Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Basic Principles of Real Estate~

Principles of Real Estate in Pensacola
Pensacola Rental Homes
Back to the Basics of Real Estate~
Don't overlook the basic principles behind real estate.

Often we get too involved with the details of a property, that we forget (or overlook) the basics. There are certain necessities that cannot be overlooked in real estate. A few examples:

· Location, location, location- Better locations demand higher prices.
· Adequate Parking- with 2 spots per unit & space to accommodate occasional guests
· Heating and Air- in Florida this is a necessity
· Washer/ Dryer connections- Who likes (or has time to go to) a Laundromat?
Not having these basic necessities can affect your bottom line drastically, especially when owning rental properties.
Likewise, consider these basic ideas or principles behind valuing real estate that often get overlooked. Every buyer should consider these principles before purchasing real estate.
·        Principle of Substitution- This principle states that a buyer is only willing to pay the amount of money they would pay for a similar, equally desirable property. This is why real estate agents and appraisers use comparable home sales to value homes.

·        Principle of Conformity-This is important and often overlooked. This principle states that property values are enhanced when homes are in a neighborhood and surrounded by other homes of similar age, size, construction, and style. For example, a new construction home located in an area with mobile homes or multi-family apartments.

·        Principle of Supply and Demand- The relationship between the amount of homes available and the demand for homes in that area.  This relationship changes and results in either a buyer or seller market. If there a surplus of homes for sale or rent, the prices will decrease if demand is low.

·        Principle of Anticipation- Believing that a property can produce income or will build equity and yield a higher price in the future. This is especially true for investment properties. A property’s value today is influenced by its future ability to earn income.

Make sure to consider the basic when looking to purchase your next real estate investment. If you are interested in purchasing a property in the Pensacola, FL area, give us a call.

Until next time,

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hurricane Preparedness Graphic

Review this Hurricane Preparedness Infographic and discover the Top 3 ways to seal and secure your property before hurricane season arrives.Hurricane Prepardness Graphics~
Nationwide advises: "seal and secure" your home!

Tropical Storm Isaac is now predicted to be a category 2 upon landfall on the Gulf Coast! While we are still not sure exactly what areas the storm will directly impact, residents all along the Gulf Coast are preparing.

I found this informational graphic today on Nationwide's website and thought I'd share it with you guys!

It provides a few more ways to secure your home prior to a hurricane. You can never be too prepared for these types of storms.

This motivated us to make our own infographic concerning hurricane preparations! Here is is, let us know what you think!
Are you preparing for the storm? Tell us how.

Stay safe Pensacola!
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Provided by Nationwide Insurance

Friday, August 24, 2012

Gulf Coast prepares for possible Hurricane "Isaac"

Tropical Storm Isaac approaches Gulf of Mexico
The Pensacola area begins preparations for possible impact from Hurricane Isaac

 We are carefully watching tropical storm Isaac.  Currently, the Pensacola area is in the projected path for the storm with expected landfall of middle of next week. Luckily, the storm is only projected to be a category 1, however, we should take this storm seriously and plan accordingly for some type of tropical weather.
Screenshot from Weather Underground of current projection~
The National Weather Service will issue a tropical storm or hurricane watch within 24-36 hours of hurricane conditions. Local emergency management advises residents to be self-sufficient for 3-14 days. You must make several preparations to prepare for this storm should it impact our area.
Please review the following information in regards to hurricanes including your obligations in securing the home.
Make sure to follow us on Facebook for emergency updates before, during, and after any storm.
Preparations before hurricane
  • Plan ahead. If you don’t already have a plan, make one right now. It’s not too late!
  • Listen to the news! Stay informed at all times. Have a battery operated radio and batteries.
  • Know your evacuation routes. Determine where you would go and how you would get there.
  • Make sure to include your pets in your evacuation plans as most shelters and many hotels do not allow for pets.
  • If you plan on staying in your home, make sure you are prepared with supplies to last 3-14 days. Learn the location of nearby shelters in case you need to leave your home after a storm.
  • Be aware of and abide by all evacuation orders, especially in low lying areas and coastal areas prone to flooding.
  • Fill all vehicles with gas and get cash from the ATM
  • Locate and secure all important papers, including insurance policies, wills, license, etc.
  • Take inventory of your home! Maintain a written list of your possessions. Be specific and include serial numbers. Document with photos and/or video for your insurance company. (Unfortunately, it is too late to secure renters insurance if you do not already have it.)
  • Talk to your children about how and when to call 911.
  • Make sure you have an operable fire extinguisher and everyone knows how to use it.
  • Establish emergency meeting place in case your family gets separated.
Supplies checklist
Local emergency management experts encourage you to have 3-14 days’ worth of supplies.
Florida Hurricane Preparation Infographic~!
___ Large supply of Nonperishable Foods
___ Battery Operated Radio
___ Battery Operated Fan
___ Flashlights & Batteries
___ Insect repellent!
___ Candles & Lighters
___ First Aid Kit and Manual
___ Several clean containers for water and ice. You need at least 5 gallons of water per person.
___ Water purifying supplies like chlorine & iodine tablets
___ Clean bath tub and fill with clean water
___ Fire extinguisher
___ Prescription medicines and/or refills
___ Disposable cleaning cloths
___ Hand sanitizer
___ Personal hygiene products
___ Pet supplies
___ Duct tape and heavy duty gloves
___ Extra blankets, towels, and sleeping bags
___ Baby supplies
___ Car charger for cell phone
___ Grill and propane
___ Walking talkies
___ Paper products like toilet paper, utensils, plates, and even trash bags
___ Prepare emergency supply kit for vehicle with essentials in case you are displaced

Protecting and Securing your Home
  • Bring in all outdoor furniture, decorations, garbage cans, and anything else that is not tied down. These items, if not removed, can cause serious damage to your home or to a neighbor.
  • DO NOT tape your windows. Taping your windows do not provide any sort of protection.
  • Determine if window protection is necessary. If your windows have pre-existing holes and/or pegs on your windows, you should find hurricane shutters in storage in your home. Relatively easily, these panels fit over the windows and secure with bolts and wing nuts. If your property owner has invested in expensive hurricane shutters, please make sure to use them.
  • You are not required to install plywood on your windows and doors. You must have written approval prior to installing plywood on your home so we can obtain authorization from the property owner. Please make sure to properly secure plywood over the windows with hurricane clips being very careful not to damage the siding.
  • Clear clogged rain gutters and downspouts.
  • Make sure to park your vehicle away from trees or any low lying areas prone to flooding.
  • Remove perishable items from fridge and throw out prior to evacuating.
  • Before evacuating, you must turn off the power, water, and gas supply to the home. Please call your utility company or our office with questions.

Safety during Hurricane
  • Do not go outside or try to travel during the storm. Stay indoors until the storm is declared over and be weary of the “eye of the storm” when it appears calm as conditions quickly worsen as the eye passes.
  • Find a safe room in your home that can serve as protection during the worst parts of the storm. Seeking an interior room, with the fewest windows or doors, is the safest option. Many times this area is the bathroom, laundry room or hallway on the first floor of your home.
  • If you lose power during a storm, you should unplug all appliances and turn off the air conditioner system. After receiving power back, wait at least 30 minutes before turning on air conditioner and major appliances to prevent power surges.

After the Hurricane
  • Stay away from downed power lines. Do not attempt to walk or drive through flooded areas. Hidden debris can be very dangerous and depth levels deceiving.
  • Do not use generators inside the home or in an enclosed room. Carbon monoxide poisoning is deadly. Do not wire generators to the breaker box.
  •       Do not attempt to climb on the roof or enter any other hazardous situation.
  • Without power, you will find yourself more exposed to insects. Protect yourself and family from bugs by wearing insect repellent. With recent West Nile Virus outbreaks, this is very important!
  • Report any damage to management immediately. We will dispatch contractors on a triage system as soon as conditions and roads allow. 
  • Make sure to list to officials for instructions. Typically, roads are not passable and curfews are imposed. For your safety, do not leave your home (unless necessary for your safety) until officials say it’s okay to do so. For questions, call Emergency Management.
Important Numbers
Gulf Power- 1-800-487-6937. Use this number to report downed power lines or dangerous conditions. If power is restored to your neighborhood and not your home, you can report it here as well. Before you call, check all circuit breakers and the line going to your meter to ensure it is not damaged.
Escambia County Emergency Management- (850) 471-6400 ~ www.escambia-emergency.com
Santa Rosa County Emergency Management- (850) 983-5360 ~ http://www.santarosa.fl.gov/emergency/
Okaloosa County Emergency Management- (850) 651-7560 ~ http://www.co.okaloosa.fl.us/public_safety.html

Useful web links:
To sign up for Escambia County emergency alerts via text message or email http://www.bereadyescambia.com/?q=emergency-notification-system

Santa Rosa County Evacuation Zone Search- http://santarosa.roktech.net/ags/evac/
Santa Rosa County Evacuation and Shelter Information- http://www.santarosa.fl.gov/emergency/documents/EvacuationShelterOptions.pdf
Stay safe Pensacola!
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Neighborhood Profile: Floridian in Pensacola, FL~

Floridian Subdivision in Pensacola, FL 32526~
Newly developed community within easy drive to NAS & Military Bases
Floridian Subdivision in Pensacola, FL 32526~ Located off Blue Angel Pkwy~

Community Information

The Floridian Community in Northwest Pensacola is a newly developed community located in Northwest Pensacola off Blue Angel Pkwy. There are two phases of the Floridian Subdivision with approximately 128 homes. Development of this community began in 2006 with new construction in the 2nd phase completed in 2011.

View Larger Map

Street names in Subdivision
Street names in the subdivision include the main road Cocoa Dr with the cul-de-sac roads of Tampa Dr., Orlando Ct., Key West Rd., Sarasota St., and Port St. Joe St.

School Districts
Bellview Elementary- A school as of 2011 grades
Bellview Middle School- C School as of 2011 grades
Pine Forest High School- C school as of 2011 grades

To view more information on Escambia County School District and the current school grades, visit their website here.

  • 11 miles to NAS Pensacola back gate
  • 15-20 minutes to Perdido Kids Park & beautiful white sand beaches
  • Within 5 minute drive to grocery shopping!
  • <15 minutes to Pensacola Christian College, Pensacola State College, and Pensacola International Airport
  • Convenient to Navy Federal Credit Union in the Beulah area~

Style of Homes in Floridian

There are a few different style homes in the Floridian community including single story patio homes and two-story cottage homes.  Most of the homes are brick with 2 car garages. They range in square footage from 1,400 to 3,000 square feet with either 3 or 4 bedrooms with 2 full bathrooms.

Example of two-story home in the Floridian Community~

Brick contemporary floor plan with Split Bedroom Floor Plan and high ceilings! 

View of homes in Floridian Community~

Homes for Rent in Floridian

There are currently two homes for rent in the Floridian Community, including a 4/2 we have for rent at 6640 Tampa Drive, Pensacola, FL 32526.  This home is immaculate, with updated hardwood and tiled floors throughout the home. Rental rates in this community range from $895 to $1350 over the last year. Of oourse, rental inventory changes daily. If you are interested in leasing a home in Floridian, email Nicoles@PensacolaRealtyMasters.com for a list of homes in this community and nearby similiar communities.

Homes for Sale in Floridian

There is only one home available for purchase in Floridian and it is a bank owned home! The home is a smaller patio home with around 1400 square feet that is listed for an incredible $92,000.  In the last year, homes in this community have sold between $104,000 to $168,000. If you are interested in purchasing a home in the Floridian community, emai Pam Keen Brantley at Pam@PensacolaRealtyMasters.com or call her at (850) 232-2200.

Floridian Homeowners Association
Homeowners Association professionally managed~
As with most new construction communities, there is an active Floridian Homeowners Association. Prior to renting or purchasing a home in this community, please familiarize yourself with the covenants and restrictions which govern the neighborhood. This association is professionally managed by a local company in Pensacola. Yearly dues are assessed in the amount of $125 and cover association management, common ground maintenance, signage, and enforcing the rules and regulations for the community.

Happy House hunting!
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sunrise from atop of the 3 Mile Bridge~

Sunrise from atop 3 Mile Bridge~
Best view in Pensacola!

There's nothing like the sunrise over Pensacola Bay! Recently, we went on a journey from the top of the 3 Mile Bridge (the bridge between Pensacola and Gulf Breeze) to bring you the best sunrise view in Pensacola!
Sunrise over Pensacola Bay from atop Pensacola's Three Mile Bridge~

If you decide to make this journey, be careful and watch from traffic!

Until next time,
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

West Nile Virus found in Pensacola!

Confirmed Case of West Nile Virus~
Local area residents take extra precautions to guard families against mosquitos.

Yesterday, the Escambia County Health Department released a statement that there has been a confirmed case of West Nile Virus in the Pensacola area. The sometimes deadly virus results when a mosquito carrying the virus bites a human. The health department is warning all residents that there is an "imminent risk “of more people being infected in our area.

We've had an extremely hot, buggy summer in the Florida Panhandle and an increase in complaints from our residents concerning pest control. Experts attribute it to our mild winter. Typically, cold weather and freezes control the bug population. This winters mild temperatures allow for an increase in bugs of all types including flies, ants, fleas, ticks, and of course mosquitos. I guess it's not surprising that West Nile Virus has made its way to our area. The West Nile Virus presents

We spoke with Allen Little from Tombstone Pest Control (850) 232-6698 to bring you the 5 best ways to control mosquitos in the Pensacola area.

1. Keep grass and bushes around your home trimmed. Mosquitos like to hide in shady, cool places during the day. If your yard is higher than your neighbors, be assured mosquitos will live and breed there. Make sure to mow your grass biweekly and trim your shrubs monthly to drastically cut down on mosquitos in your yard.

2. Avoid being outside at dawn and dusk. Mosquitos typically feed and breed at these times.
Eliminating your exposure during these times can drastically reduce your chances of infection.
Abandoned fish pond that is now breeding mosquitos!

3. Eliminate any standing water. Mosquitos breed in these conditions. Water tends to collect in common outdoor items including flower pots, buckets, wheelbarrows and other lawn equipment, sandboxes, children’s toys, unused fish ponds, etc. Also, any items of trash that are left out can collect water and breed mosquitos. Having these items around your home will increase your chances of being bitten.

On a side note- lakes and properly maintained fish ponds do not breed mosqutios the way abandoned ponds do.  Fish and other oganisms help control mosquito populations.

Having a poorly maintained pool like this in your
subdivision will surely bring mosquitos!
4. Report abandoned pools at vacant houses or other areas of standing water. With the current economy, there are some abandoned and/or vacant homes that may have standing water. If you are aware of an abandoned pool or other possible hazard at a home nearby yours, make sure to report it to Code Enforcement. For Escambia County, call (850) 595-1820 and for Santa Rosa County, call (850) 981-7000. The County will send someone over to treat the pool for mosquitos!

5. Always use an insect repellent spray, such as Off! when outdoors. Apply to your skin and to your clothes. Of course, you can also wear protective gear such as long sleeved shirts and pants, but in this Florida heat, bug spray is the obvious choice. If you are worried about the bug spray smell, try our favorite smell, Off! Family Care Tropical Fresh Scent, which comes in a pump spray bottle.

Alarmingly, the West Nile Virus is currently responsible for a local state of emergency in Dallas, Texas as there have been 10 deaths and over 200 illnesses in Dallas this year. Let's make sure we do our part in keeping our city and state safe!
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

National Association of Realtors names Pensacola "Hidden Gem"

Pensacola's housing market dubbed "Hidden Gem on the Rise"
Realtor.com recognizes Pensacola as 1 of 3 housing markets with strong improvement~

Pensacola Florida Housing Market
Penascola, Florida~ City of Five Flags! Chosen as a #17 on
 Top turnaround market by National Association of Realtors

The National Association of Realtors recognizes 10 Top Turnaround Markets every quarter. The list tracks national housing markets and identifies those with steady economic improvement. While Pensacola didn't make quite make the top 10 list, we are currently ranked #17. In addition, Pensacola's housing market also made 2nd place on Realtor.com's Hidden Gem on the Rise list!

The Pensacola housing market was nationally recognized due to fewer days on the market, higher median list prices, and less overflow inventory. A strong military presence was cited as the primary reason for the economic stability in the Pensacola area. Escambia, Santa Rosa, and Okaloosa Counties are all strong military communities, and we are proud to be so!

According to this article, Pensacola has 1 in every 641 homes in foreclosure. The state average for Florida is 1 in every 410 homes in foreclosure. Read the full article on Turnaround Towns available here.

Until next time,
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Neighborhood Profile: Spyglass Point Condos~ Pensacola, FL

Sypglass Point Condos~ Pensacola, FL 32503
Close proximity to Pensacola Bay and downtown Pensacola makes this complex a favorite!

The Spyglass Point Condominiums are located in Southeast Pensacola at 2201 Scenic Hwy, Pensacola, FL 32503 in Escambia County.

View Larger Map
This portion of Pensacola is commonly reffered to as East Pensacola Heights and is <5 miles to the 3 Mile Bridge which leads to the communities of Gulf Breeze and Navarre in Santa Rosa County. The entire area is within a few mile radius of Pensacola Bay. This complex is located along Scenic Hwy, which borders Pensacola Bay from Southeast Pensacola to Northeast Pensacola and is located within the City Limits of Pensacola.
East Pensacola Heights in Southeast Pensacola

Each building houses eight condos with 4 upstairs and 4 downstairs. There are 16 buildings which are lettered A through P.  In total, there are 128 condos in Spyglass Point.
Spyglass Point~ Pensacola, FL 32503~ Condos for rent and sale!

Condos for rent near Pensacola Bay at Spyglass Point
Condos at Spyglass Point in Southeast Pensacola near Pensacola Bay!
Spyglass Point Complex Information
  • 2 Parking spots per unit with guest parking available
  • Complex inground pool with pool furniture
  • Sidewalks in Community
  • 1 bedroom 1 bath floor plan with 651 square feet
  • 2 bedroom 2 bath floor plan with 950 square feet
School Districts:
  • AK Suter Elementary School- A School Rating for 2009-2011
  • J. H. Workman Middle School- C School Rating for 2009-2011
  • Washington High School- B School Rating for 2009-2011
  • <2 miles to Bayou Texar Boat & Bayview Park
  • <15 minutes to Pensacola International Airport, Cordova Mall, Hospitals, schools and more!
  • <5 miles to downtown Pensacola, 3 Mile Bridge & I-10
Homeowners Association at Spyglass Pointe Condos
There is an active homeowners association which manages the complex. The association dues are $1,920 per year or $160 monthly.  The association provides lawn maintenance, trash, common ground maintenance, pool care, pest control, exterior insurance, and professional management of the complex.

Condos for Rent at Spyglass Point
Spyglass Point Condos Pensacola FL
Building at Spyglass Point in Southeast Pensacola ~
Convenient to Schools, Shopping and More!
There are is curently one condo for rent at Spyglass Point, 2201 Scenic Hwy #B-7, which is an upstairs unit at the front of the complex closer to Pensacola Bay. It's listed for $725. During the first half of 2012, several 2 bedroom 2 bath condos rented in this community for $695- $725. A 1 bedroom was also available and rented for $600 monthly. Availability goes fast in this location! Looking for a condo for rent in Spyglass Point? Email NicoleS@PensacolaRealtyMasters.com for availability and check our website at www.PensacolaRealtyMasters.com

Condos for Sale at Spyglass Point
There are currently two condos currently available for purchase on Pensacola MLS at Spyglass Point. They are priced competitively at $69,000 and $79,000. While sales prices over the last year average around $60,000, condos at Spyglass Point have sold as little as $35,000 for a 1 bedroom and $135,000 for a 2 bedroom. The most recent sale in the complex was a 2 bedroom short sale that sold for $45,000 cash. Interested in purchasing a condo at Spyglass Point? Call local real estate expert Pamela Keen Brantley at (850) 232-2200.
Can't find what you are looking for in Spyglass Point? You're in luck.  Spyglass Point has a twin named Windchase Bay located at 2299 Scenic Hwy, Pensacola, FL 32503.

Happy House Hunting!  Over 45 rental homes and apartments available in the Pensacola area- visit our website www.PensacolaRealtyMasters.com to view them.

Until next time,
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bushwacker 5K Pensacola Beach~

Bushwacker 5K in Pensacola Beach 2012~
Approximately 1,500 people participate in 2012 Buschwacker 5K

Bushwacker 5K Route
to Pensacola Beach~
Approximately 1,300 runners and walkers competed in this weekends annual Bushwaker 5K on Saturday, August 3, 2012. The 3.2 mile race began at 7:30 am in Gulf Breeze Proper at Shoreline Park and ended at the Pensacola Beach Vistors Information Center.  Runners from all over the Gulf Coast attended the event.

According to active.com, Pensacola resident Ian Bordelon came in first place for men. He completed the race in a mere 15 minutes and 51 seconds. Pensacola resident Jackie Kosawoski took home the gold for the females with a time of 19 minutes and 30 seconds.
Pensacola Beach Bushwacker 5K Run
Runners line up by Shoreline Park in Gulf Breeze to begin the race!
 The race kicked off the beginning of the Bushwacker Festival 2012 held annually on Pensacola Beach. The festival celebrates our favorite hometown alcoholic beverage- the Pensacola Bushwacker. The Pensacola Bushwacker is made with vanilla ice cream and a variety of rum and liquers.

Runners make their way over the Pensacola Beach Bridge for charity during the Bushwacker 5K Run~

After the race, the Capt'N Fun Runners throw a great party with food, music, prizes and even alcohol!

Party is held after the Bushwacker 5K on Pensacola Beach's Quietwater Boardwalk~

My friends Megan, Amelia and I before
the Bushwacker 5K Run 2012~
A group of friends and I ran this race to support the local community. The main beneficiary of this charity event was Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Florida. This group matches adults in the local community, dubbed "Big Brothers and Sisters" with school aged youth in the community, dubbed "Little Brothers and Sisters." The pair meet weekly during the school year to share stories, spend time, and study together.  This program is very rewarding, and mentors are in high demand, especially male mentors! If you are interested in being a mentor in Escambia or Santa Rosa County, please contact BBBS of NWFL or call (850) 433-5437.

For more information on the Capt'N Fun Runners or the Annual Pensacola Beach Bushwacker 5K, contact Capt'n Fun Runners on Pensacola Beach. This is an annual race, so if you missed it this year, make sure to add it to your calendar for the first weekend of August 2013!

Until next time,
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Saturday, August 4, 2012

What to do if you get bit by a shark!!

What to do if you encounter a shark~ 
Our best tips on avoiding dangerous marine life in the Gulf Coast waters.
Most people have a normal fear of sharks and other potentially dangerous marine life in the Gulf Coast area. We share the Gulf Coast with abundant marine wildlife. Because we can't easily see what lives beneath the surface of our water, its easy to forget that there are several species of sharks that also call the Gulf Coast home.
While shark attacks are not common, it is always a frightening possibility. In fact, earlier this week, a great white shark attacked a man near Cape Cod at Ballston Beach. Locally, in 2001, an 8-year-old boy was attacked by a bull shark in Pensacola Beach near Fort Pickens. We want your family to be prepared should you ever encounter something like this.

Recently, we saw this video of sharks filmed in Pensacola Beach at the Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier.

This was enough motivation to spark us to do some research on sharks!
There are plenty of sharks in the Pensacola Beach area including nurse, tiger, lemon, bull, hammerhead, and mako sharks. Sharks can be found right off shore at our own Pensacola Beach and live closer to shore than most think.

Here are our best tips on how to avoid sharks and what to do if you are approached or attacked by a shark.

If you want to avoid sharks:
Large schools of fish attract sharks!
  • Sharks move inland to feed at dawn, dusk, and during the night. Do not get into the water during these times or you are at risk for attack.
  • Do not swim in any area where people are fishing or near fishing piers, docks, boats or bridges
  • Swim in groups! Sharks most often attack individuals.
  • Do not wear any jewelry or high contrast colors like red or orange.
  • Avoid channels, areas that drop off fast, and murky waters.
  • Don't make a lot of movement and splashing in the water!
  • Sharks smell blood from over a mile away. Make sure you stay away from any fish waste or blood of any type.
  • Large groups of dolphins attract sharks
  • If you see large groups of fish, birds, or dolphins, chances are sharks are also present. Don't listen to the myth that dolphins scare sharks away as both animals are attracted to the same food.
If you are approached by a shark:
  • Don't panic.
  • Be still and calm!
  • Try to leave the area calmly. 
If you are bit or attacked by the shark, this no longer applies. The experts say you should:
  • Fight the shark
  • Use any weapon possible
  • Try to gauge the eyes and gills. If you are bitten, keep pressure on the blood source to stop the blood source. Move as little as possible and seek help immediately.
Here are some other cool shark videos from the Pensacola area:

Stay safe out there!
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pensacola City Limits versus Escambia County~

Defining Pensacola City Limits~
Which jurisdiction does your home fall under?

The City limits in Pensacola encompasses the majority of Pensacola zip codes 32501, 32502, 32503, amd 32504.

 For a more detailed city limit search, visit the City of Pensacola's GIS map system. You can also determine if a home is determine the taxing authority by searching the property address in the Escambia County Property Appraisers website here.

There are two jurisdictions in Pensacola.
Each its own entity, these powers have the ability to tax as well as their own utility and police departments.

There are a few major, relevant differences between living in the Pensacola City limits taxing authority versus the Escambia County taxing authority.
  • Property Taxes! 
When you own a home in the City of Pensacola, you must pay taxes on an additional 4.2895 millages. If your home falls outside the City limits, you are only liable for county taxes (6.9755 millages plus school board 7.8210 mils)

For more information about property taxes in Escambia County, visit the Escambia County Tax Collecter.
  • City Sanitation & Gas. 
The City of Pensacola has its own company who controls gas and trash service inside the city limits. In the county limits, residents use ECUA (Emerald Coast Utilities Authority) for water, sewer, and trash. There is only one gas service provider in the area and it is the City of Pensacola.

To begin trash service in the City limits of Pensacola or gas service anywhere in Pensacola, call (850) 435-1800.  To begin water service anywhere in Pensacola, call ECUA at (850) 476-0480. If you need trash service
  • Different Police Jurisdictions
In the city limits, the Pensacola Police Department rule while in the county, Escambia County Sheriffs Office governs.
  • More parks!
The City of Pensacola definitely has, and maintains, more parks in the Pensacola area!

That's about it that I can think of!  Can you think of any other differences?
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