettuce. Rich in fiber, vitamin C and beta-carotene, romaine is especially good for heart health. Space transplants 18 inches apart.

Once you know what you'll be planting, it's time to get the ground ready. Remove any garden debris from the past season's garden and remove weeds before they go to seed.

Size up your soil. Loosen compacted soil, fluffing it up with a garden fork. Soil test and amend if necessary. Adding a 2-inch layer of bagged compost is always good practice. You can also spread a balanced fertilizer, such as 10-10-10, according to labeled instructions, for added nutrients.

Plants will need an inch of moisture per week, either through rain or supplemental watering. You might want to consider raised bed planting; beds are easy to build or buy and allow you to start out with good quality soil. Plus, you'll bend less come harvest time.

Position your plot and let the sunshine in. Most vegetables need full sun - at least six hours per day. Finally, don't fear frost. When frost threatens, cover plants with floating row cover, cold frame or a cloche. Or, you can grow fall veggies in a container and move pots to a protected location on frosty nights.

Whether you're working in the backyard, a raised bed or in containers on a deck, you'll see how easy and successful fall planting can be. Start now to ensure you enjoy a healthy, plentiful and fulfilling fall harvest. For more tips on fall gardening visit

Pensacola Beach Sea Turtle~

Pensacola Beach Sea Turtle~
October provides the perfect landscape for wildlife viewing along Pensacola Beaches!

Pensacola Beach Sea Turtle~
Pensacola Beach Sea Turtle~

October is one of my favorite months to enjoy the beautiful Gulf Coast beaches that surround our home town. 

The weather is mild and wildlife is abundant.  The lasts of the turtle nests hatch along the Gulf of Mexico and the monarch butterflies pass by on their great migration to Mexico. 

I spent last weekend exploring some of our local beaches and found this turtle enjoying a swim in Gulf Islands National Seashore.  I wanted to share a few pictures with you!

Pensacola Beach Green Sea Turtle in October~ Gulf Islands National Seashore
Pensacola Beach Green Sea Turtle in October~ Gulf Islands National Seashore

Happy Fall!
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Greener decorating for your deck and patio

If you're planning some outdoor decorating or renovating this summer, here are some tips to make your exterior living spaces green and inviting:

Eco-friendly construction materials

For many homeowners, decks and patios are key elements of outdoor living spaces. If you plan to add either this summer, be sure to look for environmentally friendly materials like natural stone or responsibly harvested wood. When choosing wood, look for products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FCS) as having been harvested following sustainable principles that minimize the impact on the environment. If you're building a patio, choose reclaimed brick or stone pavers that have been recycled from other installations. If you can't find reclaimed pavers, look for natural stone that's been quarried locally or bricks that have been locally produced to minimize the energy spent on transporting the products.

The Sierra Club recommends you seek a deck builder that is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. These builders will have advanced knowledge of eco-friendly practices.

Icing the cake

The accessories - furniture and decor items - that you add to your outdoor environment should be as green as possible, too. Choose patio and deck furniture made from eco-friendly materials, such as recycled plastic (but avoid anything that contains PVC), reclaimed wood or FCS-certified wood. Rehabilitating older iron or wood furniture is also a great way to achieve a singular look while keeping those items out of landfills.

Opt for decor items that minimize their impact on the environment while providing maximum impact on how great your space looks. For example, a wallpaper mural can create an eye-catching focal point and set the tone for your outdoor room. Yet traditional mural painting can be expensive and traditional wallpaper can involve less-than-eco-friendly paste. A removable wallpaper mural creates a striking visual in outdoor spaces without the need for paste or glue. Murals Your Way offers a high-end product that can be moved and reused hundreds of times without losing adhering qualities. Plus, it clings to virtually any flat surface, including glass. You can choose from a myriad of graphic patterns, nature scenes and other images, or have the company produce a custom mural from your original photograph or artwork. Learn more at

Continue the eco-friendly theme with lighting for your deck and patio. It's easy to find a variety of solar-powered accent lights online and in home improvement stores across the country. You can even find decorative post caps for your deck railing that are solar-powered. Solar lights create a soft glow at night and provide accent illumination without the expense - and carbon impact - of electric power.

Finally, as you're landscaping, keep sustainability in mind. By choosing plants native to your region, you not only minimize the transportation impact involved in getting the plant from the production point to point-of-sale, you can also ensure they'll require less watering and work to thrive.

Plants native to your environment are pre-disposed to do well in your backyard. Be sure to choose plants that will do well in your particular setting, too. For example, if your backyard is very shady, plant greenery that requires less sun. If your yard gets a lot of sun throughout the day, choose plants that can stand up to hours of sunlight without the need for extensive irrigation. Check with your local agricultural extension to find out what plants will do well in your environment. The U.S. Department of Agriculture provides a free online listing of extensions throughout the country.