Are your colorful walls costing you money?

Is your color costing you $$$?
Take a good look around your house and ask yourself!

Most of us are not HGTV design stars. More often than not, when  we try to customize and decorate our walls with bold, bright colors, the result is not what we anticipated! 
Take for example, these patterned and sponge painted walls.

Paint your walls neutral if you intend on renting or selling!
Time consuming projects such as these don't always produce the intended results!
These projects are time consuming and require a lot of money and energy to produce. While you may enjoy them, the majority of the public will not. When it's time to rent or sell your home, you need to examine the colors in your home and ask yourself a few questions:

Do these colors appeal to the masses?
Will ihese colors match someone elses furniture?
Will the wall colors or patterns distract the buyer or renter?
Will they get past the pictures and come look at your home?

Sometimes, it's not a specific color, but a combination of colors that do not mesh well together! And some colors we love, but wouldn't want to see a whole room painted in them. Unless you have a great sense of style, we suggest staying away from any paint colors that are too bright, too dark, neon, or using a combination of too many colors.

Bright neon colors do not appeal to the majority of renters or buyers!
Bright colors do not release a calming, inviting tone that neutral paint colors tend to!

First impressions are everything! Especially when you are trying to rent or sell your home, wall colors matter.  If your walls are personalized with bold colors, get rid of them!

Neutral wall colors are more appealing
to the general public at whole!
Studies show that neutral colors throughout a home are preferred to brightly colored or patterned walls.  A calming neutral tone throughout your home can increase your property's value and decrease the amount of time on the market. So break out your paint brushes, find the right neutral color for you, and get to painting! 

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