Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pensacola Celebrates 100 years of Naval Avaition!! Homecoming Blue Angel Show

Pensacola Centennial Celebration 

Pensacola residents anxiously await the Blue Angels Homecoming Show in November at the Naval Air Station every year.

Our broker Ret. Navy Captain Pam Keen was at the show this Saturday and brought back a few pics to share with you!

The Navy is celebrating it's 100th year in Naval Aviation. In 1911, the Navy adapted the Curtiss A-1 Triad as the Navy's first official aircraft. This year, the Navy flew an exact replica of the Curtiss Triad at the show.

The dress rehearsal was held on November 11th with the full show on Saturday, November 12th.
The local news journal reported that over 101,000 residents came out to watch the show this year! The show began at 9 am and the Blue Angels flew at 2pm.

The Famous Fat Albert also flew both days at NAS. The Blue Angels use the C-130T Hercules nicknamed 'Fat Albert' for carrying spare parts and equipment and transporting support personnel between shows.

To view the full schedule of all the activities for the weekend, visit
The Friday night show also hosted a 29 minute firework display.

The show also featured the ShockWave Jet Truck which runs holds a world record for speed= running over 300 mph and attempts to outrun airplanes.

The Blue Angels have been flying in shows since June 15, 1946 when they hosted their first show in Jacksonville, FL. Today, We are proud to be Pensacola: Home of the Blue Angels!

Next year's Blue Angel Homecoming show in Pensacola is scheduled for November 2nd and 3rd so mark your calendars!  You can also catch the summer show at the beach which is scheduled for Saturday, July 14th, 2012. 

The Blue Angels perform more than 70 shows yearly with two shows in Pensacola, FL. To view the full Blue Angels Schedule, visit their website here:

For more information about the Blue Angel Pilots- visit their 60 question FAQ page here:

To plan your trip for next year, visit the official website of the air show here: 

Base employees were also allowed free air rides in the T-28. Above to the left, see Gene Roy, retired Navy and current civil service member, happily riding in a T-28. His wife, Fern Roy, is our beloved administrative assistant.

We love and appreciate our military's service and dedication to our country and to our home town!! 
We offer military discounts on property management services as well as on rental application fees.

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