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Best & Worst Months to Lease Your Home

Rental Market Slows for Winter
Great news for renters but bad news for landlords!

Have you heard the phrase timing is everything? That surely seems to be true in real estate.  Every year, we see a slow down in the Pensacola rental market during the fall and winter months.  Simple laws of supply and demand are to blame for this as fewer people move in the winter months therefore more inventory is available.

The good news here is for renters; since this is the slowest time of the year for Pensacola rentals, consider it one of the best times to make your move! Landlords are more flexible with lease terms and offer lower rents.  In addition, there are more rentals available during this time period allowing for more options for you.

Best and Worst months to lease your home
# of homes rented monthly in Pensacola~ 
I have analyzed statistics from the Pensacola MLS over the last five years to determine the best and worst months for landlords to lease a home in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties.

Worst Months to Lease your Home in Pensacola: 
1. November
2. December
3. September
4. October

Here are some tips for landlords to combat the slow winter months:

  • Price competitively. In summer, we are able to experiment with raising rental prices. 
  • Offer a move in incentive.  Some owners offer a discount off the first month's rent or slightly reduced deposits if tenants are well qualified. 
  • Offer a 7 Month lease. This will allow for flexibility for renters and put your lease expiration at a better time of the year for future leasing. 

Best Months to Lease Your home in Pensacola :
1. May
2. June
3. July
4. February

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