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Bayview Park: Our favorite community (DOG) park in Pensacola!

Bayview Park: the best dog park in town.
HUGE Pet-friendly park located in East Hill near downtown Pensacola

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Layout of Bayview Park

Fantastic Children's Park!
East Hill is known for its parks. The playground offers separate areas for younger and older children including two sets of swings and two sets of plaground equipment. The older playground set has some rusted metal pulled back on the grated walkway and could present a danger to your child so always check the equipment prior to letting your child use it! The newer playground is in great condition and I woudl suggest using it instead of the older equipment. In addition, the park has a small rock climbing wall and fun spinny toy I have to post a picture of because I can't explain.

      Cool rock climbing wall~

Tennis Courts
Bayview Park features 6 full sized tennis courts in a separate fenced in area near the parking lot off E Mallory Street. The courts area very clean and in good condition. While they stay busy, I've never had to wait to use a court. The courts even offer night time lighting. Best of all, the tennis courts overlook Bayou Texar and offer an awesome sunset view! Definitely one of the nicest tennis facilities (free!) that I have found in the Pensacola area.

Dog Beach
There are 3 separate fenced in areas for dogs at Bayview Park. Two area located on the opposite side of the main parking lot off N 20th Ave. One is for larger dogs and one is for smaller dogs- you can allow your dogs off their lease in this area. The other fenced in dog area is known as the dog beach and is right along the beach on Bayou Texar. Dogs can swim in the Bayou and there's even a platform in the Bayou for your dog to play on!
Dog Beach at Bayview Park in Pensacola, FL~

Fenced in dog park along Bayou Texar at Bayview Park~

Public Boat Launch
Bayview Dog Park has a public boat launch into Bayou Texar. You can leave your vehicle during the day. Usually there is plenty of parking.
There are many areas where people fish at Bayview Park. I'm not sure I would eat anything I caught from Bayou Texar but it's a fun hobby anyways and there's plenty of dock space to fish here!
In the spring time, I see tons of kayakers in the Bayou! The water is usually very calm and isn't too deep around the park and bridge areas.  I'm surely not a professional kayaker but I rate Bayview Park one of the best places in town to kayak!
Bird Watching
I've seen almost every type of bird native to Pensacola at Bayview Park! There's also an extraordinary number of squirrels the dogs love to chase.

Paddle Sport Rentals
Visit this blog entry to view more information about Bayview Park's newest attraction- Pensacola Paddle Sport Rentals which rents out kayaks, pedal boats, paddle boards and more!

Oyster Reefs
This past Saturday, a group of volunteers joined together to build oyster reefs along the shore at Bayview Park. They built the reefs in an attempt to improve the water quality and protect the shoreline. Most of the volunteers were from UWF and an organization called Clean & Green.
Walking/ Jogging Track
There's a paved concrete walking track that surrounds the perimeter of Bayview Park. We often walk/ job on it for exercise in the spring and summer. It's a nice course- it starts around by the water and finishes by the parking lot. There are a few hills on the route, especially near the tennis courts, but it makes for a challenging walk. I believe three laps around is just over a mile. Sometimes, you may find people biking/ rollerblading/ skateboarding on the track so just be cautious. Our favorite part about the walking  track is looking at all the beautiful older homes that border Bayview Park, located on N 20th Ave. and E. Mallory Street! Some of my favorite East Hill homes border this park.
Homes for Sale along Bayview Park
1637 N 20th Ave-  $679,000. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. This is a newer home built in 2000 and features over 3400 square feet. Features all the upgrades! Gourmet kitchen with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and travertine floors. Small yard with an inground pool and detached 2 car garage. It even features an upper deck balcony/patio. Beautiful home!
I didnt find any other homes currently for sale bordering the Dog Park, but I did find this cool zillow map showing estimated property values. Of course, there are no homes for rent that border Bayview park, but there are a few homes for rent in East Hill right now so email me if you are interested at and I'll send you a list!

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