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The New Landlord: Changes to FL Landlord Tenant Law

The New Landlord: Changes to FL Landlord/ Tenant Law
Make sure the changes to your lease are completed by January 1, 2014. 

As a landlord, you may be subject to several governing bodies including but not limited to:

  • Fair Housing Laws
  • State & Federal Landlord/ Tenant Laws
  • State Real Estate Commission
  • Department of Business & Professional Regulations

Educating yourself on these developing laws proves to be a challenge. 

As a landlord, the written lease agreement you use with your tenant is your most important tool. You should ensure your lease agreement protects your investment and your liability.  Your lease should outline all terms of the residency, including rental rate, payment terms, lease length, and maintenance responsibilities for both the landlord and tenant. 

Your state may require certain clauses to appear in your lease agreement, especially regarding tenant security deposits. If you fail to make the proper disclosures, you could forfeit your right to retain your tenants deposit even when there are damages. Additionally, a judge can throw your case out if your lease is deemed "illegal" or "invalid."  

Because of these reasons, Realty Masters has an attorney on retainer that helps us draft our lease agreements. They also keep us up to date on current and upcoming legislation or changes to FL laws that could affect our lease agreements.  

The FL Landlord Tenant Laws were amended this summer and new changes to the law must appear in your lease agreements by January 1, 2014.  Visit our website for a complete listing of changes to the FL Landlord Tenant Law

If you have questions about your lease agreement, we suggest you consult an attorney today to ensure your lease is legal and protects you. 

This is the third article of our new blog series "The New Landlord: Tips & Tricks for the Profitable Landlord." 

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