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The New Landlord: Importance of Property Managers

The New Landlord:  Importance of Property Managers
Pam Brantley interviewed by Small Business Trendsetters.

Our broker Pam Brantley appeared in Small Business Trendsetters April column.

The article, entitled, Pensacola Realtor Pam Brantley Discusses The Importance Of Having An Experienced Property Manager, summarizes Pam's history in Pensacola Real Estate and also highlights some of the main reasons it's important to hire a professional property manager.  

Pensacola Property Management Pam Brantley Realty Masters
Pam Brantley, Realty Masters Broker & USNR
 According to Pam, experience is key in successfully managing your home and your tenants. According to the article, "She has been in the business for 35 years now, and has probably encountered every imaginable scenario and has put policies in place."

To summary the article, other key factors when managing your investment property include:

  • Tenant screening
  • Landlord Tenant Law knowledge
  • Home Values
  • Maintenance & Repair knowledge
  • Connections with reputable vendors

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This is the seventh article of our blog series "The New Landlord: Tips & Tricks for the Profitable Landlord."  Make sure to follow our blog for more advice on how to be an effective landlord!  

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