Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Article from Pensacola News Journal on Housing Stats!

We found this great article written by Carlton Proctor ( in the November Pensacola News Journal in regards to housing stats in Pensacola. Check it out in case you missed it!

"Housing stats offers some encouragement. But for one notable number, the Pensacola Association of Realtor’s October report on the local housing market’s sales and prices would be nothing exceptional to write about.
The number of single family homes sold last month- 342- was nearly identical to the previous month, and the month before that.  The median sales price of homes sagged falling from $149,000 a year ago to $145,000 last month. 
And the average number of days a house stayed on the market before selling was 145, up slightly from 142 in October 2010. 

But of all the numbers in the association’s report last month, there was one number that stood out. 
At the end of October, there were 3,910 unsold homes in the two-county area. 
Why is that number significant?
It’s the first time in nearly seven years that the two-county inventory of unsold homes has dipped below 4,000.
In October 2010, the unsold home inventory was 4,819, and three years ago it was 6,000.
While still high, this slow but steady shrinking of inventory is the surest sign the market is trying to consolidate itself and begin a long, sustained climb back to normalcy.

The question is: Will the trend continue?
If you talk to local experts, most will tell you privately there is little on the housing market landscape that portends a robust recovery anytime soon.
But if the slow and steady shrinking inventory continues, eventually prices will start climbing. And that’s something every homeowner should welcome with open arms.”
--Thanks to Mr. Proctor and the PNJ for sharing that article!

Just a few additional notes:

*Of the 342 homes sold in October, the average price was $160,860 with a median price of $140,000.  Homes sold ranged in price from $8,100 for a 1 bedroom 1 bath 600 square foot house in downtown Pensacola to $950,000 for a 5,100 square foot waterfront/ golf-course home in Gulf Breeze.

*The number of homes RENTED is still exceeding the number of homes sold. While 342 homes were sold in October, 382 homes in Santa Rosa / Escambia County were rented during the month of October!  The average rental rate is $947 with a median price of $875. Apartments rented as low as $295 with luxury waterfront homes renting as high as $3,000 in October.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pensacola Celebrates 100 years of Naval Avaition!! Homecoming Blue Angel Show

Pensacola Centennial Celebration 

Pensacola residents anxiously await the Blue Angels Homecoming Show in November at the Naval Air Station every year.

Our broker Ret. Navy Captain Pam Keen was at the show this Saturday and brought back a few pics to share with you!

The Navy is celebrating it's 100th year in Naval Aviation. In 1911, the Navy adapted the Curtiss A-1 Triad as the Navy's first official aircraft. This year, the Navy flew an exact replica of the Curtiss Triad at the show.

The dress rehearsal was held on November 11th with the full show on Saturday, November 12th.
The local news journal reported that over 101,000 residents came out to watch the show this year! The show began at 9 am and the Blue Angels flew at 2pm.

The Famous Fat Albert also flew both days at NAS. The Blue Angels use the C-130T Hercules nicknamed 'Fat Albert' for carrying spare parts and equipment and transporting support personnel between shows.

To view the full schedule of all the activities for the weekend, visit
The Friday night show also hosted a 29 minute firework display.

The show also featured the ShockWave Jet Truck which runs holds a world record for speed= running over 300 mph and attempts to outrun airplanes.

The Blue Angels have been flying in shows since June 15, 1946 when they hosted their first show in Jacksonville, FL. Today, We are proud to be Pensacola: Home of the Blue Angels!

Next year's Blue Angel Homecoming show in Pensacola is scheduled for November 2nd and 3rd so mark your calendars!  You can also catch the summer show at the beach which is scheduled for Saturday, July 14th, 2012. 

The Blue Angels perform more than 70 shows yearly with two shows in Pensacola, FL. To view the full Blue Angels Schedule, visit their website here:

For more information about the Blue Angel Pilots- visit their 60 question FAQ page here:

To plan your trip for next year, visit the official website of the air show here: 

Base employees were also allowed free air rides in the T-28. Above to the left, see Gene Roy, retired Navy and current civil service member, happily riding in a T-28. His wife, Fern Roy, is our beloved administrative assistant.

We love and appreciate our military's service and dedication to our country and to our home town!! 
We offer military discounts on property management services as well as on rental application fees.

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Energy efficiency tips & CASH rebates from Gulf Power!

The staff at Realty Masters want to ensure all of our owners and tenants are aware of the many new programs offered by Gulf Power!  When every penny counts, we should all be aware of special offers and incentives that are now available. Keeping your home "tuned up" and runnning at its peak performance is key as we go into the winter months.
If you have been considering purchasing any new appliances such as a refrigerator, stove, window a/c unit, or other devices, Gulf Power now offers incentives and free haul off for purchasing a more effecient appliance. There are deadlines and resrtictions so please carefully review all the requirements on their website. The items shown below are all avaiable and can save you $$$ !

Use the links below to get information on the valuable rebates that Gulf Power is offering. The rebates are good through December 1, 2011 and qualify for any purchases made on appliances or other home system between June 1, 2011 and December 1, 2011. For more information visit the Gulf Power Website or contact our agent Bob Supinger, who has received $600 in valuable rebates this year from Gulf Power!  You can reach him at

·  Energy Checkup - free analysis of the energy efficiency of your home is the first step to find ways to use less energy and save money. Go online to answer a few questions about your home and appliances, and you'll get an analysis with recommendations - from quick, no-cost tips to smart investments - for making your home more efficient. Or call us to have someone assist you with the online check-up or schedule a Check-Up at your home. If you are building a new home, call us to receive a free pre-construction analysis that includes heating and cooling system sizing and building envelope recommendations.
·  Heating and cooling - maintenance program for central heating and cooling systems provides discounts up to $215 on routine maintenance, up to $300 for ductwork repair, $150 for fan motor replacement, and up to $1,000 for a new heat pump system or $500 per ton for geothermal systems
·  Water heating - $700 to install a heat pump water heater
·  Windows - $1.00 per square foot for qualified windows or film
·  Insulation - $0.15 per square foot for additional insulation in existing homes
·  Roofing - $0.25 for a qualified reflective roof
·  Pool pumps - $600 for a variable speed pool pump
·  Energy Select - free installation of Energy Select, an interactive system that includes a programmable thermostat that allows central heating and cooling system, electric water heater and pool pump to automatically respond to varying prices of electricity depending upon the time of day, day of week and season
·  Appliances - toward purchase of ENERGY STAR® refrigerator $50; freezer $25; window AC unit $75; clothes washer $75
·  Appliance recycling - $35 plus free pickup of older, inefficient refrigerators and freezers used as secondary appliances
·  EarthCents Home program - why build or buy a Gulf Power EarthCents home?
·  Electric Vehicles - low-cost, off-peak rates for electric vehicle charging

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Saving Money- Plumbing tips & recommendations for Pensacola, FL

Tip of the week!

Save big $$$ by peventing water leaks in your home.

Homes built more than 20 years ago may start to develope water leaks in your kitchen, bathroom, and at the water heater. With utility prices going through the roof, its time to ensure your plumbing is working properly and that you are not watching valuable water go down the drain!

Every homeowner and tenant needs to educate themselves on common areas of concern within the home. If there is a major leak (such as a broken water supply line to the toilet)
tenants must know immediately where to find the main shut off valve. They are normally located near the street and in front of the home. They are found housed in a black plastic box buried in the ground with an access lid. If they havent been used in a long time, they may be covered by grass/weeds etc and very tough to find.

Leaks tend to occur when you are least prepared and its vital to know (even in the dark) where to find this box and how to turn off the water going into your home. Evrey minute counts so its good to review the location yearly and ensure your familiar with the valve and how to turn it off. Many may require a large wrench as they tend to get sticky and can be impossible to turn by hand. Locating the proper tool or wrench  to turn the handle can be tough late at nite and remember the water is still flowing while you're looking for it. This extra time can cause extensive damage and flooding in the home.  Be prepared and if going away from home (on vacation etc) its best to consider shutting off the water to the home.

The bathroom tub spout, diverters, knobs, and shower heads will also start leaking after time. Toilet fill and flapper valves must be replaced every few years and are common water gobblers! The rubber deteriorates after time and gets soft allowing water to escape and makes the fill valve run continually. They often go un-noticed and dont get replaced until hundreds of gallons of water have been wasted! Minerals (such as iron) build up in the shower heads and must be chemically cleaned regularly to work properly. These problems can waste precious water and are often easy and fairly inexpensive repairs.

Lowes/Home Depot offer free basic classes for the novice on these types of repairs. To check out a list of local classes in the area, call the store closest to you:

Lowes-  (North Pensacola) 1201 Airport Blvd, Pensacola - (850) 857-7900
(West Pensacola) 4301 West Fairfield Drive, Pensacola - (850) 453-0159
(Northwest Pensacola) 777 West Nine Mile Road, Pensacola - (850) 316-3359
Home Depot-  (North Pensacola) 5309 North Davis Highway, Pensacola - (850) 478-9493
(West Pensacola) 4525 Mobile Highway, Pensacola - (850) 453-3348
(Northwest Pensacola) 541 West 9 Mile Road, Pensacola - (850) 476-1641

 A licensed plumber is also worth calling (especially with older homes) to inspect your entire system and to help ensure no water is leaking into walls causing mold/mildew. External faucets should also be checked as the rubber seals wear and after time start leaking.

Realty Masters uses reputable, licensed and insured plumbers who are available at reasonale prices to inspect your home today. For more information, contact one of our preferred vendors:

  • Rivers Plumbing & Gas - (850) 554-2803  -great all around plumber who can also work with gas appliances!
  • Maintenance Plus- John Harris- (850) 255-0500 - minor plumbing repairs only!
  • Arto's Sewer & Drain-  (850) 438-9418  -perfect for tree roots grown into lines, etc.
  • The Friendly Plumber - 4300 Hollywood Avenue, Pensacola  (850) 434-3181  - good all around plumber!
  • American Leak Detection- 2623 South Highway 29, Cantonment, FL 32533-8542(850) 473-0203 - we only call them when we have to! Very expensive but knowledgable plumbers who can locate leaks better than any in town! Preffered for major plumbing issues like slab leaks, etc.
  • Roto Rooter- 2376 West Nine Mile Road, Pensacola, FL 32534  (850) 477-7349 If you need a septic tank pumped, make sure to tell them to bring the pump machine!
We hope this information helps you - please call our office at (850) 473 3983 should you have any questions or feel free to contact us via email

Bob Supinger, Realtor  (850) 207-0912

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