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Family Fun in Pensacola: Water sport rentals at Bayview Park

Kayaking, paddle boarding, & more close to home!
Parks & recreation is now offering Paddle Sport rentals at Bayview Park.

A new business called Pensacola Paddle Sport Rentals has moved to everyone's favorite dog park, Bayview Park in East Hill Pensacola (2007 E. Lloyd Street, Pensacola, FL 32503). You can now rent kayaks, paddle boards, and even a snark sailboat, by the hour, in Bayou Texar.  

kayak rentals at Bayview Park
A kayaker kays by Pensacola PaddleSport Rentals located at Bayview Park in Southeast Pensacola!

Local residents enjoy return a kayak to the shores of Bayview Park~
Snark Sailboat sails in Bayou Texar
Pricing & Water Sport Rentals available at Bayview Park
  • Single Kayaks ~ $9 per hour
  • Tandem Kayaks ~ $14 per hour
  • Row Boat~ $14 per hour
  • Pedal Boat ~ $14 per hour
  • Snark Sailboat w/ lesson ~ $16 per hour
  • Paddleboards ~ $20 per hour
Rental rates include tax and a free bottle of water! Prices subject to verification.
Water Sport Rentals available at Bayview Park in Pensacola

Actual no swimming sign at
Bayview Park?!
A Word to the Wise
As a Pensacola native, I have heard many concerns about the water quality in Bayou Texar.  I've always been told not to fish, or swim, in Bayou Texar. A combination of factors have, presently and historically, affected the water quality in the local bayous including ubran runoff, chemicals from plants, fecal content from animals at the dog park, and stormwater runoff. Because of this, I wouldn't reccommend this as a great place to learn to paddle bord or kayak as you could very likely fall in.
But, hey, what do I know? According to a report by the University of West Florida, "The State of Florida classifies Bayou Texar as suitable for recreational uses and as suitable for the propagation of fish and wildlife" For more information on this report, view it here. Bayou Texar does have great scenery including beautiful homes to observe as well as abundant wildlife to enjoy.

Hundreds of dogs enjoy the Dog Beach at Bayview Park weekly~

My Ride in Bayou Texar

We rode all the way to the Graffiti Bridge!
I recently went to Bayview Park and rented a tandem kayak from Pensacola PaddleSport rentals. The staff was friendly, there was no wait, and we had a great time.

In under an hour, we kayaked from Bayview Park to the Graffiti Bridge in Pensacola Bay and back. There are not as many boats in this area, so it makes it more desirable for kayaking! During the ride, we encountered several other water sport renters including a snark sailboat and a pedal boat, and both couples seemed to be having an equally enjoyable time.

It's affordable, convenient, and a great way to enjoy all that our beautiful area has to offer! I would highly recommend using the professional Paddle Sport Rental services at Bayview Park.

For more information on Bayview Park, visit our blog on Bayview Park here.

For more information on Pensacola Paddle Sport Rentals, visit their website here or call (850) 255-5423. 

View of waterfront homes along Bayou Texar- makes for a relaxing ride!
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