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Rebuild Northwest Florida announces rental program

Rebuild Northwest Florida announces rental program!
 Details below. 

Residential Hurricane Mitigation Program – ESCAMBIA COUNTY RENTAL UNITS
PURPOSE: REBUILD’s Residential Hurricane Mitigation Program – Escambia County Rental Units is designed to help rental property owners fortify their house(s). Mitigation construction projects are restricted to REBUILD’s structural engineer’s recommendations and will vary with each home. Program participation is voluntary. However, if the owner elects to participate in the program, the owner must agree to the completion of all mitigation measures recommended by the engineer. This program is restricted to the following approved mitigation categories:
 Roof Deck Attachment
Bracing and/or Sheathing Gable Ends
Reinforcing Roof-to-Wall Connections
Opening Protection, includes Shutters and Skylights
Exterior Doors, includes Garage Doors
TYPE OF ASSISTANCE: 50% of the total project cost is paid by a FEMA Mitigation Grant
50% of the total project cost is paid by the Owner
PAYMENT PROCESS: The cash match is due in two payments.
1. First there is a payment of $350.00 per property that is due before the property will be inspected. Property inspections are required to participate in the program. With the applicant’s approval, REBUILD may schedule an inspection (not necessarily in any priority order) prior to the close of the initial (or any subsequent) application period. An inspection does not guarantee the project will be approved or funded.
2. If the project is approved, the second payment is 50% of the estimated construction costs including construction management and associated administrative costs. These costs will be clearly detailed for you and payment will be due in full before construction work can begin.
1. The house must be located in Escambia County, Florida.
2. The structure must be a single family, site-built home. (The property cannot be a mobile or manufactured home, an apartment, duplex or townhome.)
3. The house must be used primarily as a part of the community’s rental housing stock. (The property cannot be a homestead property, second home, or vacation home.)
4. The house must be built before the adoption of the 2002 building codes.
5. The owner must be willing to be the primary contact and will be required to coordinate all inspection and construction scheduling with the tenant.
6. The owner will advise tenant of all project activity and will obtain required tenant permissions.
7. Applicant must provide documentation proving rental status of home.
FAIR AND EQUAL ACCESS: An important element of the new REBUILD Rental Program is fair and equal access for all owners of houses that might be eligible. Should total applications received by REBUILD for this program exceed the limited funding that is available, prioritization will be as established as set forth in REBUILD’s "Residential Hurricane Mitigation Program – Escambia County Rental Units" (Prioritization Policy), receipt of which applicant acknowledges as evidenced by their signature at the end hereof. A summary of the Prioritization Policy is set forth below, but in the event of any conflict between the summary below and the actual Prioritization Policy, the Prioritization Policy shall control. Prioritization Policy summary is as follows:

For more information, contact Rebuild Northwest Florida at (850) 497-7024 or visit them online at http://www.rebuildnwf.org/ 

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